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Can you spot a wasteful printer?

by , Technology Researcher Technology 19 April 2015
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Man pulling apart printer

Some printers seem to burn through ink, costing you more in cartridges. But is it possible to spot a wasteful printer at a glance? It could come down to how different printers clean themselves... (more about printer ink...)

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Do you really own your mobile phone?

by , giffgaff community member Technology 16 April 2015
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mobile phone unlock

Mobile owners are wasting £355m paying for phones they’ve already paid off. Here’s Mark, a giffgaff customer, on why his mobile network has never bundled the cost of handsets into the service charge. (more about owning your phone...)

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Are you wasting money on a mobile you already own?

by , Senior Campaigner Technology 15 April 2015
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Mobile emojis

It’s always a great feeling to know you’ve paid off a bill. But what if you were still being charged every month for something you’d already paid off? Well that could be happening with your mobile phone contract... (more about mobile phone contracts...)

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Formats aren’t forever: what will happen to your disc collection?

by , Digital Producer Technology 13 April 2015
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James Bond boxset

There’s an air of inevitability about format changes – a consequence of rapidly evolving technology designed to enrich our lives. But how would you feel if items you’d paid for were suddenly rendered obsolete? (more about format shifting...)

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New nuisance calls app helps you get your own back

by , Conversation Editor Technology 1 April 2015
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Phone shock

Nuisance calls are a nuisance. It’s in the name. We’ve been tackling them head on with our 170,000 campaign supporters, but sometimes you just want to give them a taste of their own medicine. Well, now you can. (more about the new app...)

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New cap on bills for stolen mobiles falls short

by , Conversation Editor Technology 23 March 2015
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Phone being stolen

Should you have to pay for a bill that’s been racked up by criminals? The Government has reached a voluntary agreement with five mobile operators to tackle shock phone bills - we don’t think it goes far enough. (more about stolen phones...)

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Is it fair rural areas pay the same amount for slower broadband?

by , Chief Executive Technology 22 March 2015
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There's a big divide in urban and rural broadband speeds. It only seems fair that broadband customers in rural areas shouldn't have to pay more for a terrible service that never reaches advertised speeds (more about broadband...)

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My broadband problems brought me down loads

by , Campaigns Assistant Technology 16 March 2015
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Sad smiley key on computer keyboard

Last month I spent more time speaking to my broadband provider’s helpline than my family. I couldn’t resist telling this to the customer service support staff, and got a sympathetic laugh from the end of the line. (more about broadband...)

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What’s your message for Ofcom’s review?

by , Senior Campaigner Technology 12 March 2015
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Man angry on mobile

Ofcom is to review the UK’s digital communications markets. With three quarters of people on the wrong mobile contract and nearly half unhappy with their broadband speed, it’s time for change. (more about Ofcom's review...)

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Farewell to instruction manuals

by , Senior Technology Researcher Technology 9 March 2015
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instruction manual

Ever been utterly bemused by an instruction manual? Or bought a product that didn't come with one at all? These days it seems we're just expected to know how products work, but not all of us were born tech savvy... (more on instruction manuals...)

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Would you pick a thicker phone if it meant better battery life?

by , Conversation Editor Technology 6 March 2015
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A new Yougov poll shows that most of us are happy to have a thicker phone in exchange for a longer battery life. But if that's the way things are going, you can count me out. (more on phone battery life...)

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Your view: what’s going on in the mobile market?

by , Conversation Editor Technology 20 February 2015
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BT and EE logos on phones

BT recently announced its intention to buy mobile provider EE for £12.5bn, and there are rumours of Three buying O2. What followed was an intense debate about mergers. (more about the mobile mergers...)

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If you want a cheap bill, who you gonna call? Not 118

by , Technology Researcher Technology 17 February 2015
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118 118

If you’re looking for a phone number, you may be tempted to call directory enquiries. Although these heavily advertised 118 services can be useful, they could leave you with a hefty bill… (more about calling 118...)

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If phones can be unlocked in the US, why not in the UK?

by , Senior Campaigner Technology 13 February 2015
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Lock and key on phone

All mobile operators in the US will now have to unlock mobile phones or tablets at the end of your contract. Great news for US consumers - shame about us Brits! (more about phone unlocking...)

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