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The high cost of poor customer service

by , Consumer Rights Producer Consumer Rights 16 January 2015
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angry man on phone to bank

Would poor customer service motivate you enough to switch companies? Or have you switched already? Research commissioned by First Direct shows poor service is costing companies more than they may like... (more on poor customer service...)

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Flummoxed by financial jargon? Send us your examples

by , Researcher/Writer Money 7 January 2015
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Screen full of web code

Financial jargon – the flummery surrounding such products as bank accounts, insurance products and investments – is often unnecessary, and can be costly. (more on financial jargon)

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Discussing your mortgage is a conversation well worth having

by , First Direct Money 10 December 2014
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Monopoly houses on money

In this guest post from First Direct, Andy Forbes asks why we don't review our mortgage as often as our energy provider or insurer considering the impact it has on our monthly budgets... (more on reviewing your mortgage...)

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Watch out for phone scammers as ‘vishing’ soars

by , FFA UK Consumer Rights 9 December 2014
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Red phone

More than half of Brits have been hit by phone scams in the last year. Do you know how to spot a cold call scam? Here’s Craig of Financial Fraud Action UK on the growth of phone scams and how to avoid them. (more about phone scams...)

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Can you tell if an email is genuinely from your bank?

by , Money Researcher Money 5 December 2014
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To help prevent fraudsters tricking people into giving away their online bank details, the British Bankers’ Association pledged that banks will never send emails linking to pages that ask for login details. (more…)

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Banks begin to move on misdirected payments

by , Researcher/Writer Money 27 November 2014
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Close-up of cash

In September we spoke about the failure of banks to return money that's accidentally been paid into the wrong account. Since then some banks have taken action to help their customers get their money back... (more about misdirected payments...)

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Your view: banking investigation attracts 400+ comments

by , Conversation Editor Money 15 November 2014
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Speech bubbles with money symbols

Our recent discussion about the investigation into the 'Big Four' banks prompted a plentiful debate. In fact you’ve shared so many great comments, we’re still working our way through them. (more on our banking debate...)

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FFA UK: beware of ‘number spoofing’ fraudsters

by , Director of FFA UK Consumer Rights 11 November 2014
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Mobile phone

You'd think you could trust your phone’s caller display, but fraudsters have found a way to spoof your bank’s number. Here’s Katy Worobec of Financial Fraud Action UK to fill you in on ‘number spoofing’. (more about number spoofing...)

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Will a banking investigation prove crunch time for the banks?

by , Senior Policy Adviser Money 6 November 2014
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Banking London

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is launching an investigation into the competitiveness of the personal current accounts market. So what’s the shake up about? (more about the banking investigation...)

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Spending Scottish & Northern Irish notes in England & Wales

by , Conversation Editor Money 30 October 2014
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Can you legally spend Scottish and Northern Irish banknotes in England and Wales? Find out why a technicality has been causing some confusion... (more about legal tender...)

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BBA: what’s the worst example of fraud you’ve seen?

by , CEO of BBA Money 14 October 2014
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Know fraud, no fraud logo

The banks have launched a campaign to help you fight against fraud. Here’s Anthony Browne, chief exec of the British Bankers Association (BBA), to share the eight things banks would never say or do. (more about fraud...)

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Does your bank alert you to fraudulent activity on your card?

by , Money Editor Money 5 October 2014
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Credit card chip

I’m always wary of answering withheld numbers. The past few years spent fighting back offers of new phone contracts and fictitious compensation claims have me hanging up when I see ‘no caller ID’. (more about card fraud...)

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You need a thick skin to be an investor

by , Principal Money Researcher Money 22 September 2014
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Stocks and shares graph

While bartering for a cut-price telly or a holiday at a budget price can leave you satisfied for months or years after your negotiation, bargain hunting for shares is fraught with danger for investors. (more about investments...)

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Through the hacker’s eyes: how to bank safely online

by , Ethical Hacker Money 15 September 2014
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Password screen

Our latest test of online banking security found many have improved since last year. That’s not to say you should rest on your laurels. Here’s Ken, one of the hackers who helped us, on how to protect yourself. (more about online security...)

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