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Back to school… with £3.2bn worth of tech

by , Digital Producer Technology 27 August 2015
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Child on laptop

Recent research has revealed that children will return to school with £3.2bn worth of tech in their school bags. It’s an astronomical amount, but it’s the stark change in attitude towards technology that’s got me thinking. (more on school tech...)

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Are smartphones your top internet browsing device?

by , Conversation Editor Technology 10 August 2015
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Smartphone and laptop

For the first time, Brits are now using the internet more on their smartphones than on their laptops. Do you do most of your browsing on your phone? (more about smartphone browsing...)

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Smart homes – who doesn’t want to make their life simpler?

by , Senior Researcher Technology 5 August 2015
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Panasonic smart home

I’m all for an easy life - so my ears pricked up when a press release about 'smart homes' landed on my desk. Do you want to watch your home from your mobile or tablet? (more about smart homes...)

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We need action to cut off fake phone numbers

by , Senior Campaigner Technology 17 July 2015
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Birds on telephone

We know you hate nuisance calls. But there’s another twist in this modern day menace - ‘spoofed calls’. Ofcom estimates as many as two billion nuisance calls are made each year using fake numbers... (more on spoof calls...)

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Superfast broadband customers shouldn’t be stuck in slow lane

by , Virgin Media CEO Technology 15 July 2015
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Fibre broadband network concept

Were you promised superfast broadband, but find your internet crawls along? In this guest post Tom Mockridge, Virgin Media's Chief Executive Officer, calls for greater clarity on advertising speeds. (more about broadband speeds ...)

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Why I left Sky for Plusnet TV

by , Gardening Editor Technology 4 July 2015
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Pointing a remote control at a TV

After nearly 14 years as a Sky customer, I’ve just cancelled. I’ve only ever been on the basic Sky+ package but at nearly £30 a month – and with regular price hikes – it began to feel like an albatross around my neck. (more about switching TV provider ...)

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Is wireless smartphone charging worth the hype?

by , Digital Producer Technology 24 June 2015
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wireless charger

I’m seeing wireless charging advertised everywhere lately. Well-known brands, such as Samsung, promise ‘no cables, no connectors’. But if something sounds too good to be true... (more about wireless charging ...)

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Why I don’t take a compact camera on holiday any more

by , Senior Technology Researcher Technology 23 June 2015
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Holiday picture

When packing for a holiday, a compact camera used to be one of the first items I’d throw into my suitcase. Now it sits on a shelf at home while I enjoy myself in the sun. (more about taking holiday photos ...)

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Ofcom: making it easier to switch broadband provider

by , Director of Consumer Policy Technology 21 June 2015
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Blue broadband cable

In this guest post, Ofcom’s director of consumer policy, Chris Taylor, explains a change that aims to make it easier for you to switch your broadband provider. (more about switching broadband ...)

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The CMA: can you trust what you read in online reviews?

by , CMA’s Enforcement Directorate Technology 19 June 2015
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magnifying glass on laptop

The Competition and Markets Authority today published a report on online reviews and endorsements. Here’s the CMA’s Senior Director, Nisha Arora, reflecting on the debate their report has already started to generate. (more on online reviews...)

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Slow broadband speeds: how do suppliers get away with it?

by , Campaign Manager Technology 18 June 2015
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broadband line

Imagine walking into a pub this weekend ordering a pint and the barman saying he’ll pour you ‘up to’ a full pint. Or buying train tickets from London to Newcastle - that might only take you to York or Doncaster. (more about broadband speeds ...)

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Action needs to heat up on cold calls

by , Executive Director Technology 9 June 2015
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Nuisance caller

Today we’re urging Government, regulators and businesses to renew their efforts to call time on nuisance calls and texts as complaints about this everyday menace continue to rack up in the tens of thousands. (more on nuisance calls...)

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How do you use your tablet computer?

by , Conversation Editor Technology 5 June 2015
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More than half of UK homes now own a tablet PC – just five years after the most popular tablet, the iPad, was launched. Is yours an all-singing life essential or just something you look at occasionally to read the news? (more about tablets ...)

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Has the sat nav been outmuscled by protein powder?

by , Home Product Researcher Technology 31 May 2015
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Sat nav in car

Have you fallen out of love with the standalone sat nav and rely instead on a phone app or a built-in system to get around? The answer seems to be yes, judging by an annual look at what shoppers typically buy. (more about standalone sat navs ...)

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