What do mums really want for Mother’s Day?

by , Researcher Energy & Home 10 March 2013
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Mums are amazing and deserve to have a special day for their children to show their appreciation. I asked some of the mums working at Which? what would make their Mother’s Day perfect.

A home made Mother's Day card

There are loads of great gifts out there you could give your mum today. You could splash out on a new e-reader for her precious moments of relaxation, or buy her tickets for the latest West End hit.

But after asking some of the mums at Which? what would make their Mother’s Day truly special, it seems that expensive gifts are quite far down their wishlists. Breakfast in bed would make Claire happy:

‘I’d be happy with tea and toast in bed, provided the kitchen isn’t trashed in the process.’

Diane just wants an effort-free meal: ‘…having dinner cooked would be a perfect gift.’

Home-made gifts and cards

Home-made cards and gifts trump shop-bought presents for Jenny:

‘I love a home made card. So far, the last two years I’ve had one and hope I always get one.’

Michelle is anticipating a special home-made gift:

‘I’m looking forward to my mug that my son is decorating at school.’

Claudia isn’t sure if her husband will remember today’s significance:

‘I would like my husband to not forget that it’s Mother’s Day. Our son is still too little to buy/make me a present, so it’s up to my husband. My prediction is that he’ll forget and I won’t be reminding him.’

However, Joanne isn’t looking for a home-made gift:

‘This year I have asked for a new sat nav, as mine has just broken, but I don’t usually get a present unless I remind my husband that Mother’s Day is approaching!’

Mums just want a day off

Rhona wants to try something new for Mother’s Day:

‘A day off doing something interesting that I/we have never done before and that I don’t have to pay for or clear up after!’

Deborah sums it all up by hoping for a ‘me’ day:

‘I’d like to spend Mother’s Day not having to visit anyone else’s mum, ie the day just being about me.’

Clair simply wants a day off:

‘I’d like a day where Mum’s taxi service is off the road, socks are put in pairs into the washing basket, I am told before 6pm on Sunday night items that are needed for school on Monday, and no one asks “where are my…?”.’

What do you think is the best Mother’s Day gift? Is a day of relaxation more valuable than presents and cards?

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