Asda shoppers still stuck with double-charging problem

by , Senior Home Researcher Energy & Home 28 January 2013
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Since June 2011, Asda has been in trouble for accidentally charging its online customers twice for their shopping. The issue continues to rumble on, although Asda says the end is in sight. Have you been caught out?

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Back in 2011, we highlighted the plight of Asda customers who were getting charged twice for their shopping due to a problem with its online shopping system. Many unfortunate customers were hit with bank charges when their accounts went overdrawn as a result.

When you shop online, Asda asks your bank to hold the estimated cost of your shop, and then charges you for the actual cost of your shopping when it arrives. But in some cases – like if there’s a substitution in your shopping – the estimated amount is held for up to 10 days.

Asda charges twice – a basket-load of complaints

Complaints poured in from Asda shoppers here on Which? Convo such as Kelly:

‘I’ve just had it happen to me and I’m so angry. I’ve had £230 ringfenced as well as them taking £240 out for my shopping. Luckily I had just been paid otherwise we would have been in serious difficulty.’

Last summer, Asda told us it would have a new system in place by autumn 2012. But autumn came and went, with customers including Asdanomore still being left out of pocket:

‘I placed an online grocery shopping order last Wednesday (12 December 2012) and the estimated total of £69.39 was immediately taken from my current account. The final order was £10 less, as an item was out of stock. The full actual amount of the order was than also debited from my account.

‘I’ve been in touch with Asda twice for a refund. Asda then told me I needed to get my bank to fax them first (which the bank unhelpfully refuses to do). I apparently have to wait up to seven working days for MY money to be refunded from Asda.’

Getting Asda’s problem fixed faster

The supermarket says an update late last year solved the problem ‘for the vast majority’, and that final changes over the next couple of months ‘should get rid of the issue altogether’.

But given how long Asda customers have been dealing with this problem, we won’t celebrate until the complaints have dried up completely. Have you suffered from this problem with Asda’s online shopping? Did you manage to get your money back easily?


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Stop moaning , it is pointless speaking or writing to customers services most of them can only push a few buttons on their computers or spout parrot fashion from the company blog. Write to their Chief executive officer Andy Clarke at Southbank, Gt. William Street, Leeds , LS11 5AD or email him at (not sure if there is a . between Andy and Clarke but you will be able to sort that out . Also if you write a letter mark it ” Private and Confidential then at leas it gets to his office. It worked for me. Always remember when complaining start at the top.



Thanks for this info. I will try it



the bank are the ones holding the money. Only they have they power to release the funds, asda can ask and ask but if the banks dont respond then the funds will carry on holding.

Their should be better communication between banks and companies to resolve these banking issues

Im curios as to how other online shopping supermarkets counter this problem with ring fencing?



No point in blaming banks.. It is ASDA who are at fault here for adopting a procedure that neither Tesco nor Asda use… Dunno about Waitrose as Ive never used them. Asda have had plenty time to stop this .



This happened to me over the Christmas period with £45 being unavailable to me for 7 days. I was passed from pillar to post with Home shopping blaming head office & vice versa. I am furious especially as I paid up front for 3 months deliveries. I am shocked this sharp practice has been going on so long.


pat moore

That’s rubbish my bank released the funds without asdas permission because they do it all the time I have never known anyone else to do this it is an error that Asda could control if they wanted to



It’s still happening, happened to me today. I bank with the co-op and had an order delivered on Sunday with one £7 item missing. They took out the full amount today and left me overdrawn as they held the full amount with the £7 added in in the ‘holding account’.

Luckily Co-op were willing to work it out and they released it. It’s the 2nd time it’s happened to me within 2/3 months. Apparently it may come to them having to get Asda to fax them to release the money next time. Co-op told me that it happens all the time and they have people ringing every day with it happening to them.


Martin Steer

Had the same problem, actual delivered order came to £129.45 but they had ring-fenced my bank account by the original order amount of £141.19. This left my bank account overdrawn and resulted in a very embarrassing and inconvenient situation where my debit card was subsequently declined in a busy store. It was only when I contacted my bank to find out what on earth the problem was (knowing full well I had sufficient cleared funds in my bank account) did it materialise wahat ASDA had done – taken the amount of the delivered order, plus left the ring fence in place, thus as far as the bank were concerned, that was a separate transaction which had been authorised but not yet taken. Fortunately the bank are fully aware of this particular problem with ASDA and were able to rectify the matter straight away. The cost of ringing my bank as a result has cost me over £3.00, which I am claiming back from ASDA along with a formal complaint to the CEO.


