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Why are letting agent fees so high?

by , Consumer Rights Producer Consumer Rights 28 June 2015
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Moving house can be expensive. And for those of us who rent, one of the most significant and annoying costs can be the fees charged by letting agents. It's even more annoying when it's hard to find what these are. (more about letting agent fees ...)

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Brief cases: travel firm ruins special family holiday

by , Which? Lawyer Consumer Rights 22 June 2015
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flights with suitcases

Imagine the frustration of a special family holiday being cancelled at the last minute. When this happened to Valerie she was able to get back not only the cost of the holiday but - with our help - £3,000 compensation. (more about holiday compensation ...)

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Struggling to find an NHS dentist?

by , Campaigns Officer Consumer Rights 16 June 2015
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How easy is it to find out which NHS dentist in your area can give you an appointment? We've found that getting accurate information can be a real struggle. (more about NHS dentists ...)

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Scam watch: fraudsters pose as police and bank staff

by , Online Writer Consumer Rights 15 June 2015
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fraud picture

If you were called by the police and told that your current account had been targeted by fraudsters you would naturally take it seriously. But when this happened to a reader it proved to be a scam. (more about bank fraud ...)

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How does new Ofcom boss say she’ll improve services for you?

by , Senior Campaigner Consumer Rights 11 June 2015
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Ofcom choose this

Today we hosted the first public speech by Ofcom’s new Chief Executive Sharon White as she set out how she plans to make it easier for you to switch to a better deal and get the services you’ve been promised. (more about Ofcom's plans ...)

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Your view: supermarket self-service checkouts

by , Conversation Moderator Consumer Rights 7 June 2015
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Woman using calculator in supermarket

Supermarket self-service checkouts - love ‘em or hate ‘em it’s clear many of you have strong views. More than 100 of you have so far commented on our Convo on the subject and more than 1,100 have voted in our poll. (more about self-service checkouts ...)

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Can you trust online allergy tests?

by , Sense About Science Consumer Rights 4 June 2015
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Allergy test

Have you ever had an allergic reaction? Did you take a test to confirm whether you actually have an allergy? Here’s Victoria from Sense About Science on why you need to think twice before buying online allergy tests. (more about allergy tests...)

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The Bills we want MPs to choose

by , Parliamentary Manager Consumer Rights 3 June 2015
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Parliament at sunset

Tomorrow we pay our annual visit to Parliament to lobby MPs to pick one of our suggested backbench Bills. Why? Because there’s a ballot to choose 20 MPs who'll be given priority to present a Private Member’s Bill. (more about the Bills we want to see ...)

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Your view: music in restaurants

by , Conversation Editor Consumer Rights 30 May 2015
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Food and record

Music in shops is a pet hate for many Which? Convo readers – judging by the vast majority of the 1,500 comments we've had on the subject. But what about music in restaurants? (more on music in restaurants...)

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Scam watch: computer scammers scared me into paying £500

by , Online Writer Consumer Rights 29 May 2015
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computer fraud try

Someone calls you out of the blue claiming to be a security expert offering to fix your computer. It’s a scam preying on internet security fears – and one of you faced a particularly nasty version that cost you £500. (more about computer virus scam ...)

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Brief cases: goods bought abroad prove to be faulty

by , Which? Legal Lawyer Consumer Rights 26 May 2015
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ring main

How do you get your money back if you buy goods abroad that turn out to have a problem when you get them home? That's the problem Catherine Ward posed when she came to us for legal advice. (more about goods bought abroad ...)

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Which call centres keep you waiting longest?

by , Technology Researcher Consumer Rights 21 May 2015
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call centre 2

What’s the most annoying sound you can think of? A crying baby on a plane? A neighbour with a drill? A car alarm at 3am? For me, it’s bubbly pop music while on hold to call centres. (more about call centres ...)

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Misleading special offers still on supermarket shelves

by , Campaigns Manager Consumer Rights 20 May 2015
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Put an end to misleading pricing

It’s been nearly a month since we submitted our super-complaint on supermarket pricing, and we’re still finding more evidence of misleading pricing tactics on supermarket shelves. (more about supermarket special offers ...)

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How can we prevent mobile phone fraud?

by , Ethical Hacker Consumer Rights 19 May 2015
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Which? hired experts Pen Test Partners to test the security of the websites of the four major mobile phone providers. In this guest post Ken Munro, from the company, explains the test and what they found. (more about mobile fraud ...)

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