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Embrace the cheque’s digital makeover

by , Money Researcher Money 27 July 2014
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Digital cheque imaging

We know that lots of you still love using cheques. The question is, do they have a future? Could giving them a digital makeover be a great way of keeping them alive? (more about cheques...)

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How savvy are you to the tricks of financial marketing?

by , Money 25 July 2014
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Gold brain

Online financial marketing works – we know this because financial providers spend millions on it each year. The question is; do you fall for financial marketing? (more about financial marketing tactics...)

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The CMA: are the banks working for you?

by , Chief Exec of the CMA Money 24 July 2014
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A build your own bank kit

The Competition and Markets Authority recently recommended a competition inquiry into the banks. In this guest post, the CMA's Alex Chisholm asks whether you think the industry should face a full inquiry. (more about banks...)

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Upfront current account fees aren’t the answer

by , Money 23 July 2014
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Broken piggy bank

As our research throws yet more light on the real cost of banking, and the CMA calls for an inquiry into competition in banking, the first reaction has been to call for an end of free banking. But is that really the answer? (more about the cost of banking...)

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Consumers must be at the heart of Scottish business

by , Head of Public Affairs in Scotland Consumer Rights 8 July 2014
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Scottish flag on hand

Our latest report uncovers a unique insight into how people in Scotland are coping financially and where the squeeze is being felt most across the country. Do you live in Scotland? How are you coping financially? (more about Scotland...)

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Are you due Card Protection Plan (CPP) compensation?

by , Consumer Rights Producer Money 1 July 2014
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Credit card chip

Sometimes going after compensation can seem tedious. You may question how long it will take or what you will have to prove. But it’s always worth giving it a shot – as my tale of CPP compensation goes… (more about CPP compensation...)

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When the next best bank account comes along, I’ll be off!

by , Assistant Travel Editor Money 30 June 2014
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Changing bank accounts doesn’t come naturally to me – I’ve only done it twice in 25 years. But I’m now prepared to move banks 20 times in the next 20 years if I see the need. (more about switching banks...)

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Are we ready for a cashless society?

by , Money 24 June 2014
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Money on chess board

The use of cash to pay for goods and services is falling rapidly in the UK as we dig out the plastic to make purchases. Are you ready to live in a world where cash is no longer king? (more on a cashless society...)

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Are credit interest current accounts the best way to save?

by , Senior Business Researcher Money 20 June 2014
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Tesco clubcard

Tesco Bank is the latest to enter the current account market with an account that pays up to 3% interest. So how straight forward is it to make the most of the headline rates of a credit interest current account? (more Tesco current account...)

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RBS: ‘Determined to earn back your trust’

by , RBS chief executive Money 19 June 2014
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RBS sign

RBS reversed its decision to restrict basic bank account customers' free use of ATMs. In this guest post, chief executive Ross McEwan tells us what the bank is doing for its customers and asks for your feedback... (more about earning your trust...)

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Dear bank – all I want is your telephone number

by , Money Editor Money 26 May 2014
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Cartoon with confused people on phone

Every time a bank closes a branch, it cushions the blow by saying it is investing in customer-friendly ways to help people do their banking business without the need of a branch. (more about contacting your bank...)

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Costly calls aren’t right – why TSB has ditched 0845 numbers

by , TSB's CEO Money 30 April 2014
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Phone cartoon

TSB is supporting Which?’s Costly Calls campaign to move away from high-rate numbers for their customers. Here’s TSB’s CEO Paul Pester on why TSB has switched to local rate 0345 numbers. (more about TSB numbers...)

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Are your savings safe when a bank goes bust?

by , Money 19 April 2014
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Banker asking for help

When we tested bank staff’s knowledge of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) not one of the call-handlers we spoke to told us about the scheme without being prompted... (more about financial compensation...)

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