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Easing the savings trap

by , Campaign Manager Money 23 July 2015
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Proposals announced today would force firms to give clearer information to savers about the interest rates on their cash savings accounts and when they change - including the end of bonus rates. (more about the savings trap ...)

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Have we fallen out of love with the big weekly shop?

by , Conversation Editor Money 21 July 2015
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Fruit on shop shelf with no prices

The big weekly shop. For many of us Saturday mornings used to mean a family trip to an out-of-town superstore where we squabbled over what to eat that week – before carting home an improbable amount of food. (more about the big weekly shop ...)

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Do cashless payments really make your life easier?

by , Deputy Home and Garden Editor Money 14 July 2015
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Whether you’re catching the bus, parking your car – or paying for your child’s school dinners - you're now often told you can't use cash. Cashless payments are supposed to make life easier, but do they? (more about cashless payments ...)

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Have you helped your child or grandchild through university?

by , Conversation Editor Money 11 July 2015
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university hats

There are reasons to regret growing up in the 1980s - bad clothes, big hair, Spandau Ballet. But despite the bad family photos and music I'm glad I grew up when I did - because I had a grant to go to university. (more about university grants ...)

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Have the pension changes in the Budget helped you?

by , Campaign Manager Money 10 July 2015
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Is your nest egg well enough protected?

This week’s Budget revealed the latest of the big changes we’ve seen to the pension system in recent years - and we can expect more to come. But how have the reforms affected you? (more on pension changes ...)

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What does the Summer Budget mean for you?

by , Campaign Manager Money 8 July 2015
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Budget bag

This afternoon, the Chancellor delivered his second Budget speech of 2015 – and the first of a wholly Conservative government for nearly 20 years. So what is in it and how will it affect you? (more about summer budget 2015 ...)

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Is it time to ditch your traditional savings account?

by , Money Editor Money 30 June 2015
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coins in glass jar

Interest rates on traditional savings accounts are now so poor that many of us are deciding to choose alternative homes for our money. But is it really time to turn our back on them altogether? (more about savings accounts ...)

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Travel money myths and why I miss travellers’ cheques

by , Conversation Editor Money 27 June 2015
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Getting travel money used to be simple. When I first went abroad to Greece 20 years ago I brought travellers’ cheques - like everyone else seemed to do at the time. (more about travel money ...)

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Should you be nudged away from making financial mistakes?

by , Stirling Behavioural Science Centre Money 26 June 2015
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A man looking very confused

Is it right to shape people’s behaviour to help them make better financial decisions? In this guest post, Professor Liam Delaney explores the pros and cons of ‘Nudge’… (more about 'nudge'...)

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Is your bank now putting customers before sales?

by , Senior money researcher Money 25 June 2015
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Bank sign with a crack in it

The idea of banks putting customers first may make you laugh. Especially if yours still tries to persuade you to take out a packaged current account with benefits you don't need. Or when you think about the PPI saga. (more about banks ...)

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Have you had problems with an online order?

by , Digital Producer Money 20 June 2015
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Computer mouse lead in shape of shopping trolley

Do you know your rights when you want to return goods that you bought online? And just as importantly, can you rely on retailers to give you the information you need? (more about online orders ...)

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Are your bills higher because of how you choose to pay?

by , Online Writer Money 19 June 2015
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pay bills online

There's no pleasant way to pay the bills, but being charged extra for how you choose to pay is rubbing salt in the wound. Did you know that not paying by direct debit and getting paper bills could cost you £243 a year? (more about costs for paying your bills ...)

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Is it unBritish to haggle – or the only way to get a fair price?

by , Technology Researcher Money 13 June 2015
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When I asked Which? readers for their haggling stories, many told me of savings they'd made using just a phone call and a dash of charm. But not everyone liked the idea - one even claimed haggling was 'unBritish'. (more about haggling ...)

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What would make you switch current account?

by , Conversation Editor Money 10 June 2015
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What would make you switch banks? It’s a question I’ve thought about for months as my bank has done one thing after another that has niggled me. But this month, I’ve finally taken the plunge. (more about switching bank account ...)

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