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How do you choose double glazers you can trust?

by , Which? Trusted Traders Energy & Home 10 November 2014
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Have you ever hired a double glazing tradesperson – or have you been on the receiving end of a hard sales pitch even though you weren't in the market for new windows? (more on Trusted Traders..)

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Need new double glazing? Who would you trust to install it?

by , Senior Home Researcher Energy & Home 18 April 2012
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Only 7% of Which? members trust double glazing companies. Not that surprising when they're renowned for dubious selling techniques, and steep price drops are a familiar part of the sales patter. (more about double glazing companies...)

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Don’t fall for double glazing sales tricks

by , Home Editor Energy & Home 23 June 2010
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Making massive discounts may be the oldest sales trick in the book – but it’s a tactic that’s still working for the double glazing industry. Is a straightforward quote really too much to ask for? (more about double glazing sales tricks...)

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