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Will the universal spare wheel save you when you break down?

by , Senior Cars Researcher Transport & Travel 24 October 2014
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Car wheel with a puncture

If you get a puncture that’s beyond repair in a car that lacks a spare wheel, there’s a good chance you’ll have to be towed to a garage by a breakdown provider. Not anymore. (more about the universal spare wheel...)

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O’Leary: customers flock to Ryanair despite Which? surveys

by , Ryanair CEO Transport & Travel 11 September 2014
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Ryanair aircraft

In this guest post Ryanair’s chief exec Michael O’Leary argues that Which? surveys don’t reflect what customers want from an airline. What’s most important to you when you fly? Do you fly with Ryanair? (more about Ryanair...)

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Earl Okin: the challenges of travelling with my guitar

by , Musician Transport & Travel 2 September 2014
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Couple travelling with a guitar

Holiday hassles come in all shapes and sizes, especially when it comes to travelling with an instrument. Here’s singer-songwriter, musician and comedian Earl Okin on the trials and tribulations of flying with a guitar. (more holiday hassles...)

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Network Rail opens up about the causes of delays

by , Transport & Travel 1 September 2014
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Delayed flights on screen with holidaymakers

Have you ever felt frustrated when the station manager announces the dreaded ‘delay’ word over a tannoy? Kirsty Ivanoski-Nichol, Transparency Manager at Network Rail, explains what they're doing to help… (more on train delays...)

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Too old to travel?

by , Senior Home Researcher Transport & Travel 26 August 2014
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Elderly man's face

Ever been told you’re too old to travel? There can be few things more annoying and frustrating than being told you’re too old to do something you want to do. Being told you can’t go on holiday takes the biscuit. (more about age discrimination...)

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Three rights the travel industry would rather you didn’t use

by , Chief Executive Transport & Travel 22 August 2014
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holiday illustration

With an estimated two million Brits due to head overseas this bank holiday, there are a few consumer rights you can rely on when travel doesn't go as planned. Have you ever exercised your travel rights?  (more about travel rights...)

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FCO: How we helped 17,000 Brits abroad last year

by , Consular Minister, FCO Transport & Travel 20 August 2014
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Bursting holiday suitcase

In this guest post from the FCO's Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, James Duddridge, we find out how the Government helps British holiday-makers when they experience holiday hassles overseas... (more about Brits abroad...)

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Do train companies act on your feedback?

by , Campaigns Officer Transport & Travel 14 August 2014
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Get Trains On Track logo

Since the launch of our Get Trains On Track campaign you’ve been sharing your train tales with us. We’ve now delivered these to the train companies and asked them to outline how they’ll act on your feedback. (more about train companies...)

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Car hire: who’s still taking you for a ride?

by , Campaigns Officer Transport & Travel 13 August 2014
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Cars cartoon

You told us you were sick of facing extra car hire charges at the pick-up desk and not getting refunds for fuel you’d paid for upfront but didn’t use. Here are the car hire firms that have changed after our calls for action. (more about car hire...)

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Tfl to refuse congestion charge payments via copycat sites

by , Conversation Editor Transport & Travel 7 August 2014
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london congestion charge sign

Copycat websites continue to draw in unwitting punters. One of the most common scams relates to the London congestion charge, but now Transport for London plans to step up its action against them. (more about copycat websites...)

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The merry-go-rounds of the luggage carousel

by , Campaigns Assistant Transport & Travel 2 August 2014
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Holiday hassles illustrations

Hundreds of you have complained about luggage issues via our campaign. Gatwick passengers were subject to delays at the baggage carousels last weekend, and the case may be the same this weekend... (more on luggage delays...)

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The holiday hassles of a teenager travelling solo

by , Guest Author Transport & Travel 28 July 2014
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Self-service airport check-ins

There’s a new generation of travellers flying the skies solo – teenagers, of which our guest author Kyle is one. But it isn’t always a smooth journey - here are some of the worst holiday hassles he’s encountered. (read more about holidady hassles...)

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Holiday Hassles – this isn’t what it looked like in the brochure!

by , Campaigns Assistant Transport & Travel 21 July 2014
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Holiday hassles illustrations

We recently launched our campaign to stop holiday hassles. Through your comments we've already collected more than 3,000 stories ranging from a holiday hindrance to holiday hell... (more on hotel hassles...)

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Brief cases: couple wins £1,162 in cruise confusion

by , Which? Lawyer Transport & Travel 17 July 2014
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Cruise Ship

Which? members John and Eileen Andrews won back £1,162 with help from our legal experts when their 14-night cruise was cancelled without their knowledge. (more about cruise problems...)

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