Carmakers are rewriting the rules in two new models

Geneva Motor Show

I’ve been going to the Geneva Motor Show for the last three years; it’s our first look at some of the new models to hit UK roads. This year two cars particularly caught my attention for their untraditional approaches.


How haggling can save you £3,000 on a new car

Sue sitting on a car

‘I’m here to buy a car, not wash your windows.’ Haggling over the price of a new car can result in you saying some of the strangest things, as I learnt when I helped a Which? member buy an Audi recently.


What’s your most costly car repair bill?

Spare tyre

There’s never a good time for something to go wrong with your car, but expensive repair bills somehow crop up at times when you want them least. What’s your biggest ever repair bill?


Is buying a car just plain stressful?

Car driving fast

Buying a car is something most of us have to go through, be it purchasing the car second hand, shaking hands with a salesperson in a dealership or buying online. But does the whole process stress you out?


Don’t be hesitant about hybrid car reliability

Hybrid car logo

It’s claimed that hybrid cars are greener, more fuel efficient, viable alternatives to normal petrol and diesel cars. But are drivers right to fear potentially astronomical repair costs of battery components?


Let’s call an estate car an estate car

A blue estate car

I’ve diagnosed myself with a new car-based clinical condition and I fear there is no cure. I’ve termed it ‘estateism’, and it sends me into a rage every time I hear about another terribly named estate car.


Identikit cars: do you buy in to badge-power?

Car with badge covered

How aware are you of identikit cars and do you think they’re easy to spy? We put some Which? readers to the test in a game of spot the difference, and discovered just how much impact a badge can have on a car.