Commenting guidelines

Which? Conversation is a place for intelligent discussion and differing opinions. Heated debates are welcome, but you must stick to our simple guidelines set out below.

These guidelines are here to promote healthy debate, help new users fit in and will directly inform our approach to community moderation. We will consider banning users who do not respect the following:

  • Please keep comments relevant to the topic at hand – remember this isn’t a forum. Veering off to add colour to your point is fine, but off-topic posts may be removed to keep the Conversation on course.
  • Avoid purposely provoking members of the community into a desired emotional response, or ‘trolling’.
  • Although you should feel free to type in a way that’s comfortable and natural for you, it’s important we understand what you’re saying.
  • Try to stay away from ‘text talk’ as it can be difficult to decipher. Also, avoid writing in capitals, IT SOUNDS LIKE YOU’RE SHOUTING.
  • Please do not post personal contact details of any sort (email, phone number, address) whether they are yours or someone else’s.
  • You can post text or links from an outside source if it does not infringe the rights of any third party and is accompanied by a sufficient acknowledgement describing the work and crediting its author.
  • We may remove posts that others may find offensive, harassing, threatening or abusive or we consider to be defamatory. Language that’s vulgar, obscene, sexually orientated, racist, sexist, homophobic or hateful is not welcome. Please do not link to sexual, pornographic, hateful, defamatory or illegal images or websites.
  • We’d like you to help us to keep the community running smoothly. So if you spot a comment that breaches these guidelines, please bring them to our attention through the ‘Report Comment’ button.
  • Don’t forget you agreed to our Terms and Conditions when you signed up. That means we expect you to stick to them, too.

In short, if you are considerate of others and take care of the quality of the Conversations, you shouldn’t have any problems and we’ll all see the benefits.

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