Do you buy budget range food?

Food prices can

We’re planning an investigation later this year on the differences between supermarket budget, standard and premium food ranges and we want to hear your experiences. Are you buying more budget food?


What’s really in your lamb takeaway?

Food fraud

Our most recent investigation found 40% of lamb takeaways had been contaminated with other meats, with some containing no lamb at all. Shouldn’t we be able to trust the food we buy is what it says it is?


Are your cornflakes healthy?

Bowl of Cornflakes

You might not think of cornflakes as a sugary cereal, but seven of the 12 we tested contain two or more teaspoons per 100g. Do you think you’re having a healthy start to the day when you tuck in to your cereal?


How safe is your food?

A dirty plate with knife and fork

One year on from the horsemeat scandal have food standards changed? Our latest investigation reveals there’s a huge variation in standards as we highlight the best and poorest performing local authorities…