Windows 8 and its much needed apology

Windows 8 logo

An apology, at the very least – that’s what I expect from Microsoft. Because that’s what it owes its customers for the misery that was Windows 8, which will be remembered as a failure ever more.


Switching ISPs isn’t always easy

Email @ being hooked

Mark Savage tells us he rues the day he switched from Sky to BT last June, a move that started with an unusable email service and ended with threats from debt collectors.


Would you pay to rent your PC software?

Adobe Creative Cloud logo

Pity the poor software manufacturers of this world – they’re clearly scratching their heads and trying to figure out how on earth to make money these days. Do you buy software, or do you stick to the free stuff?


Why I’ve happily got my head in the cloud

Cloud with cable

I’m terrified of hard drives. Scared to death of them. They’re fragile, they’re prone to disconnecting with a knock of the USB connector, they make odd whirring noises and they’re the right size to lose with ease…