Kevin Aiken

This is about the 12th time this has happend to me, today I paid my shopping 3 times, and they claim it only seems to happen to me so they are not prepared todo anything about it. I know you get your money back eventually thats okay if you can afford to feed your family between that time sometimes taken upto 10 days.


Jodie Elliot

I’m a student who has also had this happen to me! Back in NOVEMBER I did an online shop (the last one I will ever do) and when the shop arrived it cost about £4 more than what I paid for the online amount, first amount debuted £29.50 second amount £33.10. Rather than debiting the extra £4 they took the £33.10 out also. Leaving me £29.50 down.. Being a student with no income £29.50 is a lot of money to me.
After many phone calls emails and even a dispute with the bank and asda, and with asda saying the bank have the money and vice-versa we are now in FEBRUARY.. 4 MONTHS later and I am still out of pocket!!!
I think asda are a disgrace, as a result I have discouraged many friends and fellow students to avoid asda online and in store. I am more than happy to walk an hour and a half to my nearest morrinsons than go near asda again!



I am sick to death of Asda online shopping. Twice now they have overcharged me for my shopping. Yesterday they delivered my goods whilst I was at work. When I got home I checked my bill and found they had overcharged me by. My shopping came to 74.46 and they charged me 110.01. When you I telephoned them they agreed that I had been overcharged and that they would send me a form to compkete to get my yes my money back. When I said I wanted soneone to ring me today they said they would get someone to do thst but it is now 18.03 and I am still waiting for a call.


pat moore

This has happened to me twice in a fortnight – my bank gave me the money bank has “Asda” are renowned for doing this – there call centre staff are in South Africa and haven’t got a clue about the goings on and actually really don’t seem to care – even the so called managers are obviously recalling a set spiel and are very confused if you try to deviate from it.They have given me £10 off a shop so ii have ordered £45 worth of shopping – my normal bill is between £80 and £175 per week but this will be my last ever shop with Asda



Happened to my family this week really rude people not very helpful. £56 out of pocket can’t belive its been going on for this long :(



I have not shopped at Asda for ages now – got so fed up of their rubbish customer service! Tesco are fantastic – they have never kept money on hold, do not try to give me other peoples shopping, bring substitutes that are actually similar to the original item ordered, and on the one time they did make an error – gave me £30 in vouchers, didn’t charge me for certain items and a member of the store delivered my missing items personally in their car the next day! How’s that for customer service??? Puts Asda to shame!



I was charged twice in store and made to feel very silly by being marched up to customer services to be charged again even though l said its gone out already and them telling me no madam you must have got your pin wrong/ maybe you took your card too soon! I got home to check my bank to find infact they had taken it twice, l called my back who confirmed this, they gave me the details to allow it to drop back in but l phoned Asda, they said are you sure, l spoke to a guy called yassa he promised to phone me back, no phone call, six times l called their customer service line and five times l got cut off, l finally got a woman who said she would sort it and l gave her the details my bank said to give, only to fiind the next day they had in fact taken another £54.00. So l got onto the bank again and then asda, promises to sort it, eight days later l am still waiting. I phoned a manager a arranged to meet today, after some discussion he said as a good will gesture he would refund the £54.00 (which he did) but then added if it falls back into my account then would l return the money! How is that a good will gesture?? I for one will never shop at an Asda again, its a journey for me to travel there any way, l have decided to pay a little more and keep the shops open in my village! Eight days to sort is a joke and the money is still pending on the account, they are currently holding £108.06, its not like we all have that kind of money for Mr Asda to have and get interest on while we are going without until its sorted! Needless to say l am not impressed with my bank either as l proved there was a problem and that money should have been released back into my account. So what should have been an enjoyable shop on my day off turned out to be quite stressful, l work in customer services also and if l ever treated anyone in such away to feel foolish l would be ashamed of myself. Asda l feel you have a lot to learn from this one, even contacting head office l got a standard letter that wasn’t at least interested. Well done asda on losing another customer.

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