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Fast food foes: how healthy is your sandwich or salad?

by , Senior Food Researcher Consumer Rights 17 April 2015
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Is your supermarket salad as good for you as you think? Our research has found sandwiches and salads that have more calories and fat than a Big Mac or pizza… (more about fast food foes...)

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Is the person cutting your hair qualified?

by , Hair Council CEO Consumer Rights 12 April 2015
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Hair cut

Every day thousands of us have our hair cut by a hairdresser or barber. But have you ever asked whether they have the professional qualifications to do so? Sally from the Hair Council argues there needs to be regulation. (more on hairdressers...)

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Do you report nuisance texts using SPAM?

by , Consumer Rights Producer Consumer Rights 8 April 2015
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Do you receive a lot of spam text messages asking you to claim for an accident you’ve never had? Or an SMS to reclaim the PPI money you’ve already reclaimed for free and have since spent on a break in Alicante? (more about spam texts...)

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Making ‘dodgy deliveries’ a thing of the past

by , CEO of DPD Consumer Rights 7 April 2015
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Computer mouse on delivery boxes

With 19,000 supporters for our Dodgy Deliveries campaign, it’s clear people want to see an end to late, missing or damaged deliveries. Here’s DPD on how technology is helping them meet your expectations. (more about DPD...)

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Watch out for scam calls about your pension

by , ICO's Head of Enforcement Consumer Rights 6 April 2015
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Older person on phone

From today, it's a lot easier for the ICO to fine nuisance calling companies. This is especially good news considering the predicted influx of calls about pensions. Here’s the ICO on why you must report these calls. (more about pensions nuisance calls...)

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The tale of an unexpected bucket of moss

by , Consumer Rights Producer Consumer Rights 3 April 2015
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The Iris's eventually flowered

The clocks have changed, the first daffodils are flowering and you can still gorge on hot cross buns. What better time to buy flowers for someone you love? But what if the flowers you ordered online weren’t even in bud? (more about buying flowers online...)

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The biggest shake up of consumer law in a generation

by , Consumer Affairs Minister Consumer Rights 26 March 2015
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Man playing video game

Today the Consumer Rights Act was given Royal Assent in Parliament. Here’s Consumer Affairs Minister Jo Swinson on why it will help empower you when things go wrong with products, services and digital content. (more about the Consumer Rights Act...)

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Brief cases: gym user fights unfair contract

by , Which? Legal Lawyer Consumer Rights 24 March 2015
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Pushing weights at the gym

Many gym goers have endured higher fees, difficulty cancelling a contract and favourite facilities being unavailable. But while some might just shrug and accept this, Linda was determined to act… (more about gym contracts...)

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My day as a food hygiene inspector

by , Campaigns Officer Consumer Rights 21 March 2015
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Mouse eating bread on a plate

Inspections by Environmental Health officers ensure food businesses are complying with food law. But what actually happens on an inspection? I went undercover to get the inside scoop. (more about food inspections...)

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Are businesses listening to the voice of disabled consumers?

by , Extra Costs Commission Consumer Rights 18 March 2015
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In this guest post Robin Hindle Fisher, chair of an independent inquiry into the extra costs faced by disabled people, tells us why more businesses need to appreciate the ‘purple pound’. (more about the voice of disabled consumers...)

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‘I’m 6 years old and I’ve invented bretchup’

by , Inventor Consumer Rights 17 March 2015
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Bacon sarnie

Sometimes some of us are hit with moments of inspiration. Harry, 6 and a half years old, has had one such moment early in his life. Here’s Harry himself sharing how he created a new sauce for your bacon sarnie. (more about bretchup...)

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We’re in a global diet-related health crisis

by , CI's Director General Consumer Rights 15 March 2015
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Frying pan with world map

It’s World Consumer Rights Day and Consumers International is calling on governments to support a global convention to fight diet-related ill health. Here’s Amanda Long on why this is a global crisis. (more about healthy eating...)

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We’ve sent your public service complaints to political parties

by , Campaigns Manager Consumer Rights 14 March 2015
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Make complaints count illustration

One year ago, following on from concerns raised by our supporters and readers, we launched our campaign to Make Complaints Count in public services. Now we're sending our report to the political parties. (more about public service complaints)

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The CMA: universities must be compliant with consumer law

by , CMA’s Enforcement Directorate Consumer Rights 13 March 2015
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A student reading in a library

Last month Which? raised concerns that universities grant themselves wide discretion to make course changes. Here’s the CMA on why they have issued advice to help universities comply with consumer law. (more about the CMA's action on universities...)

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