What’s the best way to buy a car?

A lot of parked cars

From cash to contract hire, there’s more than one way to buy a new car. Some methods even give you the chance to have a new car every few years, but which option is right for you?


How we test winter tyres

How Which? tests winter tyres

The car slews violently as the tyres scrabble for traction on hard-packed snow. On the inside of the bend, the headlights reflect a wall of solid ice, the glare as white as my knuckles…


How can you cut the cost of motoring?

Model car on coins

Running a car is one of the biggest drains on a household budget, so we’ve been searching for the best cash-conserving ideas. What are your top money-saving tips for drivers?


I’m ‘keyed-off’ with mindless car vandals

Close up of broken red tail light

The Fiat 500 has the dubious honour of being Britain’s most vandalised car, according to an insurance company survey. If even this relatively cheap Fiat is targeted, are any of our cars safe from key-wielding vandals?


Can breakdown services cope with modern cars?

Man pushing car

Although car reliability is better than ever, when modern motors do break down, their electrical complexity seems to be stumping breakdown services. So, can your car be fixed by the side of the road?