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Tim joined Which? Mobile after writing for What Mobile and Mobile News, he has been fascinated with technology ever since his first job writing for The Engineer. He believes he spends far too much time thinking about mobile phones, but admits he is still stubbornly and inexplicably resisting the move to a full touchscreen phone.

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Instagram wants the right to sell your photos [UPDATE]

by , Technology Researcher Technology 18 December 2012
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Instagram image

Instagram has changed its terms of service, much to the anger of its users. In the new terms the photo-sharing site has the right to licence your photos to other companies without telling you... (more about new Instagram T&Cs...)

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Upgrading to 4G could leave you confused and out of pocket

by , Technology Researcher Technology 19 November 2012
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Chalkboard with 4G phone

When I saw EE’s pricey 4G deals I wasn’t particularly surprised – new tech without competition is always expensive. But I didn’t expect other networks to promise high charges before their 4G has even launched. (more about 4G phone promises...)

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Is Comet’s liquidation sale massively disappointing?

by , Technology Researcher Technology 8 November 2012
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Comet sale saying 'massive stock liquidation'

Comet has begun its liquidation sale, offering discounts on the last of its stock as administrators try and milk as much money as they can out of the beleaguered chain. But are the deals being offered any good? (more about Comet's sale...)

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Is 500MB enough mobile data for 4G?

by , Technology Researcher Technology 23 October 2012
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Empty fuel tank gage

When new technology comes out, you know you’re going to end up paying over-the-odds. And now 4G (the new faster mobile internet) has finally arrived in the UK, it’s no exception. (more about 4G pricing...)

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I charge you with overusing your battery

by , Technology Researcher Technology 8 August 2012
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iPad battery icon

The words ‘battery life’ are usually followed by a groan as people become more and more annoyed by their gadgets grinding to a halt, but I think we’re being too harsh on our tech. (more about tablet battery life...)

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What’s the oldest piece of tech you still use?

by , Technology Researcher Technology 18 July 2012
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Old record player

Technology may move fast with shiny new versions coming out all the time, but that doesn’t mean you have to own the latest gadget to get the job done. What ancient tech do you still make use of? (more about old tech...)

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For and against YouView – will this TV catch-up box take off?

by , Technology Researcher Technology 9 July 2012
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YouView, the new on-demand set-top box that combines Freeview and catch-up TV services, hopes to capture your heart. But will it? Our tech team's Andy Vandervell and Dave Holes go head-to-head. (for and against YouView...)

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Google TV set-top box arrives – is £200 too much?

by , Technology Researcher Technology 26 June 2012
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Google TV

Google TV is making its way to Britain's goggle boxes with a Sony set-top box - but would you shell out £200 to search the internet on your big screen? (more about Google TV...)

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I’m giving football phone facts the red card

by , Technology Researcher Technology 16 June 2012
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Google on smartphone

UEFA Euro 2012 is well under way, and with it comes the fanatics who like to spout their football knowledge. But now that you can get all the facts from your smartphone, is our enjoyment of live events being stifled? (more about football phone facts...)

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Calling mobiles from landlines could now be cheaper, sooner

by , Technology Researcher Technology 17 February 2012
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Cat on mobile phone cartoon

The major mobile phone networks shot themselves in the foot this week, which is impressive considering, from where I’m standing, they don't have a leg to stand on. They inadvertently got termination rates slashed sooner. (more about termination rates...)

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The text is under threat of being deleted… for good

by , Technology Researcher Technology 11 December 2011
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Man using his mobile phone to send a text

It's estimated that 1.5 billion text messages are sent each week in Britain. But with new apps offering free instant message services and networks working on a replacement, how long can the trusty SMS survive? (more about the end of the text...)

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Buggy smartphones are stinging early adopters

by , Technology Researcher Technology 29 November 2011
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Sick smartphone

It’s been an exciting few months in the world of smartphones. There’s the iPhone 4S, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the first Nokia Windows Phone, the Lumia 800. What do all these launches have in common? Bugs. (more about buggy smartphones...)

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Against Siri: iPhone 4S’ voice control software isn’t for me

by , Technology Researcher Technology 14 October 2011
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iPhone 4S

Apple’s just lauched iPhone 4S - beautifully balanced between releasing an identical device and adding enough features to make it sound new – features a voice activated "personal assistant", called Siri. (more about voice controlled mobile phones...)

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The new iPhone 5 – will you buy it ‘blindly’?

by , Technology Researcher Technology 26 September 2011
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iPhone 5 logo

Our survey found one in five iPhone users intend to buy the iPhone 5 – even though they haven't seen it yet. Is this blind devotion wise? Or are we being brainwashed by brilliant marketing and Apple's 'cool' factor? (more about the iPhone 5 launch...)

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