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Scam watch: dodgy cold caller offers

by , Online Writer Money 19 July 2014
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No matter how convincing they sound, never give your card details to someone who’s called you out of the blue. That’s what Which? member Dev found out… (read more about cold callers...)

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Does loyalty pay?

by , Money Researcher Money 13 July 2014
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Dog looking loyal

Many of the best relationships in life are based on loyalty. And it’s not just with our personal relationships; lots of us are loyal to brands as well. But does loyalty really pay? (more about loyalty...)

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Hit by a change to your mortgage terms? Have your say today

by , Lawyer Money 9 July 2014
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Interest only mortgages

Hidden in the small print of your mortgage contract could be a clause that gives your lender the right to change certain aspects of your loan, including how much interest you pay. Do you think that’s fair? (more about mortgage terms...)

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Would you like a financial MOT?

by , Money 3 July 2014
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Stethoscope on credit card

Lucy Malenczuk, policy adviser at Age UK, asks how we should keep our finances in check as approach retirement. In this guest post, Age UK explore the findings of their retirement research... (more about financial MOTs...)

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Are you due Card Protection Plan (CPP) compensation?

by , Consumer Rights Producer Money 1 July 2014
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Credit card chip

Sometimes going after compensation can seem tedious. You may question how long it will take or what you will have to prove. But it’s always worth giving it a shot – as my tale of CPP compensation goes… (more about CPP compensation...)

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When the next best bank account comes along, I’ll be off!

by , Assistant Travel Editor Money 30 June 2014
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Changing bank accounts doesn’t come naturally to me – I’ve only done it twice in 25 years. But I’m now prepared to move banks 20 times in the next 20 years if I see the need. (more about switching banks...)

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Is studying abroad cheaper than studying in the UK?

by , Guest Author Money 29 June 2014
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Map of Europe

With tuition fees in the Netherlands just 17% of the cost of studying in the UK, trading Fish & Chips for Edam sounds appealing. But as I found out, tuition fees aren't the only costs students face... (more about studying abroad...)

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Scam watch: beware of ‘free’ pension reviews

by , Online Writer Money 26 June 2014
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phonetrap with scamwatch logo

The Financial Conduct Authority is warning of a new wave of pension scams. We speak to Tracey McDermott, Director of Enforcement and Financial Crime at the FCA for for details on this scam... (more about pension scams...)

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Are we ready for a cashless society?

by , Money 24 June 2014
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Money on chess board

The use of cash to pay for goods and services is falling rapidly in the UK as we dig out the plastic to make purchases. Are you ready to live in a world where cash is no longer king? (more on a cashless society...)

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Are credit interest current accounts the best way to save?

by , Senior Business Researcher Money 20 June 2014
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Tesco clubcard

Tesco Bank is the latest to enter the current account market with an account that pays up to 3% interest. So how straight forward is it to make the most of the headline rates of a credit interest current account? (more Tesco current account...)

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RBS: ‘Determined to earn back your trust’

by , RBS chief executive Money 19 June 2014
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RBS sign

RBS reversed its decision to restrict basic bank account customers' free use of ATMs. In this guest post, chief executive Ross McEwan tells us what the bank is doing for its customers and asks for your feedback... (more about earning your trust...)

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Can multi-car insurance really save you money?

by , Senior Money Researcher Money 17 June 2014
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Car insurance claim

We’ve all seen those TV ads about multi-car insurance - they claim to save you money on your car insurance if you have more than one car. But do they? (more about multi-car insurance...)

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How proactive must we be to manage our pension pots?

by , Principal Money Researcher Money 11 June 2014
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Golden eggs

It’s been a momentous couple of months for pensions. The goal posts been moved, the sport has changed and the shape of the ball has been switched. Are we ready to be more ‘hands on’ with our pensions? (more about pension choices...)

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