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Rotten advice from my dentist didn’t fill me with confidence

by , Online Home Writer Consumer Rights 24 June 2013
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Sad tooth cartoon

I recently needed an emergency appointment with a dentist; any dentist I could see. But the advice I received shocked me more than the problem itself, especially after learning that I had probably been misinformed. (more about dentists...)

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Can a Dental Payment Plan make pulling teeth less painful?

by , Senior Business Researcher Money 23 November 2012
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False teeth gripping onto a twenty pound note

Many people choose dental treatment on the NHS due to the lower prices. Yet others prefer the choice and quality available with private dental care. So could Dental Payment Plans make private prices easier to stomach? (more about Dental Payment Plans...)

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Electric vs manual toothbrushes – which gets your pick?

by , Scientific Advisor Energy & Home 9 November 2012
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Toothbrush with toothpaste tube

Have you given up on your manual toothbrush and become an electric convert? We looked at the research to try and determine if electric really is better than a manual, or whether it’s all just in the brushing technique. (more about electric vs manual toothbrushes...)

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Open wide please – the results of dentistry’s check-up are in

by , Conversation Editor Consumer Rights 29 May 2012
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Teeth and dentist's mirror

The ‘dentist’. Just that word can send you into meltdown – whether it’s fear of the pain or the cost of the treatment. Yet we also know that some of you love your dentist, and are very happy with the treatment you get. (more about dentists...)

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It’s time for dentists to sit in their own examination chair

by , Senior Health Researcher Consumer Rights 20 October 2011
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Tooth examination cartoon

More than half the NHS and private dentists we visited in our undercover investigation were rated poor by our experts. Some even neglected to offer basic treatment. Sound familiar, or do you love your dentist? (more about our dentist investigation...)

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Private dentists – are they saints or sinners?

by , Senior Health Researcher Consumer Rights 8 March 2011
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Dentists peering down on patient

Is it right that private dental prices can vary by hundreds of pounds? Not only have we found huge price differences, treatment charges aren't always displayed clearly. Are you a fan of private dentists? (more about private dentistry...)

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Why I love my NHS dentist

by , Social Media Manager Consumer Rights 16 January 2011
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Male dentist smiling

I found my new NHS dentist so easily that I can’t help but wonder why anyone would want to go private. But maybe you've tried and failed to find an NHS dentist, or for some reason prefer going the private route? (more about NHS dentists...)

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