Bitter taste of ‘pine mouth’ lingers on

by , Senior Food Researcher Consumer Rights 12 April 2011
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Do you suffer from a metallic taste in your mouth? Have you recently eaten pine nuts? You’re likely suffering from ‘pine mouth’ syndrome. The problem lingers on, despite a list of approved exporters being available.

Pine nuts in pan

I haven’t eaten pine nuts for ages as I’m too scared to deal with the horrible aftertaste that’s affected so many.

Ever since we wrote about the phenomenon, we’ve had a continuous stream of comments and emails complaining about “pine mouth” symptoms.

In short, pine mouth is a bitter, metallic aftertaste caused by eating inedible pine nuts from China. You’ll find that it’s often worse after eating and drinking, and can in some cases, lead to nausea and stomach problems.

Pine mouth complaints continue

Last year, measures were reportedly put in place for Chinese authorities to stop the illegal mixing of edible and inedible pine nuts, but it seems like the problem is still rife. Commenter Nic complained of the symptoms:

‘My husband and I have both been experiencing this bitter after taste whenever we eat and drink. I would never have thought to link it to the small sprinkling of pine nuts we had on our salad.’

Chris described the bitter taste as being ‘like walnut skins or grapefruit pith’ – a taste that Joseph has been suffering from for far too long:

‘This is my 9th week with “pine mouth”, I assume, as I have carried out a barrage of investigations to exclude serious disease, all negative. […] I have tried all remedies to no avail.’

Following this influx of complaints, we contacted the Food Standards Agency (FSA) to ask what was being done to sort out this problem. A spokesperson told us that ‘There is now a list of accredited Chinese exporters to buy pine nuts from’.

Are retailers using the list?

Yet, when we contacted the main supermarkets to see if they were aware of this list and using it, there was little consensus. Sainsbury’s, The Co-op, Tesco and Waitrose told us that they now only use suppliers from FSA’s list. Morrisons told us that it only imports two varieties of pine nut, neither of which is associated with pine mouth.

However, Asda said that it had approached the FSA for the list but hadn’t yet received it. And M&S was liaising with the Chinese authorities directly but also hadn’t received the list.

This lack of communication seems crazy. If the list is available, why haven’t all the retailers got it? Why should consumers have to suffer? We’ve told Asda and M&S where they can access the list you might be pleased to know.

But how long will it take for this list to filter down to shop floor? Pine nuts have a pretty long shelf life, so it’s not clear whether supermarkets have taken all ‘pre-accredited’ pine nuts off their shelves. I don’t think I’ll be returning to my love of pesto and pine nuts any time soon.

Instead, I’m going to follow Hannah Joliffe’s advice by toasting sunflower seeds for my salads. But if you’re not willing to give up your pine nuts, have some Medicinal Charcoal tablets to hand, as recommended by commenter Janet – she found they alleviated the bitter aftertaste.


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Thank goodness for Hannah’s advice, I hope this works for me too. I don’t think I could live with this tastes for weeks/months.

As echoed in another post re media -has advice been posted on the BBC website, and shown on Watchdog?



Just to report
typical pine nut syndrome , persistant bitter taste, after eating pine nuts. lasting days (or more) still there.
source Marks and Spencer green pesto also labelled on top pasta sauce.



I am very relieved I found this site. I wondered whether I would have to be subjected to medical tests to find out what is wrong with me – there are other very sinister causes for ‘foul’ tastes in mouth. I have eaten pine nuts regularly for years and this is the first time I have experienced this very unpleasant taste. After making pesto, I had a handful left over and scoffed them… I will complain to Sainsbury’s. Is there anywhere else I should go to report this? Watchdog sounds like a good idea.



I bought my in Saynsburyes last week. Does anyone knows if it could harm my baby? Should I stop breastfeed?



I have reported my symptoms to Sainsbury’s and they are aware of the phenomenon. I was told that they have a duty to trade ethically in terms of accredited suppliers because of due dilliegence and duty of care standards – however, it seems that somewhere along the line dodgy pine nuts are getting into the food chain. My symptoms lasted for almost 2 weeks but were fading on a daily basis after the first 3 days. From my experience and what I’ve read, there are no harmful effects but I wouldn’t want to advise anyone especially in terms of breastfeeding. Report your circumstances to Sainsbury’s and FSA, keep your packet details if you still have them, the batch number and counrty of origin can be helpful for research purposes. You could also go to your Local Authority Environmental Health Department and report to them. Also speak with your Health Visitor and/or doctor. Sainsbury’s have offered me a bottle of wine and a bunch of flowers, not as an admission of error but as a good will gesture. I’m mulling that one over.


