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Is it time to ditch your traditional savings account?

by , Money Editor Money 30 June 2015
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coins in glass jar

Interest rates on traditional savings accounts are now so poor that many of us are deciding to choose alternative homes for our money. But is it really time to turn our back on them altogether? (more about savings accounts ...)

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Is your bank now putting customers before sales?

by , Senior money researcher Money 25 June 2015
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Bank sign with a crack in it

The idea of banks putting customers first may make you laugh. Especially if yours still tries to persuade you to take out a packaged current account with benefits you don't need. Or when you think about the PPI saga. (more about banks ...)

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What would make you switch current account?

by , Conversation Editor Money 10 June 2015
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What would make you switch banks? It’s a question I’ve thought about for months as my bank has done one thing after another that has niggled me. But this month, I’ve finally taken the plunge. (more about switching bank account ...)

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Are you ready for ‘smart’ ATMs?

by , Researcher/Writer Money 9 April 2015
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Talking ATM with headphone socket

Smart phones, smart meters, smart watches… what about smart ATMs? What are these new beasts of the high street, and could they come to a town near you? (more about smart ATMs...)

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The last bank in the village

by , Campaign Manager Money 26 March 2015
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Miniature people on money

Much has been made of bank branch closures, with concern for people who rely on face-to-face banking. In a positive first step, the banks have signed an agreement to minimise the impact of branch closures. (more about bank branches...)

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Quiz: do you know your money jargon?

by , Researcher/Writer Money 8 March 2015
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Getting to grips with financial jargon is no easy task, and that's worrying when financial decisions are some of the most important we make. Test yourself in our quiz to see how much money jargon you know... (more on financial jargon...)

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Do you still need your local bank branch?

by , Researcher/Writer Money 11 February 2015
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Bank signs

As talks take place about how to deal with closing bank branches, it might be wise to think about how you do your banking. Will you need to adjust your banking habits? (more about branch closures...)

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The power struggle with using power of attorney

by , Elderly Care Editor Money 1 February 2015
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Struggle with power of attorney

Why is it that banks don’t always make it easy to register and then use a power of attorney, which is usually done during a time of emotional stress? What power of attorney problems have you had? (more on power of attorney...)

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The high cost of poor customer service

by , Consumer Rights Producer Consumer Rights 16 January 2015
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angry man on phone to bank

Would poor customer service motivate you enough to switch companies? Or have you switched already? Research commissioned by First Direct shows poor service is costing companies more than they may like... (more on poor customer service...)

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Flummoxed by financial jargon? Send us your examples

by , Researcher/Writer Money 7 January 2015
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Screen full of web code

Financial jargon – the flummery surrounding such products as bank accounts, insurance products and investments – is often unnecessary, and can be costly. (more on financial jargon)

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Discussing your mortgage is a conversation well worth having

by , First Direct Money 10 December 2014
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Monopoly houses on money

In this guest post from First Direct, Andy Forbes asks why we don't review our mortgage as often as our energy provider or insurer considering the impact it has on our monthly budgets... (more on reviewing your mortgage...)

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Watch out for phone scammers as ‘vishing’ soars

by , FFA UK Consumer Rights 9 December 2014
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Red phone

More than half of Brits have been hit by phone scams in the last year. Do you know how to spot a cold call scam? Here’s Craig of Financial Fraud Action UK on the growth of phone scams and how to avoid them. (more about phone scams...)

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Can you tell if an email is genuinely from your bank?

by , Money Researcher Money 5 December 2014
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To help prevent fraudsters tricking people into giving away their online bank details, the British Bankers’ Association pledged that banks will never send emails linking to pages that ask for login details. (more…)

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Banks begin to move on misdirected payments

by , Researcher/Writer Money 27 November 2014
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Close-up of cash

In September we spoke about the failure of banks to return money that's accidentally been paid into the wrong account. Since then some banks have taken action to help their customers get their money back... (more about misdirected payments...)

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