Should I stay or should I go?


It’s the last bank holiday until Christmas and I have a serious decision to make. Do I brave travel chaos in an attempt to squeeze the most out of my three-day-weekend? I can see long seaside walks, log fires and… traffic.


Brand or safety: what’s driving car buyers?

Car sign

What’s most important to you when buying a car? Not safety according to a survey by the road safety charity Brake. Here’s Ed from Brake on why they’re calling on car buyers to put safety first.


Is the driving test starting to show its age?

driving test

The compulsory driving test celebrates its 80th birthday today. When introduced it led to an immediate drop in the number of road deaths. But is it still a good test for how safe you are to drive on today’s busy roads?


How much is your broker charging?

Woman holding pound sign and car

Has your car insurance premium recently gone up? If so, you might want to check what you’re paying for – Herbert Goldberg discovered that the AA had added a huge ‘brokerage charge’ to his premium…


What’s the best way to buy a car?

A lot of parked cars

From cash to contract hire, there’s more than one way to buy a new car. Some methods even give you the chance to have a new car every few years, but which option is right for you?