Jo Martin

I have for the first time suffered from ‘Pine Mouth” having bought and eaten some pine nuts from Tesco’s which were sourced from China. It seems, having read the various articles on this website that this is a cyclical problem which the leading supermarkets don’t take particularly seriously. With such a growing list of complaints shouldn’t the supermarkets stop buying Pine nuts from China and source from elsewhere? Or if they do continue to do so, why are they not required to provide a warning?


nicola seymour

Phew! I’m so relieved to have found out what’s been causing me this awful problem, I’ve now been experiencing for several months, being a regular pine nut snacker. I too would have thought this a prime ‘Watchdog’ story – has it been bought to their attention? What are the FSA doing and should I reporting my experiences to them?
I only found out by mentioning the problem to a friend who had heard the story in the news last week, surely there should be far more information publisised at the supermarkets etc and a formal way of recording cases???



I have suffered from ‘Pine Mouth’ over the last weekend, pine nuts from Tesco. I will not be eating pine nuts again. I have contacted Tesco and am awaiting a reply.



Did you get a reply from Tesco? I have just written a complaint myself as I am in the same position. The pine nuts I have are imported from China, and although I enjoyed the taste and different ‘mouthfeel’ of them when I was eating, they do look different to ‘normal’ pinenuts.



I bought a bag of mixed seeds at Holland & Barretts (sunflower, pumpkin & pine nuts) and this has been the cause of my suffering. I have contacted them via their website about my trouble and haven’t heard back yet.

So far, the only thing that helps reduce the time my mouth tastes bitter after eating something is brushing my entire mouth with Aquafresh toothpaste… it reduces the time my mouth tastes bad significantly.



I recently ate Pine Nuts from Trader Joe’s, package said it was imported from Korea or Russia…so I thought they were safe for consumption. WRONG! I have had pine mouth syndrome for 10 days now and I’m 31 weeks pregnant. Hoping the FSA’s lack of responsibility and action to stop the import of inedible pine nuts does not cause any health issues for my unborn child.



I’ve had a nasty taste in my mouth when I eat since Sunday 24 July. I was mystified. I thought my dinner was rotten so threw it away but found everything had a nasty chemical taste. After searching the Internet I’m sure it’s Pine mouth because I ate m&s pasta with spinach and pine nuts about 48 hrs earlier. I’d not eaten that before and will certainly not eat pine nuts from m & s again. Thank you which for highlighting this problem.



I bought the Neal’s Yard Salad Sprinkle in Holland&Barret 5 days ago, the horrible taste started next day and didn’t go away with anything, getting a little better the following days and today almost gone (hopefully for good!). No other simptoms. I was starting to be really worried when I found this conversation, tks so much for all the links and explanations, all more clear now! It’s been going on for a couple of years now and never heard about it before, and nothing is been done as is still happening! The seeds pack says “Packed in UK”, not a word where the seeds come from. Isn’t it compulsory to mention that?
I’ll email H&B and the toxicology link and let you know how it goes



I found a document from the Food Standars Agency from 30 Jun 2011 about this, updating its advise to local authorities and requesting that every consumer complaint about “pine mouth” must be investigated and the business selling the illegal pine nuts, not fit for human consumption, must withdrawal them from the market. Maybe results, after 2 years of nothing being done!



I’ve fallen foul to this after eating a ready-to-eat Tomato, Mozzarella & Pesto pasta salad from Sainsburys at the weekend which was covered in pine nuts



HI DJ, hope it doesn’t last long! You should email the FSA to record your case, have a look here – – Also your local council Trading Standars office should investigate, according to this Good luck!



I reported the case to my local Trading Standards (Surrey County Council) on Wednesday, and this morning (Friday) one officer called me to ask about it, and 2 hours later has come over to my house to pick up the rest of the pine nuts package; I’m pretty impressed by how seriously they are taken it!!

The more cases are reported the faster we’ll get rid of this illegal pine nuts in our shops!

Thanks for your message and also your email Nuria. Even though the supermarkets tell us they audit their suppliers it seems rogue pine nuts are still getting through.

I’m too scared to eat pine nuts now as I don’t want to risk getting pine mouth.

