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A Mini adventure, at maximum cost

by , Chief Executive Money 2 March 2015
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After having to repair worn out parts on a car that's only 3 years-old, it seems looking for cars that have been designed to be fixed easily is worthwile. Especially once you've counted in the cost of labour... (more about car servicing...)

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Why aren’t parents making Wills?

by , Which? Wills Paralegal Money 23 February 2015
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Writing will on a typewriter

A Will isn't only important for passing things on, it decides who looks after your children. So why do many people give little thought to making a Will and why does it appear as one of the last things on the ‘to-do list’? (more about writing a will...)

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Do you still need your local bank branch?

by , Researcher/Writer Money 11 February 2015
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Bank signs

As talks take place about how to deal with closing bank branches, it might be wise to think about how you do your banking. Will you need to adjust your banking habits? (more about branch closures...)

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Are loyalty cards worth the hassle?

by , Online Writer Money 7 February 2015
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Tesco clubcard

With some supermarkets changing the awards on their loyalty cards, are they something you'll still carry around in your wallet or are they now just not worth the effort? (more about loyalty cards...)

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The power struggle with using power of attorney

by , Elderly Care Editor Money 1 February 2015
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Struggle with power of attorney

Why is it that banks don’t always make it easy to register and then use a power of attorney, which is usually done during a time of emotional stress? What power of attorney problems have you had? (more on power of attorney...)

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Last minute tax return questions answered

by , Researcher/Writer Money 28 January 2015
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Tax time

In the lead up to the self-assessment deadline on 31 January we’ve been gathering and answering your burning tax return questions. Here’s a selection of some of the more interesting questions and answers… (more on tax returns...)

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Have you struggled to get your hands on Pensioner Bonds?

by , Online Writer Money 26 January 2015
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Hand passing twenty pound notes to another hand

Pensioner Bonds were released to great fanfare earlier this month, but the launch appears to have been anything but smooth. Have you managed to get your hands on some or have you encountered issues? (more on Pensioner Bonds...)

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Why registering to vote could be good for your credit rating

by , The Electoral Commission Money 24 January 2015
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With the general election fast approaching on 7 May, here’s the Electoral Commission on why it’s important to register to vote. Did you know, for example, that not registering could damage your credit rating? (more on registering to vote...)

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Are products aimed at the over-50s delivering poor value?

by , Principal Money Researcher Money 17 January 2015
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Man looking over a pile of folders

We've just carried out some new research looking at five product areas aimed at the over-50s and the results suggest these products don’t always live up to the marketing claims. (more about over-50s products...)

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It can pay to bring your family and finances closer together

by , Money Editor Money 8 January 2015
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Group of piggy banks

When my father suffered a stroke more than a decade ago, among the many things my sister and I had to deal with were his finances while he was in hospital. (more on family finances...)

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Flummoxed by financial jargon? Send us your examples

by , Researcher/Writer Money 7 January 2015
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Screen full of web code

Financial jargon – the flummery surrounding such products as bank accounts, insurance products and investments – is often unnecessary, and can be costly. (more on financial jargon)

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Computer says no to owning your own home

by , Which? Mortgage Advisors Money 5 January 2015
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Fingers on sketch of home

They say that an Englishman’s home is his castle, but with mortgage lending hitting a 14 month low in September 2014, are we seeing a shift that means owning a home is fast becoming a pipe dream? (more on mortgage lending)

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Scam watch: PPI refund scam

by , Online Writer Money 4 January 2015
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A cold-calling scam that involves you buying Ukash vouchers is catching people unawares. Here's how one Which? member was unfortunately caught out. (more about PPI refund scam...)

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A national savings strategy is needed in 2015

by , Campaigns Officer Money 27 December 2014
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Piggy bank on wall outside house

With a new year approaching, are you beginning to think about how you can boost your savings? We’re calling on the Government to help consumers save more in 2015. (more on savings strategy)

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