Products are getting smaller while shopping bills get bigger

by , Senior Home Researcher Consumer Rights 21 March 2013
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We have discovered yet more household products that have shrunk, while the price has stayed the same or even increased. Are any of your favourite products shrinking?

Mini cupcake

In our investigation into shrinking products, we found a pack of Birds Eye beef burgers with four fewer burgers in it than before – 12 down from 16. We also discovered Pledge furniture polish had shrunk by almost a fifth. And we found you get fewer Dettol anti bacterial wipes and even fewer crisps than you used to.

For most of the products we investigated, the price stayed the same after the shrink. The biggest decrease in product size we found was 25%, while the smallest was Walkers cheese and onion crisps that decreased by 6%. Check out our gallery at the bottom of this post for some of the shrinking products we found.

How do you feel about shrinking products?

It’s certainly a topic that gets people hot under the collar. Last time I wrote about shrinking products on Which? Conversation, over 100 people joined the debate and some very strong views were expressed. Alan Pearcey felt that he was being tricked:

‘Manufacturers and retailers are equally complicit in this blatant, underhanded, conspiracy to confuse and cheat those who represent their very survival – their customers – with this latest ‘smoke and mirrors’ practice.’

M. would rather see prices go up:

‘I would prefer them to raise prices so we could see the knife coming, rather than put up with this devious practise.’

Frugal Ways wondered if shrinking products avoided being picked up by price index measures:

‘It’s clear to me that smaller pack sizes for the same price is an actual price rise, yet this sharp practice does not impact on inflation, RPI, CPI figures, etc. These figures are used nationally by governments, councils, et al, to calculate benefits, wages, etc.’

So why are products shrinking?

We looked at branded products (eg not supermarket own-brand), using independent shopping website We asked the makers of these products why they had shrunk them, and were generally told that, in the face of rising costs they choose to shrink products rather than increase prices.

Many of the manufacturers we spoke to said supermarkets ultimately set prices. We asked whether they reduced the wholesale price or set a lower recommended retail price when the product shrank. Most manufacturers either said they didn’t do this or wouldn’t comment. So it’s perhaps not surprising the prices in supermarkets didn’t drop.

Would you prefer a price increase or a smaller product? How important is it that manufacturers and retailers make it clear to shoppers when a product has reduced in size?


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Surprise;Surprise In Aldi to-day I bought a pack of Frozen Battered Cod Steaks 500grms they had only 2% less Cod 50p cheaper and the actual carton was much smaller correct.The only shop I have found doing this cos many packs of Fish the carton is twice the size it should be no doubt over time the weight has been reduced but not the package.Although I wish the actual content of Fish was bigger many customers do not read the content when you can find the content Information cos Its usually very;very small and in general takes a couple of minutes to find but Full Marks to Aldi Stores Ltd; for sizing the package and still better content of actual Fish than big brands like Youngs & Birdseye.Often I have noticed Premium Fish Steaks more expensive with very little extra Fish content
.The actual food content should be in easy read figures on front of packages.



My preference is too keep the pack size the same and show a price increase. Then you can fairly compare. Also I think standard pack sizes should be mandatory. Then even easier to compare.



I agree with your comment Jelunga at my local sainburys they only stock 100grms small size of sainbury De Caff coffee which is robbery at only 40p cheaper than 200gms.Shrinking sizes fool some
customers then they put original size back on the shelves on special offer ha.

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