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Bank and credit card customers still face costly calls

by , Researcher/Writer Technology 29 January 2015
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Phone cartoon

We've found that current account and credit card providers are still using high-cost telephone numbers, despite a Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) proposal to ban them. (more on calling your bank...)

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How much are you really paying for your handset?

by , Chief Executive Technology 27 January 2015
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Mobile phone on money

Our chief executive Peter Vicary-Smith says it’s time for a heads-up on hidden mobile phone handset costs. Wouldn’t it be easier if the cost of your handset was separate from charges for calls, data and texts? (more about mobile handsets...)

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My view: we’ve never had it so good with TV

by , Conversation Editor Technology 23 January 2015
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Woman sad with TV

Community member Alfa's guest post hit a home-run when you all shared your top TV annoyances. From adverts to credits, you want to see change. But is it really that bad? I think our TV is brilliant. (more on TV annoyances...)

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Utility Warehouse: are you in control of your mobile bill?

by , Utility Warehouse Technology 22 January 2015
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Mobile texting

More than 45,000 people have supported our Unlock Mobiles campaign, and the mobile provider Utility Warehouse supports it too. Here’s Simon on why you should have more control over what you spend on mobiles. (more about mobiles...)

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Free at last – Microsoft gives away Windows 10

by , Editor, Which? Computing Technology 22 January 2015
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windows 10

If you're one of those who was left frustrated with Windows 8, today's your lucky day. An announcement from Microsoft introduces the new Windows 10. And better yet, it's free. (more about Windows 10...)

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The North/South divide of online scams

by , Senior Tech Researcher Technology 21 January 2015
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Crime scene on laptop

We're all at risk of online scams, but why are some types more common in the North than in the South? Wherever you live, it's worth keeping up to date on how to stay safe... (more about cyber crime...)

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Would you pay a monthly tariff for prints?

by , Technology Researcher Technology 19 January 2015
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Print button on printer

We’re used to paying monthly for minutes on a phone contract, but what about paying a monthly fee to print from your inkjet printer? That’s what HP proposes with its Instant Ink service… (more about printer ink...)

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The hidden cost of your mobile contract

by , Senior Campaigner Technology 16 January 2015
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Unlock Better Mobile Deals logo

Our latest research has found that mobile customers are collectively losing out on billions of pounds a year by being on the wrong contract for their usage. When was the last time you switched mobile contract? (more on switching mobile contracts...)

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Q: What’s flat and sounds like a tin?

by , Chief Executive Technology 3 January 2015
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A: Too many TVs. Here's our chief executive, Peter Vicary-Smith, challenging TV manufacturers to bring sound quality into the 21st century. And we've already seen improvements from some brands... (more about challenging TV manufacturers...)

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Paying £35 for a laptop service you didn’t ask for?

by , Conversation Editor Technology 2 January 2015
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Laptop on man's head

Have you bought a laptop from Currys or PC World and been asked to pay an extra £35 for a set-up service? Did you know about this 'Knowhow' service before buying? Read what Currys has to say about this. (more about Currys and PC World...)

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What annoys you most about TV programmes?

by , Community Member Technology 28 December 2014
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Man with hand over mouth on TV

Which? Convo regular Alfa is here to debate a new topic - TV annoyances. What winds you up about telly these days? Is it the volume of ads? What about excessive narration? (more on TV annoyances...)

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Government and mobile networks plan to drive out not-spots

by , Campaign Manager Technology 18 December 2014
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3D illustration of cellular network over Europe map

In a Government deal, EE, O2, Vodafone and Three Mobile have agreed to dramatically improve mobile coverage across the UK by 2017. Are you ready to see the back of not-spots? (more about mobile coverage...)

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Are special offers on electrical items too good to be true?

by , Lawyer Technology 18 December 2014
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Special offers

In the market for a new TV? Or maybe a camera for Christmas? Watch out for dodgy offers on electrical goods that might not always be as attractive as they seem. In some cases these deals don't deliver any savings. (more about special offers...)

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Poor weather means bad luck for Sky TV customers

by , Which? Magazine Deputy Editor Technology 18 December 2014
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tv cropped dish

Staying in on a stormy night to catch up on missed TV is one of life's great pleasures. While the weather may mean you lose your live TV signal, have you ever had trouble with recorded programmes? (more about Sky...)

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