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Let down by your letting agent? You’re in luck

by , Principal Policy Adviser Energy & Home 1 October 2014
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A key with a house shaped keyring

Today brings welcome relief for many private renters and landlords, and a win for us at Which?. New laws have come into force requiring all letting agents to sign up to an ombudsman scheme. (more on new letting agent rules...)

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Beko fridge freezer fires: should there be tougher penalties?

by , Conversation Editor Energy & Home 29 September 2014
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Fridge freezer

An inquest into a fire fatality has concluded that a Beko fridge freezer was at fault. It’s now been recommended that there should be tougher penalties for manufacturers that fail to recall faulty products. (more about Beko fridge freezer fire...)

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Brief cases: the problems of renting out a property solved

by , Which? Lawyer Energy & Home 26 September 2014
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Colourful wooden houses

A tenant who demolished internal walls of the property he was renting (without his landlord’s permission) is one of the more unusual problems our property lawyers have dealt with… (more about renting problems...)

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Honey I killed the bees! Or did I…?

by , Business Researcher Energy & Home 25 September 2014
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Two bees on a honeycomb

The debate over use of neonicotinoids is still raging. The European Commission has now placed a two year ban on three chemicals which are known to harm bees. But what about those still on sale? (more about neonicotinoids ban...)

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Help to Buy is no silver bullet

by , Senior Money Researcher Energy & Home 21 September 2014
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Book with cardboard house

Around 40,000 first-time buyers now own their own home, thanks to the government’s Help to Buy scheme. But it alone isn't the answer to Britain’s housing problems. (getting on the property ladder...)

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Your view: the difficult-to-use products that grind your gears

by , Online Home Writer Energy & Home 19 September 2014
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Angry man cartoon

Back in July we asked for your comments on the products that make your blood boil. Clearly there are a lot of awkward and difficult-to-use products out there, as we were flooded with feedback. (more about difficult-to-use products...)

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Is it worth paying for boiler cover?

by , Senior Home Researcher Energy & Home 18 September 2014
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Boiler being serviced

Our annual boilers survey has revealed a surprising nugget: those who pay for boiler cover could be better off forgoing their contract and paying for repairs on an ad-hoc basis. Do you pay for boiler cover? (more about boiler cover...)

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Don’t have a nice day! Your customer service gripes

by , Researcher Energy & Home 17 September 2014
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Irritating hold music. A queue that nearly stretches out the door. Rude staff. There are so many ways to get customer service wrong. Is anyone getting it right? What’s your biggest customer service frustration? (more about phone customer service...)

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Are we paying a fair price for our energy?

by , Campaigns Manager Energy & Home 12 September 2014
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Fair energy illustration

Has autumn's arrival prompted you to think about your energy bills? At Which?, we're renewing our efforts to tackle the UK's energy issues and have launched a new campaign to get you a fair price for energy. (more on fair energy pricing...)

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Is your cash held in a closed energy account?

by , Conversation Editor Energy & Home 11 September 2014
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Pound coin on gas hob

The Big Six energy suppliers have taken up Ofgem’s challenge to refund their customers more than £153m held in closed accounts. Are you owed money by an energy supplier? (more about energy cash...)

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Dementia: are carers getting the support they need?

by , Elderly Care Editor Energy & Home 10 September 2014
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Older person's hands being held

I recently visited a family friend, who was diagnosed with vascular dementia a year ago. I had heard that he was a greatly diminished person, so I was almost prepared for the man who greeted me. (more about living with dementia...)

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Product flaws: plastic parts, spares and charging cables

by , Conversation Editor Energy & Home 5 September 2014
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A broken red apple

Our 'top five product flaws' debate inspired loads of you to share your own product flaws. From delicate USB charging cables to rubbish plastic parts that are expensive to replace - what flaws drive you spare? (more about product flaws...)

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Are lessons being learned from previous food scares?

by , Chief Policy Adviser Energy & Home 31 August 2014
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Mornging newspaper illustation

In recent weeks we’ve heard news of a national salmonella outbreak, an investigation exposing unacceptably high levels of campylobacter in chicken and, most recently, news of a strike by meat inspectors. (more on food scares...)

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