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Are annuities really dead?

by , Principal Money Researcher Money 30 July 2014
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Income drawdown or annuity

Up until the Budget, annuities were the main option for those who wanted to turn their defined contribution pension scheme into a retirement income. And then annuities were taken off the table, or were they? (more about annuities...)

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Are older people getting a harsh deal from lenders?

by , Online Writer Money 29 July 2014
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An elderly gentleman wearing a sun hat

Some lenders have adopted new rules that make it harder for older people to get a mortgage. Many are also struggling to get credit cards and loans too, even when their finances are in order. What about you? (more about lending...)

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Embrace the cheque’s digital makeover

by , Money Researcher Money 27 July 2014
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Digital cheque imaging

We know that lots of you still love using cheques. The question is, do they have a future? Could giving them a digital makeover be a great way of keeping them alive? (more about cheques...)

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How savvy are you to the tricks of financial marketing?

by , Money 25 July 2014
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Gold brain

Online financial marketing works – we know this because financial providers spend millions on it each year. The question is; do you fall for financial marketing? (more about financial marketing tactics...)

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We’ve just launched a campaign to stop sneaky fees

by , Campaigns Officer Money 24 July 2014
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Sneaky fees illustration

Today we launch a new campaign to Stop Sneaky Fees and Charges as our latest research reveals that admin and cancellation fees are on the rise among car insurers. (read more about insurance fees...)

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The CMA: are the banks working for you?

by , Chief Exec of the CMA Money 24 July 2014
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A build your own bank kit

The Competition and Markets Authority recently recommended a competition inquiry into the banks. In this guest post, the CMA's Alex Chisholm asks whether you think the industry should face a full inquiry. (more about banks...)

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Upfront current account fees aren’t the answer

by , Money 23 July 2014
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Broken piggy bank

As our research throws yet more light on the real cost of banking, and the CMA calls for an inquiry into competition in banking, the first reaction has been to call for an end of free banking. But is that really the answer? (more about the cost of banking...)

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Scam watch: dodgy cold caller offers

by , Online Writer Money 19 July 2014
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No matter how convincing they sound, never give your card details to someone who’s called you out of the blue. That’s what Which? member Dev found out… (read more about cold callers...)

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Does loyalty pay?

by , Money Researcher Money 13 July 2014
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Dog looking loyal

Many of the best relationships in life are based on loyalty. And it’s not just with our personal relationships; lots of us are loyal to brands as well. But does loyalty really pay? (more about loyalty...)

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Hit by a change to your mortgage terms? Have your say today

by , Lawyer Money 9 July 2014
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Interest only mortgages

Hidden in the small print of your mortgage contract could be a clause that gives your lender the right to change certain aspects of your loan, including how much interest you pay. Do you think that’s fair? (more about mortgage terms...)

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Would you like a financial MOT?

by , Money 3 July 2014
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Stethoscope on credit card

Lucy Malenczuk, policy adviser at Age UK, asks how we should keep our finances in check as approach retirement. In this guest post, Age UK explore the findings of their retirement research... (more about financial MOTs...)

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Are you due Card Protection Plan (CPP) compensation?

by , Consumer Rights Producer Money 1 July 2014
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Credit card chip

Sometimes going after compensation can seem tedious. You may question how long it will take or what you will have to prove. But it’s always worth giving it a shot – as my tale of CPP compensation goes… (more about CPP compensation...)

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When the next best bank account comes along, I’ll be off!

by , Assistant Travel Editor Money 30 June 2014
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Changing bank accounts doesn’t come naturally to me – I’ve only done it twice in 25 years. But I’m now prepared to move banks 20 times in the next 20 years if I see the need. (more about switching banks...)

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