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Ebay changes its protection policy – will you be out of pocket?

by , Consumer Rights Producer Consumer Rights 23 August 2014
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Ebay logo

You may have heard that Ebay is celebrating its 15th birthday this week, but did you know about the changes to its dispute resolution policy, including reducing the amount of time you have to report problems? (more about new Ebay rules...)

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‘Hurry, deals must end soon!’ We’ve heard it all before

by , Senior Home Researcher Consumer Rights 20 August 2014
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Man running with clock

Online shops – like any shops – employ a range of tricks and tactics to get you to spend more. One of these tactics is using ‘time limited’ offers – but are the deadlines they give always honest? (more about online tricks...)

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Laser eye surgery: what do you see?

by , Senior Health Researcher Consumer Rights 18 August 2014
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Laser eye

You’ll see lots of advertising for laser eye surgery, but what should you know before you decide to go through with it? Our latest undercover investigation finds laser eye clinics failing to clearly explain the risks. (more about laser surgery...)

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Ever been sent dodgy electricals by an online shop?

by , Consumer Rights 15 August 2014
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Plugs ordered from Amazon Marketplace

Ever ordered electricals from an online shop only for a different product to arrive? Which? Convo community regular Socketman collaborates with Wavechange and Scott on this counterfeit electricals debate. (more about electricals...)

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The oddest place you’ve found a delivery

by , Conversation Editor Consumer Rights 12 August 2014
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Benjamin Ward myHermes parcel note

A delivery being left outside without your consent is bad enough, but what about when your parcel is left in your recycling bin or thrown over the fence? Or even worse, thrown on to your roof? (more about deliveries...)

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It’s your prerogative to complain if things go wrong

by , Conversation Editor Consumer Rights 11 August 2014
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Jakwob in the studio

It’s been a busy day at Which? HQ as we counted towards the 50,000th signature on our Make Complaints Count campaign. With this last signature, we unmuted a track to encourage others to find their voice… (more on getting your voice heard..)

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Brief cases: can I make a claim after all this time?

by , Which? Lawyer Consumer Rights 3 August 2014
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Clock works

Even when you’ve had years of use from a product you might still be able to get a refund if it goes wrong. That’s exactly what Which? Legal helped Peter achieve after his shower broke three years later. (more about claims...)

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Companies ring the changes, but not all of them are in tune

by , Campaign Manager Consumer Rights 1 August 2014
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Costly calls campaign image

It’s seven weeks since the new law banning companies from using pricey phone numbers came into force. By and large it shouldn’t cost more than the basic rate to call customer services, but not all firms got the message. (more about costly calls)

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Trading Standards: beware new copycat website tricks

by , National eCrime Co-ordinator Consumer Rights 30 July 2014
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The owl and the copycat

A lot of action has been taken against copycat websites that mimic official government services. But they’re not giving up that easy. Here’s Mike Andrews of National Trading Standards on the latest copycat tricks. (more about copycat websites...)

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Do you splash the cash on so-called ‘superfoods’?

by , Senior Food Researcher Consumer Rights 21 July 2014
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I regularly read news stories about the next superfood that will change my life, but are they really worth splashing out on? Find out how much you could save by swapping pricey superfoods for cheaper alternatives. (read more about cheaper superfoods...)

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Your view: letting go of hold music

by , Conversation Editor Consumer Rights 18 July 2014
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Phone and radio

In Lisa Barber’s discussion about background music on shops (more on that soon), the conversation turned to hold music. I decided not to accuse commenters of going off topic, as hold music also gets my goat. (your view on hold music...)

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Time’s up: ticket companies fail to justify excessive fees

by , Campaigns Officer Consumer Rights 17 July 2014
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Ticket fees

On 16 June we told ticketing companies they had one final month to respond to our concerns about high compulsory fees. The deadline’s up and the biggest companies have failed to respond… (more about ticket fees...)

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UNMUTEUK: Bloggers speak out on childcare and education

by , Conversation Editor Consumer Rights 16 July 2014
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Supporter with the UNMUTEUK hashtag over their mouth

You'll be familiar with our Make Complaints Count campaign – our call to ensure public services act on your feedback. And we've got the backing of a number of bloggers who have shared their experiences too… (more about UnmuteUK...)

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