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Your view: high prices stop you going to the cinema

by , Conversation Moderator Money 25 April 2015
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Bored people in a cinema

We asked you if ticket prices have affected how often you go to see films. Plenty of you said they have, hardly surprising when some cinemas charge up to £15 a ticket - and that's before popcorn and refreshments. (more about cinema prices ...)

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Are you ready for ‘smart’ ATMs?

by , Researcher/Writer Money 9 April 2015
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Talking ATM with headphone socket

Smart phones, smart meters, smart watches… what about smart ATMs? What are these new beasts of the high street, and could they come to a town near you? (more about smart ATMs...)

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How much is your broker charging?

by , Money Researcher Money 29 March 2015
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Woman holding pound sign and car

Has your car insurance premium recently gone up? If so, you might want to check what you’re paying for - Herbert Goldberg discovered that the AA had added a huge ‘brokerage charge’ to his premium… (more about broker charges...)

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Scam watch: ‘HMRC’ phishing emails

by , Online Writer Money 28 March 2015
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Email phishing scam

Have you ever received an email claiming to be from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) offering you a tax rebate? Julia did and she almost fell for it... (more about HMRC scams...)

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The last bank in the village

by , Campaign Manager Money 26 March 2015
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Miniature people on money

Much has been made of bank branch closures, with concern for people who rely on face-to-face banking. In a positive first step, the banks have signed an agreement to minimise the impact of branch closures. (more about bank branches...)

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Our verdict on the Chancellor’s 2015 Budget

by , Executive Director Money 18 March 2015
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George Osborne outside No. 11 Downing Street

George Osborne delivered his sixth Budget today, which included new measures on savings and annuities, plans for superfast broadband in rural areas and a win for our Sneaky Fees and Charges campaign… (more about the Budget...)

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Quiz: do you know your money jargon?

by , Researcher/Writer Money 8 March 2015
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Getting to grips with financial jargon is no easy task, and that's worrying when financial decisions are some of the most important we make. Test yourself in our quiz to see how much money jargon you know... (more on financial jargon...)

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Are you prepared for when a relative dies?

by , Insight Researcher Money 7 March 2015
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Flower dead

Laura was 26 when her father died unexpectedly of a heart attack. He hadn’t made a Will, but left behind properties and a number of small business interests. It fell to Laura to manage his estate... (more on dying better...)

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We’re calling for better pensions

by , Campaign Manager Money 6 March 2015
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Better Pensions

The Government’s radical pension reforms will soon come into effect and people will have more options than ever on how to use their pension pot. But will this mean everyone will get a good deal on their pension savings? (more on better pensions...)

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A Mini adventure, at maximum cost

by , Chief Executive Money 2 March 2015
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After having to repair worn out parts on a car that's only 3 years-old, it seems looking for cars that have been designed to be fixed easily is worthwile. Especially once you've counted in the cost of labour... (more about car servicing...)

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Why aren’t parents making Wills?

by , Which? Wills Paralegal Money 23 February 2015
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Writing will on a typewriter

A Will isn't only important for passing things on, it decides who looks after your children. So why do many people give little thought to making a Will and why does it appear as one of the last things on the ‘to-do list’? (more about writing a will...)

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Do you still need your local bank branch?

by , Researcher/Writer Money 11 February 2015
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Bank signs

As talks take place about how to deal with closing bank branches, it might be wise to think about how you do your banking. Will you need to adjust your banking habits? (more about branch closures...)

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Are loyalty cards worth the hassle?

by , Online Writer Money 7 February 2015
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Tesco clubcard

With some supermarkets changing the awards on their loyalty cards, are they something you'll still carry around in your wallet or are they now just not worth the effort? (more about loyalty cards...)

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The power struggle with using power of attorney

by , Elderly Care Editor Money 1 February 2015
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Struggle with power of attorney

Why is it that banks don’t always make it easy to register and then use a power of attorney, which is usually done during a time of emotional stress? What power of attorney problems have you had? (more on power of attorney...)

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