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Scam watch: I paid £60 to get rid of software that didn’t work

by , Online Writer Consumer Rights 29 April 2015
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A Which? member came to us for help after he paid £38 to buy a piece of computer software - which didn't work - and then had to fork out another £59 to get rid of it. (more about problem downloads ...)

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Why do my favourite smart TV apps no longer work?

by , Senior Technology Researcher Technology 24 April 2015
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TV and remote

Why should you have to buy a new TV or computer every few years just to keep using favourite apps and software? It’s a question I raised a year ago on Convo and it seems the industry still hasn’t got the message. (more about smart TV apps ...)

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Switching ISPs isn’t always easy

by , Editor, Which? Computing Technology 7 August 2014
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Email @ being hooked

Mark Savage tells us he rues the day he switched from Sky to BT last June, a move that started with an unusable email service and ended with threats from debt collectors. (more about ISP emails...)

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PC repair companies: are they the ones that need fixing?

by , Technology Researcher Technology 20 July 2014
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What are the chances of getting your data back and laptop working for a reasonable price at the hands of high street repair experts at Apple, The Carphone Warehouse and PC World? Not great... (read more about PC repair...)

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ASA tells BT to give accurate broadband speed estimates

by , Campaigns Officer Technology 8 May 2014
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Snail on keyboard

An Advertising Standards Authority ruling has set some hares running in the world of broadband. The ASA upheld a complaint from a BT customer who claimed they were misled as to the speed they could achieve. (more about broadband speed...)

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Your view: you’re never too old for modern technology

by , Conversation Editor Technology 25 April 2014
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Man with smartphone

I’m glad I had the courage to ask the question of whether you can be too old for new tech. It had the distinct possibility of back-firing, but instead the Which? Convo community gave me gold after gold comment. (more about your comments...)

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Where the streets have slow broadband

by , Campaigns Officer Technology 24 April 2014
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UK flag on keyboard

Do you live in Wheatley Road in Essex, or Erw Fawr in Wales? If you do, the results of a Uswitch survey suggest that you’re getting some of the slowest broadband download speeds in the country. (more about broadband speeds...)

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Microsoft Windows XP support ends – what will you do next?

by , Editor, Which? Computing Technology 4 April 2014
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Windows XP

As PC operating systems go, they don’t get much more venerable than good old XP. Yet the curtain is being drawn on this stalwart version of Windows, with Microsoft withdrawing its security patch support on 8 April. (more about Windows XP...)

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Have you got a collection of computers at home?

by , Senior Technology Researcher Technology 20 March 2014
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Laptop, tablet and phone

For many the time when we just had one computer taking up an entire desk or table somewhere in the house is long gone. Now we tend to have an ever expanding computing collection – which device is your favourite? (more about computer collections...)

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The BT phone scam continues…

by , Conversation Editor Technology 5 February 2014
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Red landline phone

The BT phone scam doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon. Like the Microsoft scam, an ‘engineer’ informs you that your computer is running slowly and then tries to convince you to hand over money to fix it. (more about BT phone scam...)

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Desktop, all-in-one or laptop – what made you pick your PC?

by , Senior Technology Researcher Technology 30 January 2014
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Looking for a new home computer? These days it’s not just a case of working out which model to go for, but rather the dilemma of what type you’re after. A desktop, laptop or all-in-one PC? (more about computer choices...)

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Don’t be fooled by the ransomware scam

by , Editor, Which? Computing Technology 22 January 2014
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Laptop with toy policemen

It begins with a scary-looking pop-up on your computer, and it could end with you having to fork out hundreds of pounds to get your files back. Have you been hit by the ransomware scam? (more about the ransomware scam...)

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Does it matter where your tech comes from?

by , Deputy Technology Editor Technology 10 January 2014
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Computer chip

Buried beneath the 3D printers and bendy TVs of CES, Intel announced it would no longer source the raw materials it needs to make computer chips from ‘conflict zones’. (more about 'conflict free' tech...)

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Q&A with RBS: Why do your systems keep going down?

by , Conversation Editor Money 4 December 2013
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RBS sign

This morning RBS and Natwest opened more than 1,000 branches early to deal with the fallout of their IT glitch. We put questions to the banking group to see how they plan to stop this from happening again. (more about RBS and Natwest glitch...)

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