It’s great that your Trading Standards officer got back to you so quickly, they do seem to be taking the advice from the FSA seriously and acting promptly. I’d encourgae everyone who is suffering or has done in the past to contact your local Trading Standards Office – find yours using this link – and let them know.

And let us know how you get on. Hopefully if other trading standards act as quickly as the one above and they have enough examples and evidence, we might be able to get rid of this problem as we can return to enjoying our pesto.


Viv Chesterfield

When I suffered from pine mouth earlier this year, I rang and reported the fact to Sainsbury who informed me that they would not take them off the shelves, even though they were labelled ‘product of China’ because there were allergy warnings on every packet! I was not impressed.



I bought some pine nuts from my local grocery store in Isleworth and the next day I developed an awful bad, metallic taste in my mouth. The bad taste increases greatly if I eat. I called my doctor as i was worried that i had some infection in my mouth that cuased the bad taste and he thought that he was perhaps reflux. However a few minutes ago by pure chance i came across ‘pine mouth syndrome’ on the net and it seems to match my case.
I ate them 2 days ago (quite a lot of them in fact) and i have read that day 2 is the worse day for the symptoms, so I am hoping that from tomorrow the symptoms will decrease.
the brand i bought are called Tooty Fruity.



Hi Pierluigi, reporting to toxicology FSA is good, but they only count the number of cases; is Trading Standards who can enforce the law that forbids this illegal nuts being sold here, so keep the package and contact your Trading Standars asap See my links up this page
Hope you feel better soon!

Apparently the FSA are now investigating this issue:



I have just joined the ranks of the pine mouth sufferers! For several days I have tasted nothing but metal in my mouth and it’s not getting any better. But my pine nuts were in a tub of mixed olives from Waitrose last week – and they’re supposed to be from the safe list aren’t they? I guess no pine nuts can be trusted any more. I will certainly steer clear – a lovley bottle of wine was wasted on me the weekend – all I could taste was metal!



I ate M & S pasta salad with spinach and pine nuts for the first time, developed the nasty taste about 48 hours later. It was worse when I started to eat and after I had just eaten. I was lucky as it wore off in about 2 weeks but spoilt several meals. Local environmental health officers were sympathetic but that’s about it – they did however tell me that M&S source their pine nuts from China.
And I expect we all thought M&S had a good reputation for quality food… I’m not so sure now.



I ate sainsburys pine nut and spinich salad on friday evening and on sunday woke up with a headache and a nasty taste in my mouth, it was a hundred times worse when i ate, so spent most of the day hungry cause everything tasted so bad. So glad a typed in ‘nasty taste in mouth’ but amazed how many people had the same symtoms. I hope it doersn’t last too long and will be steering well clear of pine nuts from now on. I have contacted sainsburys, awaiting a reply



My wife had the same type of salad from Sainsbury’s in Gloucester on friday 2nd of Sept that DJ reported above on the 3rd of Aug as being a problem and now has “pine nut mouth”. So clearly either the list mentioned in the above article isn’t accurate enough or Sainsbury’s aren’t following it. She reported it to Sainsbury’s customer services yesterday who didn’t seem at all interested and said they would “discuss it with the manufacturers”. Did DJ report it to anyone else?



I have also had this bitter metal taste in my mouth for almost two weeks now. It’s so frustrating as it seems only time will ease the symptoms. I’m glad to have found all these sites though, it’s reassuring to know that I’m not the only one!! My pine nuts were from Tesco and only bought a couple of weeks ago….the”safe” list of suppliers doesn’t seem to be valid.



I bought my pine nuts from Tesco this weekend, the taste in my mouth is vile. I called Tesco and apart from offering me a refund, she could not help. I was given a customer complaints email to contact, but why are they not bothered where they get there products?



hmm, seems like Tesco’s have a dodgy batch in. I’ve just sent off a complaint, as I have pine mouth now since yesterday pm. not pleasant at all. Have also reported this to the FSA.



Were these the tesco whole food range pine nuts by any chance ?



I’ve had pine mouth for four days which started three days after eating chinese pine nuts bought from Sainsbury’s. Absolutely revolting taste – more like pesticide than metal and doesn’t seem to be getting any better. Glad I discovered this forum as i thought an old filling may be the cause but dentist said teeth were fine! I’ll be contacting trading standards and FSA in next few days. Did anyone find that charcoal tablets helped at all?


