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Barry Beavis: Why I’m fighting my parking penalty in court

by , Guest Author Consumer Rights 7 May 2015
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Parking meter sign

When Barry Beavis was served with a £85 Parking Charge Notice by a private parking company, he wasn’t willing to just accept it and pay up. Here’s Barry himself on why he decided to fight the charge in court. (more on parking penalties...)

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‘I went to court when my car didn’t meet its mileage claims’

by , Senior Cars Researcher Transport & Travel 5 May 2015
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Filling petrol tank

Our post on Convo last month about differences between claimed and actual car mileage prompted you to tell us your own stories. It's a problem many of you have clearly faced, but how far would you go for a solution? (more about mileage claims ...)

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How many miles can your car really do on a full tank?

by , Senior EU Public Affairs Officer Transport & Travel 23 April 2015
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Car fuel dial

Like many motorists you probably have a good idea of how many miles your car can do on a full tank of petrol. But do you know if it is anywhere near what the manufacturer claims? (more about Car MPG campaign)

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How much is your broker charging?

by , Money Researcher Money 29 March 2015
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Woman holding pound sign and car

Has your car insurance premium recently gone up? If so, you might want to check what you’re paying for - Herbert Goldberg discovered that the AA had added a huge ‘brokerage charge’ to his premium… (more about broker charges...)

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What’s the best way to buy a car?

by , Car Researcher Transport & Travel 19 March 2015
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A lot of parked cars

From cash to contract hire, there’s more than one way to buy a new car. Some methods even give you the chance to have a new car every few years, but which option is right for you? (more about buying a car...)

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Have you claimed compensation for pothole damage?

by , Digital Producer Consumer Rights 5 March 2015
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Large pothole

Here we go again. A bit of ice and frost and our roads are opening up to compete for top spot in the national biggest pothole competition. Has a pothole ever damaged your car? Did you claim compensation? (more about potholes...)

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A Mini adventure, at maximum cost

by , Chief Executive Money 2 March 2015
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After having to repair worn out parts on a car that's only 3 years-old, it seems looking for cars that have been designed to be fixed easily is worthwile. Especially once you've counted in the cost of labour... (more about car servicing...)

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Have you ever challenged a parking fine?

by , Lead Lawyer Consumer Rights 27 February 2015
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Private parking fines are on the agenda in the high court as one unhappy consumer is challenging the law. But we feel this case goes beyond parking, which is why we've been permitted to intervene… (more on parking fines...)

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OCU: how we’re cleaning up car hire in Spain

by , Deputy Director at OCU Transport & Travel 21 November 2014
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Cartoon car

Holidaymakers have long complained about some car hire companies in Spain using unfair fuel policies. Here's the Spanish consumer org OCU on how they've worked with Which? to clean up car hire. (more about car hire...)

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You’d share your drills, but would you share your house?

by , Conversation Editor Energy & Home 7 November 2014
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Last week Debbie Wosskow brought the emerging trend of the 'Sharing Economy' to Which? Convo. While most of you were up for the idea, you weren't quite so keen on sharing your big ticket items. (more on sharing economies...)

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Jo Swinson: getting you a better deal on used cars

by , Consumer Affairs Minister Transport & Travel 1 November 2014
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Used cars sign

Buying a used car isn’t always easy. Are you getting the best deal? Or are you being taken in by a scammer wanting to make a quick buck? Here’s Jo Swinson on what’s being done to get you a better deal on used cars. (more about used cars...)

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Would you share or swap your car, house or power tools?

by , Love Home Swap CEO Money 30 October 2014
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Share on cork board

From carpooling to house swapping, the Sharing Economy empowers you to hire out everything from power drills to spare rooms. Debbie wants your views to feed into her review of the Sharing Economy. (more about the Sharing Economy...)

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Will the universal spare wheel save you when you break down?

by , Senior Cars Researcher Transport & Travel 24 October 2014
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Car wheel with a puncture

If you get a puncture that’s beyond repair in a car that lacks a spare wheel, there’s a good chance you’ll have to be towed to a garage by a breakdown provider. Not anymore. (more about the universal spare wheel...)

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Car hire: who’s still taking you for a ride?

by , Campaigns Officer Transport & Travel 13 August 2014
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Cars cartoon

You told us you were sick of facing extra car hire charges at the pick-up desk and not getting refunds for fuel you’d paid for upfront but didn’t use. Here are the car hire firms that have changed after our calls for action. (more about car hire...)

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