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Charles Campion: what bird would Tiny Tim carry home today?

by , Food Critic Consumer Rights 22 December 2014
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Christmas cuttlery

In Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, Scrooge sends Tiny Tim to carry back a prize turkey for the Cratchit family's Christmas dinner. Here's food critic Charles Campion on the meat you should serve this Christmas. (more about Christmas dinner...)

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Brief cases: big bill after roof ‘repairs’

by , Which? Legal Lawyer Consumer Rights 22 December 2014
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man on roof in silhouette

Which? Legal members came to us for help when they were told their roof was in danger of collapsing. As they paid on credit card we advised them to use their rights under the Consumer Credit Act 1974. (more about roof repairs...)

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Frances Quinn: make the most of leftover Christmas pudding

by , Baker Consumer Rights 19 December 2014
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Christmas pudding

Frances Quinn, winner of the Great British Bake-Off 2013, helped us pick this year's best Christmas puddings. But what to do if you and your family can't eat it all? Here are Frances' top Christmas pudding recipes. (more about Christmas puddings...)

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Undercover investigation: faulty advice on faulty goods

by , Senior Researcher Consumer Rights 16 December 2014
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Cartoon of shop floor

Black Friday saw millions head to high street and online retailers to top up their Christmas gifts. Shop floor staff certainly know how to sell, but do they know your rights when it comes to returning faulty goods? (more about faulty goods...)

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Which? win: a new food watchdog for Scotland

by , Principal Advocate Scotland Consumer Rights 14 December 2014
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Scottish flag with cooking equipment

This week Which?'s campaigns work in Scotland resulted in stronger consumer protection in the food chain, as a new Bill ushered in a tougher independent agency called Food Standards Scotland (FSS). (more on Scottish food standards...)

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How do you deal with your food allergies when eating out?

by , Food Standards Agency Consumer Rights 12 December 2014
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If you've a food allergy or intolerance eating out is often difficult. In this guest post from the Food Standards Agency, we find out how the times are changing with the introduction of new allergen rules. (more on food allergies...)

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Watch out for phone scammers as ‘vishing’ soars

by , FFA UK Consumer Rights 9 December 2014
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Red phone

More than half of Brits have been hit by phone scams in the last year. Do you know how to spot a cold call scam? Here’s Craig of Financial Fraud Action UK on the growth of phone scams and how to avoid them. (more about phone scams...)

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Ed Vaizey: what the Government’s doing about cold calls

by , Communications Minister Consumer Rights 8 December 2014
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Stop button on nuisance calls phone

The Nuisance Calls Task Force today set out recommendations to tackle unwanted calls and texts. Here’s Communications Minister Ed Vaizey on how the Government will make it easier to take on cold calls. (more about cold calls...)

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Why I’m hoping for fewer cards this Christmas

by , Chief Executive Consumer Rights 27 November 2014
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Christmas card saying 'bah humbug'

This December, I will be measuring success by the number of Christmas cards I receive. A dearth of cards tells me that Which? has had a good year for challenging the status quo. (more about Which?...)

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More should be done to stop Campylobacter

by , Campaigns Officer Consumer Rights 19 November 2014
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Chicken and Campylobacter

Food experts say that freezing chicken could reduce the risks of the potentially lethal Campylobacter bug – but shouldn't the responsibility start with the poultry producers and supermarkets? (more about Campylobacter...)

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Your dodgy delivery stories keep on delivering

by , Conversation Editor Consumer Rights 16 November 2014
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Delivery Watch

It’s been a few weeks since we launched our Dodgy Deliveries campaign and you’ve been busy sharing your stories. Can you top a wedding dress in a compost bin, or a suit in a rabbit hutch? (more about dodgy deliveries...)

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What bugs you about supermarket packaging?

by , Senior Home Researcher Consumer Rights 14 November 2014
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Sneaky packaging can tempt you into buying products you wouldn't have otherwise picked up, while masking information that may make you think twice. Which packaging tactics leave you ticked off? (more about supermarket packaging...)

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Can good neighbours stop rogue traders?

by , Conversation Editor Consumer Rights 13 November 2014
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With rogue traders around, being a nosy neighbour isn't always a bad thing. Rogue traders are a growing concern for many of us and one we need to take on together. (more about doorstop sellers...)

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Dr David Grimes: challenge claims and stand up for science

by , Scientist Consumer Rights 12 November 2014
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Dr David Robert Grimes is this year’s winner of the John Maddox Prize for standing up for science. In this guest post, he argues that it’s important for us all to challenge extraordinary claims. (more about science...)

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