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Rory joined Which? in August 2011 as part of the digital team. He’ll be writing about the news and views that affect consumers in tech and travel. As someone who has flown with multiple chickens dancing around his feet, tangled with Belarusian bureaucracy and called both the sweaty streets of Hong Kong and windswept tundras of Warsaw home, Rory has long been on the frontline of travel journalism. He has authored and edited guidebooks with Zagat, Moon and National Geographic and contributed to a number of international newspapers and magazines. He also worked as an online digital specialist with

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Do you lose your cool when you lose signal?

by , Deputy Technology Editor Technology 5 May 2014
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Man mobile signal

You pay, they provide. That’s how I think my mobile contract works. In return for my £20 a month I get to make calls, send texts and use the net from time to time. But what about when your provider doesn’t provide? (more about mobile coverage...)

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Does it matter where your tech comes from?

by , Deputy Technology Editor Technology 10 January 2014
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Computer chip

Buried beneath the 3D printers and bendy TVs of CES, Intel announced it would no longer source the raw materials it needs to make computer chips from ‘conflict zones’. (more about 'conflict free' tech...)

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Is the Samsung Galaxy S4 suffering from memory loss?

by , Deputy Technology Editor Technology 15 May 2013
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Smartphone phone storage compared

Fancy a Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone with 16GB of storage? Then you’ll need to buy a 32GB version. Confused? I was when our tests found that the 16GB Galaxy S4 only has 8.6GB of free storage out of the box. (more about phone storage...)

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Blackberry CEO says tablets finished in five years – he’s right

by , Deputy Technology Editor Technology 3 May 2013
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The tablet has been put on death watch – or at least by Thorsten Heins, chief executive of Blackberry. Although he’s been criticised for claiming there’ll be no reason to own a tablet in five years, I think he’s right. (more about tablets...)

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EA turning off games’ online servers is turning me off EA

by , Deputy Technology Editor Consumer Rights 22 April 2013
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Game over cartoon

Electronic Arts (EA) has shut down online servers for a number of its games. But some gamers are losing more than just the chance to trade punches with opponents around the world… (more about video game servers...)

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UK vs US prices – why are we paying more for tech?

by , Deputy Technology Editor Technology 17 July 2012
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Money in hands

When our sister blog Which? Tech Daily set out to settle an argument about whether tech products in the UK really do cost more than those in the US, we weren’t surprised by the results. But why are we paying more? (more about UK vs US prices...)

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Tax loophole closed – the end of cheap DVDs?

by , Deputy Technology Editor Technology 10 November 2011
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DVD on money

If you’re used to buying cheap DVDs and CDs online, you’ll have to cough up more as the government closes a Channel Islands tax loophole. It claims to be helping small businesses, but will our wallets suffer? (more about closing the tax loophole...)

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Is Facebook leaving the door open for burglars?

by , Deputy Technology Editor Technology 9 October 2011
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Facebook through keyhole

Holiday snaps on Facebook, bragging about our shopping spree on Twitter - new research suggests most burglars monitor social media to choose their targets. Are we sharing too much information? (more about Facebook and burglars...)

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