Is 500MB enough mobile data for 4G?

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When new technology comes out, you know you’re going to end up paying over-the-odds. And now 4G (the new faster mobile internet) has finally arrived in the UK, it’s no exception.


I charge you with overusing your battery

iPad battery icon

The words ‘battery life’ are usually followed by a groan as people become more and more annoyed by their gadgets grinding to a halt, but I think we’re being too harsh on our tech.


I’m giving football phone facts the red card

Google on smartphone

UEFA Euro 2012 is well under way, and with it comes the fanatics who like to spout their football knowledge. But now that you can get all the facts from your smartphone, is our enjoyment of live events being stifled?


Buggy smartphones are stinging early adopters

Sick smartphone

It’s been an exciting few months in the world of smartphones. There’s the iPhone 4S, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the first Nokia Windows Phone, the Lumia 800. What do all these launches have in common? Bugs.


The new iPhone 5 – will you buy it ‘blindly’?

iPhone 5 logo

Our survey found one in five iPhone users intend to buy the iPhone 5 – even though they haven’t seen it yet. Is this blind devotion wise? Or are we being brainwashed by brilliant marketing and Apple’s ‘cool’ factor?