Brenda Aldrich

I put some pine nuts in home-made soup about 10 days ago and next day had terrible taste in my mouth, especially after eating. Was really pleased to discover on line what was wrong and that I would recover. I have never seen warnings or discussion anywhere before suffering myself. The nuts were purchased from Tesco or Holland & Barrett and mixed in a jar, so I don’t know which were responsible. This should be publicised and if an inedible variety is being sold, this should be banned.



i recently brought some asda’s own fruit juice and have been left with a irritatting horrible bitter aftertaste…and its not just fruit that tastes horrible…its also disgusting so called spaggetti and meatballs from heinz…for a company that has been going food for decades how can they make such horrible food?
i think i’m better off starving than buying and eating disgusting so called good food from asda ; (



I have had this dreadful taste in my mouth since November! Five months! I can only relate it to eating Brazil nuts. I haven’t eaten any pine nuts at all. I fist ate the Brazil nuts in November 2011 when the bad taste took hold. Gradually it faded a little and then in March 2012 I ate some mixed nuts from Tesco and the foul taste is back with a vengeance. I have to eat or drink constantly to keep it at bay and it keeps me awake at night. My doctor just shrugged her shoulders. I have read about something called ketosis – a condition usually experienced on the Atkins diet which is when a lack of complex carbs cause the body to eat its own fat for energy (yuk) but I haven’t been dieting (far from it, I eat all the time!). It seems that so many people are really suffering because of this condition and yet the medical advice is clean your teeth or go to a dentist – I am sure we have all tried both to no avail. I am really ‘down in the mouth’ about this miserable condition as I am sure many others are too



As a fellow pine mouth sufferer, I have been avoiding pine nuts from China for about a year now. Waitrose used to stock pine nuts from Italy, but now stocks no less than 4 different types of pine nuts but all from China. Even my local deli only stocks pine nuts that come from China. So does anyone know where Italian pine nuts can now be purchased?



Ate a whole bag of sainsbury’s pine nuts today and have started to feel very strange so googled and found this discussion. Do you know if Sainsbury’s are actually selling safe pine nuts now or some kind of blend? They were definitely the stubbier Korean/Chinese variety in the bag i bought today. II eat European pine nuts all the time and don’t get any problems at all. Would have expected better from Sainsbury’s.


Sabrina mo

You should add ALMONDS to this list of nuts as I’ve had all the same symptoms with this nut too. It tasted so bad / bitter that I spat in out directly into my bin. Few days later ended up with a bad metallic taste in my mouth, nausea, diahorrea, stomach cramps, shaking, insomnia and panic. Thought it was my gut parasites playing up or ingestion of Apple cider vinegar in a homemade broth. Googled for symptom and connected it to almond ingestion, rather than pine nuts. Has anyone tried activated charcoal / aloe vera to help with symptoms? Also gargling with sodium bicarbonate/salt? Taking lemon in water and ginger tea is supposed to relieve it. Just not what I needed with GI problems on top.


Albert Dangles

It’s still a problem. I bought Tesco’s own brand Pine Nuts (100g, sourced from China) a few days ago and am now suffering.


Clare Denholm

Thanks for this article as it solves the mystery of the horrid bitter taste in my mouth. Though most of the information seems to be a few years old so I am not sure if it should no longer be an issue?

I bought some pine nuts from Tesco a few weeks ago and now have this bitter taste in my mouth that gets worse when I eat. I also felt very sick overnight one night despite it being hours after I ate. This seems like the most likely explanation as I have no other symptoms or conditions listed on medical sites.

Unfortunately I no longer have the packaging to check the source but I shall be going back to the store and see what they say.



I am so glad too that I found this thread as I have experienced this mysterious revolting bitter taste in my mouth. I am now sure this is linked to some Sainsburys pine nuts I had in a recipe and then a few on their own. I ate them a few days ago.
Just checked the packet as I have them and they were made in China.
It’s a horrible feeling and not the kind of thing you want just before Xmas day – am not looking forward at all to Xmas dinner.
I am going to go back to Sainsburys with the packet and talk to the manager after xmas.



sorry that should have been Tescos not Sainsburys. Avoid Tesco pine nuts!



I have the syndrome after snacking on a 150g bag of Tesco pine nuts, BB Jul 2015, L4304A 900 2 (13:40) Produce of China



What a relief to find this article and fellow sufferers. I had a pesto sauce from Aldi around a week ago and nothing I eat or drink has tasted right since. I feel better now that I know what it is.
Is there any kind of FSA enforcement in place yet, if so Aldi need to know don’t they?

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