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Do train companies act on your feedback?

by , Campaigns Officer Transport & Travel 14 August 2014
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Get Trains On Track logo

Since the launch of our Get Trains On Track campaign you’ve been sharing your train tales with us. We’ve now delivered these to the train companies and asked them to outline how they’ll act on your feedback. (more about train companies...)

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Your view: what are your most desired kitchen gadgets?

by , Conversation Editor Energy & Home 9 August 2014
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Food mixer

Research this week professed that the average household owns seven kitchen gadgets. I spouted that I had nowhere near that. In fact, when I counted, I owned six. Here’s how many you lot own. (your view on kitchen gadgets...)

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Your view: checking in on cheques

by , Conversation Editor Money 1 August 2014
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A cheque being handed over

Our discussion about digitising cheques was followed by an impassioned debate to leave them be. The new system would let banks clear cheques via a digital photo. Here’s what the community thought of the idea. (more about cheques...)

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Holiday Hassles – this isn’t what it looked like in the brochure!

by , Campaigns Assistant Transport & Travel 21 July 2014
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Holiday hassles illustrations

We recently launched our campaign to stop holiday hassles. Through your comments we've already collected more than 3,000 stories ranging from a holiday hindrance to holiday hell... (more on hotel hassles...)

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Your view: letting go of hold music

by , Conversation Editor Consumer Rights 18 July 2014
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Phone and radio

In Lisa Barber’s discussion about background music on shops (more on that soon), the conversation turned to hold music. I decided not to accuse commenters of going off topic, as hold music also gets my goat. (your view on hold music...)

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Your view: supermarket budget range foods

by , Conversation Editor Consumer Rights 27 June 2014
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Shopper carrying supermarket basket

Our Shefalee has been fishing for your views on budget food. Do you put supermarket budget ranges in your shopping basket? Here’s a round-up of some of your comments. (your view on budget ranges...)

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Your view: serious reading on savings

by , Conversation Editor Money 30 May 2014
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Speech bubbles with money symbols

Earlier this month we launched our campaign to free people from the savings trap. Through your comments on Which? Convo and via our online petition, we’ve collected more than 10,000 pieces of feedback. (more on your views on savings...)

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Your view: revolting against bad battery life

by , Conversation Editor Technology 16 May 2014
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Comment box on phone

Bad smartphone battery life continues to get you worked up, with views coming in from Facebook, Twitter and here on Which? Convo. Is battery life one of your top considerations when buying a smartphone? (more about battery life...)

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Your view: calling for better mobile signal

by , Conversation Editor Technology 11 May 2014
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Comment bubbles from mobile

Our debate about bad mobile phone coverage got a good reception (stop groaning at my pun!) this week. Read how Wavechange helped Lee Beaumont stop leaning out of his window just to get a good signal. (your comments this week...)

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Your view: remarks on regulation

by , Conversation Editor Consumer Rights 4 May 2014
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Speech bubbles

We invited Vince Cable to explain what the Government is doing to put consumers at the forefront of regulation. The debate was quickly in full swing, so we've rounded up some of your best comments. (more about regulation..)

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Your view: you’re never too old for modern technology

by , Conversation Editor Technology 25 April 2014
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Man with smartphone

I’m glad I had the courage to ask the question of whether you can be too old for new tech. It had the distinct possibility of back-firing, but instead the Which? Convo community gave me gold after gold comment. (more about your comments...)

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Your view: can you be too old for new tech?

by , Conversation Editor Technology 5 April 2014
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Paper speech bubble men

There was a debate on Which? Conversation that recently piqued my interest. It was on whether new gadgets, like smartwatches, were of interest to people over the age of 60... (your comments this week...)

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I have no time for smartwatches

by , Conversation Editor Technology 2 April 2014
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Sony Smartwatch 2

There’s been a lot of talk of smartwatches, but as much as they might make me look like Inspector Gadget, I’m not buying. I’m not buying any of the arguments for them, nor will I be buying any from the shops. (more about smartwatches...)

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