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How well do you know your pension schemes?

by , Head of Economic Analysis Money 23 October 2014
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retirement pot

I gave evidence in front of the Pension Schemes Bill Committee today, tackling one of the proposed new pieces of legislation to implement the pension reforms announced back in the Budget. (more about pension schemes...)

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How much should you be paying into your pension?

by , Principal Money Researcher Money 16 October 2014
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Treasure chest against blue background

There’s been a lot of noise about pensions this year. We’re all getting more freedom in how we spend our pension pot when we come to retire. But are we saving enough? (more about saving for a pension...)

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BBA: what’s the worst example of fraud you’ve seen?

by , CEO of BBA Money 14 October 2014
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Know fraud, no fraud logo

The banks have launched a campaign to help you fight against fraud. Here’s Anthony Browne, chief exec of the British Bankers Association (BBA), to share the eight things banks would never say or do. (more about fraud...)

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Does your bank alert you to fraudulent activity on your card?

by , Money Editor Money 5 October 2014
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Credit card chip

I’m always wary of answering withheld numbers. The past few years spent fighting back offers of new phone contracts and fictitious compensation claims have me hanging up when I see ‘no caller ID’. (more about card fraud...)

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Self-assessment tax returns: what are you worried about?

by , Researcher/Writer Money 2 October 2014
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Pencil rubbing out tax form

Are you planning to file a self-assessment tax return this year? If so, we want to hear from you. Don’t end up like the reader who was fined £1,600 for a late tax return, even though he didn’t owe any tax... (more about tax returns...)

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Ever transferred money into the wrong account?

by , Researcher/Writer Money 24 September 2014
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Picture of a pound coin

Our survey reveals that if you enter the wrong account details when transferring money, you may not get it back. Have you accidentally transferred cash into the wrong bank account? (more about misdirected payments...)

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Car insurance: does your age really increase your risk?

by , Which? Magazine Editor Money 23 September 2014
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Premiums speedometer

In our poll, 60% of you voted that you think older drivers are penalised on the cost of their car insurance. You may be right - our research suggests certain age groups are paying substantially over the odds... (more about car insurance...)

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You need a thick skin to be an investor

by , Principal Money Researcher Money 22 September 2014
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Stocks and shares graph

While bartering for a cut-price telly or a holiday at a budget price can leave you satisfied for months or years after your negotiation, bargain hunting for shares is fraught with danger for investors. (more about investments...)

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Scam watch: the ‘PayPal’ card expiry scam

by , Online Writer Money 22 September 2014
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Email in box scam watch

Ever spotted a phishing email in your inbox? There’s a new one in town. Read why you should be wary of emails purporting to be from PayPal that ask for personal information. (more about phishing scams...)

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Through the hacker’s eyes: how to bank safely online

by , Ethical Hacker Money 15 September 2014
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Password screen

Our latest test of online banking security found many have improved since last year. That’s not to say you should rest on your laurels. Here’s Ken, one of the hackers who helped us, on how to protect yourself. (more about online security...)

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Would you make an investment if it led to social change?

by , Cabinet Office Money 13 September 2014
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Social investment

Today’s the UK’s first Social Saturday, a day to celebrate social enterprises - businesses driven by a social mission. Rob Parker at the Cabinet Office wants to know whether you’d make a social investment. (more about social investment...)

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Who owns who? And why it matters to your savings

by , Researcher/Writer Money 9 September 2014
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£85k in flowers

Why do you need to know which financial brand owns your bank? Because if you place too much of your cash in a single institution, you could lose some of it if your bank goes bust. The more you know… (more about who owns who...)

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When banking fees creep up on you…

by , Conversation Editor Money 30 August 2014
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Woman looking through blinds

For anyone who manages the household finances, you’ll understand the frustration of a bill arriving just days before the money you need to pay it with has reached your account. And then the fees start to hit. (more about banking fees...)

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Is ‘stoozing’ worth the hassle?

by , Online Writer Money 28 August 2014
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Credit cards

When you work in a team of financial experts, you tend to learn lots of clever money-making tips. My personal favourite involves storing funds from a 0% interest credit card in a high-interest account; or stoozing. (more about stoozing...)

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