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Would you buy a second-hand appliance?

Washing machine drum

My old washing machine recently decided to shuffle off this mortal coil. And rather than sitting in a growing pile of dirty laundry, I went out to replace it. Should I buy a new or second-hand machine?

This rather inconvenient turn of events naturally led to mounting panic as my pile of unwashed laundry was already both formidable and still gathering size.

In the end, because my old Hoover washer had thoughtfully stopped working during the January sales, I was able to get a decent deal on a Bosch. I was soon back to my washing routine, without too much disruption.

And though I got a fairly good deal on my washing machine, at no point did I stop and think to investigate the current refurbished/second-hand market. Perhaps I might have found a superior model for a smaller, or similar, amount of money?

Paying for peace of mind?

Still, although I only thought of a second-hand washing machine in hindsight, I am still glad I bought a brand spanking new model that came with a two-year guarantee. For me, it’s all about peace of mind, as I know a good washer from a reliable brand reduces the risk of breakdowns.

But even if a second-hand or reconditioned washing machine was supplied with a warranty, I’d still not place as much trust in this compared to an off-the-shelf model. Perhaps that’s just me?

There’s also the issue of cost. These days you can replace your washing machine for under £400 with a fairly decent model, including some Best Buy washing machines (most Which? members said they’d be happy to pay around the £370 mark) so the amount of money you might save by going second hand is getting smaller compared to what it was in the past.

However, when I replaced my TV years ago – I had absolutely no qualms about buying a Samsung that had been used as a display model on the shop floor. I got a decent amount of money off the original price and, I’m pleased to report, it’s still working today.

What would you buy second hand?

When I really think about it, there are appliances I’d happily buy second hand or refurbished – fridges, TVs and tumble dryers, while others I would have to buy brand new such as washing machines and dishwashers. I’ll reveal why this is in the comments…

My question is, what appliances would you buy second hand and which must be brand new? Do you have any conditions that must be met when purchasing different appliances?

Would you buy a second-hand appliance?

Maybe, it really depends on the type of appliance (51%, 213 Votes)

No, I have to buy new appliances every time (35%, 146 Votes)

Yes, I’m happy buying second-hand appliances (13%, 56 Votes)

Total Voters: 418

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I think if you want some sensible answer to this Convo / Poll you will need to be much clearer about what you mean by “second-hand”?

Obviously not brand new and boxed, but an ex-demo TV off the retailer’s shop is not what I would call second-hand. And you are very unlikely to see a washing machine that has actually been turned on in store.

So ex-display, “B”-grade, refurbished or warranty repair, exchanged, but all sold by a retailer with the benefit of a warranty.

Then there are pre-owned, used appliances bought from a dealer or repairer.

Finally, private sales.

And it’s not just about the state of the appliance, but to do with the rights that come with each type of sale, as I’m sure you know. So what, exactly, do you mean by second-hand?