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Your view: banking investigation attracts 400+ comments

by , Conversation Editor Money 15 November 2014
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Speech bubbles with money symbols

Our recent discussion about the investigation into the 'Big Four' banks prompted a plentiful debate. In fact you’ve shared so many great comments, we’re still working our way through them. (more on our banking debate...)

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Did you face any unexpected hitches when buying your home?

by , Online Writer Money 11 November 2014
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Model house with words 'help me'

It’s no secret that moving house is a stressful process, but I’d bet the sheer amount of things that could go wrong when buying a home could still come as a surprise to first-time buyers. (more about buying a house...)

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Thrifty or tight – where do you draw the line?

by , Online Writer Money 9 November 2014
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Saving money in jam jars

If you're looking to cut back, you'll be pleased to hear that we've launched a new Money Savings Tips hub. But is cutting back worth the effort? Which? Conversationalists seem divided. (more on sharing economies...)

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Will a banking investigation prove crunch time for the banks?

by , Senior Policy Adviser Money 6 November 2014
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Banking London

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is launching an investigation into the competitiveness of the personal current accounts market. So what’s the shake up about? (more about the banking investigation...)

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Have you been stung by fees when arranging a mortgage?

by , Conversation Editor Money 3 November 2014
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Toy house on coins

Our new research shows that mortgage arrangement fees have almost doubled in five years, from £878 in 2009 to £1,588 in 2014. Have you been stung by fees and charges when moving house or remortgaging? (more about mortgage fees...)

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Spending Scottish & Northern Irish notes in England & Wales

by , Conversation Editor Money 30 October 2014
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Can you legally spend Scottish and Northern Irish banknotes in England and Wales? Find out why a technicality has been causing some confusion... (more about legal tender...)

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Would you share or swap your car, house or power tools?

by , Love Home Swap CEO Money 30 October 2014
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Share on cork board

From carpooling to house swapping, the Sharing Economy empowers you to hire out everything from power drills to spare rooms. Debbie wants your views to feed into her review of the Sharing Economy. (more about the Sharing Economy...)

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Ros Altmann: why you should control your pension fund

by , Pensions Expert Money 29 October 2014
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Gold piggy bank

In recent months we’ve discussed what the pension reforms will mean for you when it comes to retirement. In this guest post, pension expert Dr Ros Altmann calls on the pensions industry to give savers their freedom... (more on your pension fund)

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Scam watch: ‘financial services’ cold callers

by , Online Writer Money 28 October 2014
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Ever had a call from a scammer posing as a financial services provider? They’re persistent and plausible, but beware of divulging any personal details to these cold callers. (more about 'financial services' scam...)

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How well do you know your pension schemes?

by , Head of Economic Analysis Money 23 October 2014
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retirement pot

I gave evidence in front of the Pension Schemes Bill Committee today, tackling one of the proposed new pieces of legislation to implement the pension reforms announced back in the Budget. (more about pension schemes...)

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How much should you be paying into your pension?

by , Principal Money Researcher Money 16 October 2014
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Treasure chest against blue background

There’s been a lot of noise about pensions this year. We’re all getting more freedom in how we spend our pension pot when we come to retire. But are we saving enough? (more about saving for a pension...)

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BBA: what’s the worst example of fraud you’ve seen?

by , CEO of BBA Money 14 October 2014
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Know fraud, no fraud logo

The banks have launched a campaign to help you fight against fraud. Here’s Anthony Browne, chief exec of the British Bankers Association (BBA), to share the eight things banks would never say or do. (more about fraud...)

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Does your bank alert you to fraudulent activity on your card?

by , Money Editor Money 5 October 2014
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Credit card chip

I’m always wary of answering withheld numbers. The past few years spent fighting back offers of new phone contracts and fictitious compensation claims have me hanging up when I see ‘no caller ID’. (more about card fraud...)

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Self-assessment tax returns: what are you worried about?

by , Researcher/Writer Money 2 October 2014
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Pencil rubbing out tax form

Are you planning to file a self-assessment tax return this year? If so, we want to hear from you. Don’t end up like the reader who was fined £1,600 for a late tax return, even though he didn’t owe any tax... (more about tax returns...)

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