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Government and mobile networks plan to drive out not-spots

by , Campaign Manager Technology 18 December 2014
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3D illustration of cellular network over Europe map

In a Government deal, EE, O2, Vodafone and Three Mobile have agreed to dramatically improve mobile coverage across the UK by 2017. Are you ready to see the back of not-spots? (more about mobile coverage...)

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Are special offers on electrical items too good to be true?

by , Lawyer Technology 18 December 2014
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Special offers

In the market for a new TV? Or maybe a camera for Christmas? Watch out for dodgy offers on electrical goods that might not always be as attractive as they seem. In some cases these deals don't deliver any savings. (more about special offers...)

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Poor weather means bad luck for Sky TV customers

by , Which? Magazine Deputy Editor Technology 18 December 2014
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tv cropped dish

Staying in on a stormy night to catch up on missed TV is one of life's great pleasures. While the weather may mean you lose your live TV signal, have you ever had trouble with recorded programmes? (more about Sky...)

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Giant tech brands – which one has your loyalty?

by , Technology Researcher Technology 15 December 2014
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1 google v apple

Choosing a phone, tablet or computer could be a bigger investment than you thought. Not only are you buying the product, you're also buying into a tech ecosystem. And once you're part of the club, how easy is to leave? (more about tech ecosystems...)

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Can you see the number that’s calling you?

by , Parliamentary Manager Technology 3 December 2014
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what's your number

The Which?-led Task Force on Nuisance Calls will soon publish its recommendations. Before then, the Government has made another concession to help you tackle unwanted phone calls… (more about caller display...)

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Don’t lose all sense and reason this shopping season

by , Conversation Editor Technology 28 November 2014
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Flying shoppers

Black Friday is here and Christmas is just around the corner. To many that means madly shopping for ‘bargains’ online and on the high street, but I’d like to remind everyone not to lose perspective. (more about festive shopping...)

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Windows 8 and its much needed apology

by , Editor, Which? Computing Technology 24 November 2014
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Windows 8

An apology, at the very least – that’s what I expect from Microsoft. Because that’s what it owes its customers for the misery that was Windows 8, which will be remembered as a failure ever more. (more about windows 8...)

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Is it good to talk? Line rental prices keep rising

by , Technology Researcher Technology 21 November 2014
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Arrow and phone

BT, Sky and TalkTalk are delivering unwanted early Christmas presents to customers by increasing line rental prices in December. And Virgin Media has announced a similar line rental price rise for February next year. (more about line rental price rises...)

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How secure is your webcam?

by , ICO Technology 20 November 2014
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A new website has launched that allows people to watch live footage from insecure cameras. In this guest post, Simon Rice of the ICO issues a warning and explains how to protect yourself from prying eyes. (more about webcam security...)

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We’ve had it ‘up to’ here with broadband ads

by , Campaigns Assistant Technology 17 November 2014
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Broadband campaign logo

Are confusing broadband ads bringing you down loads? Well today we’re calling on advertising watchdogs to tighten up guidelines on speed claims in broadband ads. (more about broadband ads...)

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Does a lack of mobile coverage push your buttons?

by , Campaign Manager Technology 7 November 2014
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Screen shot of mobile coverage map

With 3G and 4G the mobile networks are keen to tell us how we can stay connected wherever we go. But that’s not always the case, and finding yourself stuck without any reception can be deeply frustrating. (more on mobile coverage...)

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Do nuisance calls cause you annoyance or anxiety?

by , Parliamentary Manager Technology 27 October 2014
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Landline phone

Making change happen can take days, months or years - and thanks to the support of our community and our campaign supporters, our joint work on the menace of nuisance calls is continuing to pay off. (more about nuisance calls...)

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Bad phone signal at home – can you cancel your contract?

by , Conversation Editor Technology 23 October 2014
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What happens if you’ve got rubbish mobile phone signal at home, but you’re locked into a one- or two-year contract? Is it easy to cancel? No, as many of the stories shared on last week’s BBC Watchdog showed. (more about mobile phone signal...)

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Through the hacker’s eyes: how to be secure on social media

by , Ethical Hacker Technology 22 October 2014
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hacker takes password

Our investigation into ID theft saw information from social media sites used to obtain a credit card under false pretenses. Ken helped us mine the user profiles - here are his tips for preserving your privacy online. (more about ID theft...)

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