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Scam watch: look out for hoax callers

by , Online Writer Money 17 April 2014
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Scam watch

Fraudsters can be pushy, use scare tactics and urge you to take action before you have the chance to think. That’s what happened to Which? member Sandra Truran when she was targeted by a hoax caller. (more about scams...)

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How will inheritance tax affect you?

by , Senior Money Researcher Money 16 April 2014
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Hands and house

Traditionally the preserve of the very wealthy, inheritance tax (IHT) looks likely to catch far more of us in the next few years - as the threshold remains frozen at £325,000 and house prices continue to rise. (more about inheritance tax...)

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Why competition in the current account market needs urgent attention

by , Executive Director Money 15 April 2014
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Bank card being cut with scissors

Today we call on the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) to refer the current account market for a full competition inquiry. The unhealthy dominance of the biggest banks needs to end. (more about banking...)

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FCA: Why we want the cost of calls to financial firms cut

by , Chief Executive of the FCA Money 15 April 2014
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Person making phone call

In a win for our Costly Calls campaign, the FCA has asked financial firms to offer basic rate phone lines for their customers. Here’s Martin Wheatley of the FCA sharing the announcement with you all. (more about costly calls...)

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Should we have to haggle to get the best price?

by , Online Writer Money 10 April 2014
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Men shaking hands in shop, black and white photo

Six out of seven customers who haggle on their mobile contract get a better deal. And you can knock almost £200 off your summer holiday by negotiating with a travel agent. But should we have to turn to haggling? (more about haggling...)

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Have you been caught out by your credit card?

by , Money Researcher Money 9 April 2014
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Figure leaning on credit card

With some 56 million credit cards in issue in the UK – that’s 70% of all European credit cards - it’s fair to say we Brits are pretty attached to our plastic. But is the industry serving us as well as it should be? (more about credit cards...)

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Richard’s speech to bankers & regulators on banking reform

by , Executive Director Money 4 April 2014
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A build your own bank kit

Our executive director Richard Lloyd recently spoke at the Westminster Business Forum on the ‘Next steps for banking reform’ to regulators, MPs and banks. Here is an extract from the speech he gave. (more about banking...)

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Simpler savings are just the first step

by , Money Researcher Money 31 March 2014
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Saving money in jam jars

‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’, wrote Leonardo da Vinci. The growing trend for more straightforward savings is encouraging, but there’s still plenty of room for improvement in the market. (more about simpler savings...)

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The year of peer-to-peer finance

by , Money Researcher Money 28 March 2014
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Peer to Peer lending advert

Last year, peer-to-peer websites lent out more than twice as much money as they did in 2012. In fact, this alternative to borrowing and saving with a bank recently became a £1bn industry. (more about peer-to-peer finance...)

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Looking back in anger? Tell us your greatest financial regrets

by , Money 26 March 2014
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Man with ponytail

There are very few of us who wouldn’t do things differently if we could go back in time - the ponytail of 2007 is one of mine. But it’s  financial regrets – that missed opportunity or bad decision - that can linger over time. (more about financial regrets...)

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Your view: the highs and lows of the 2014 Budget

by , Conversation Editor Money 23 March 2014
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Comment bubbles

After Gareth highlighted some of the key announcements from this year’s Budget, many of you took the time to tell us how you feel it affects your finances. Here are your best bits. (more about the your Budget best bits...)

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How does the Chancellor’s 2014 Budget affect you?

by , Deputy Money Editor Money 21 March 2014
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Budget bag

Did you tune in to the Chancellor’s Budget announcements? How was it for you – do any of the proposed changes have an impact on you and your finances? Here’s our digest… (more about the Chancellor's Budget...)

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What’s the best way to contact your bank?

by , Senior Money Researcher Money 19 March 2014
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Woman using cheque book in bank

Banks are increasingly turning to technology as the way to meet our banking needs - and it seems most of you are happy with this. How do you prefer to contact your bank? (more about contacting your bank...)

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