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Is it good to talk? Line rental prices keep rising

by , Technology Researcher Technology 21 November 2014
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Arrow and phone

BT, Sky and TalkTalk are delivering unwanted early Christmas presents to customers by increasing line rental prices in December. And Virgin Media has announced a similar line rental price rise for February next year. (more about line rental price rises...)

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How secure is your webcam?

by , ICO Technology 20 November 2014
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A new website has launched that allows people to watch live footage from insecure cameras. In this guest post, Simon Rice of the ICO issues a warning and explains how to protect yourself from prying eyes. (more about webcam security...)

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We’ve had it ‘up to’ here with broadband ads

by , Campaigns Assistant Technology 17 November 2014
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Broadband campaign logo

Are confusing broadband ads bringing you down loads? Well today we’re calling on advertising watchdogs to tighten up guidelines on speed claims in broadband ads. (more about broadband ads...)

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Does a lack of mobile coverage push your buttons?

by , Campaign Manager Technology 7 November 2014
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Screen shot of mobile coverage map

With 3G and 4G the mobile networks are keen to tell us how we can stay connected wherever we go. But that’s not always the case, and finding yourself stuck without any reception can be deeply frustrating. (more on mobile coverage...)

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Do nuisance calls cause you annoyance or anxiety?

by , Parliamentary Manager Technology 27 October 2014
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Landline phone

Making change happen can take days, months or years - and thanks to the support of our community and our campaign supporters, our joint work on the menace of nuisance calls is continuing to pay off. (more about nuisance calls...)

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Bad phone signal at home – can you cancel your contract?

by , Conversation Editor Technology 23 October 2014
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What happens if you’ve got rubbish mobile phone signal at home, but you’re locked into a one- or two-year contract? Is it easy to cancel? No, as many of the stories shared on last week’s BBC Watchdog showed. (more about mobile phone signal...)

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Through the hacker’s eyes: how to be secure on social media

by , Ethical Hacker Technology 22 October 2014
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hacker takes password

Our investigation into ID theft saw information from social media sites used to obtain a credit card under false pretenses. Ken helped us mine the user profiles - here are his tips for preserving your privacy online. (more about ID theft...)

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3D printers are great, but can they really print spare parts?

by , 3D Printing Reports Technology 19 October 2014
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Fridge with plug socket

3D printers present users with lots of possibilities, making them a technology darling in the past few years. Are they answer to fixing your broken appliances? 3D printing expert Dr. Mike Vasquez explores… (more about 3D printers...)

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Fake iPhone chargers spark concerns

by , Business Researcher Technology 12 October 2014
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Fake iPhone charger

Have you ever bought an iPhone charger? How confident are you that it’s genuine? Counterfeit phone chargers are a real issue and can put you and others at risk. (more about fake iPhone chargers...)

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When software updates go bad

by , Senior Technology Researcher Technology 9 October 2014
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Software updates can bring fantastic new features to our tech. But we’re seeing more and more times when devices lose functionality or even become completely unusable after a supposed improvement. (more about bad software updates...)

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Your view: bent phone? You only have yourself to blame

by , Conversation Editor Technology 3 October 2014
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Comment box on phone

We asked you who was to blame for the ‘bendy’ iPhone 6. The emerging debate caught my interest when it curved in a direction I wasn’t expecting – don’t blame it on Apple. (more about the bendy iPhone6...)

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Ripping your CD is now finally legal

by , Parliamentary Manager Technology 1 October 2014
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CD with coloured lights

Today is an important day for you and me… though you may not realise it! It’s no longer illegal to copy a music CD you’ve bought onto your MP3 player. And your comments helped us make this change happen. (more about copyright law...)

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How many nuisance calls do you get a week?

by , Conversation Editor Technology 30 September 2014
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Angry man pulling hair out

As you might have expected, nuisance calls are ranked as the top annoyance among consumers. Our Facebook fans waded into the debate to share their frustration, as well as top tips to avoid cold callers. (more on nuisance calls...)

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Your view: mystery calls on your phone bill

by , Conversation Editor Technology 28 September 2014
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Landline phones hanging

After one Which? member told us about a charge for a phantom speaking clock call, it sparked our interest. When we opened it to the floor to get your opinion, it turned out this wasn't the only one… (more on mystery calls...)

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