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Matt Bath is one of Which?’s key spokespeople. Technology editor at Which? for two years, he's an experienced editor who tackles virtually any consumer-related issue. Before joining Which? he was editor-in-chief at a number of national consumer magazines with an international publisher, and he launched the UK’s first internet and web design magazine in 1996. He has nearly 20 years experience as a journalist covering a wide variety of topics, across national newspaper and magazines. Bad customer service is a particular bugbear of Matt’s – he can’t understand it when, as he puts it, shops seem to go out of their way to make life difficult for their customers.

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HMV collapse – is digital killing the high street?

by , Technology Editor Technology 15 January 2013
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HMV logo with Nipper the dog

The sad news that music and video store HMV has gone into administration is a further blow to the struggling high street. With online shopping and digital music on the rise, was HMV's demise inevitable? (more about HMV collapse...)

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Has the Consumer Electronics Show lost its gadget groove?

by , Technology Editor Technology 11 January 2013
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4K TVs at CES 2013

CES - the largest, most hype-fueled consumer electronics event - has lost its way. Where once it was a Mecca of revolutionary tech products, CES 2013 seems fixated on gimmicky gadgets and out-to-lunch technology. (more about CES 2013...)

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Why buy when you can rent the latest gadgets?

by , Technology Editor Technology 23 January 2012
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Computer mouse on delivery boxes

Can’t afford the latest gadgets? Why not rent them for a monthly fee? A new US website offers a ‘try before you buy’ service for all manner of expensive electronics. Would you like to rent gadgets in the UK? (more about renting gadgets...)

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Littlewoods ad puts crass into Christmas

by , Technology Editor Technology 21 November 2011
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Children dressed up as stars in Littlewoods ad

In their attempt to convince us to shop in their stores, Littlewoods advertisers have, in my mind, created a crass Christmas campaign that champions commercialism. Doesn't anyone buy board games anymore? (more about commercialism at Christmas...)

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Apple must act now over its ‘iTunes hack’

by , Technology Editor Technology 27 July 2011
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Bitten Apples

The success of Apple’s App Store could soon hit a bump. iPhone users are allegedly in danger of a scam that’s cost them dear. The worst bit? Not only is Apple aware of this, it doesn't seem willing to take direct action. (more about iTunes complaints...)

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The Which? Tech team’s New Year resolutions

by , Technology Editor Technology 1 January 2011
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Robot next to 2011 sign

Wow, it's 2011. While you're recovering from your New Year partying excess, have you thought about any resolutions for the coming months? Which? Tech has and they're here to help make 2011 your best ever. (Which? Tech's New Year resolutions...)

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Why I’ve turned the page on ebooks

by , Technology Editor Technology 2 November 2010
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Reading an ibook in iPad

With the arrival of the iPad, Kindle and other e-readers, could we be waving goodbye to the traditional paperback? I previously dismissed ebooks, but now you can officially call me an e-reader convert. (more about the ebook cause...)

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Sony’s PlayStation motion controls fail to Move me

by , Technology Editor Technology 21 September 2010
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Man using PlayStation Move motion controllers

Sony's just launched its PS3 motion controller, the PlayStation Move, which it hopes will take a chunk out of Nintendo's casual Wii crowd. But I can't help but think we've seen it all before. (more about PlayStation Move...)

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Is Apple’s own repair service a rip-off?

by , Technology Editor Technology 17 August 2010
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A broken red apple

Apple iPod stuck on repeat? iPhone all hung up? Maybe your iPad is more a case of iWon’t? But why should we pay Apple so much for an official branded repair, when we can get the same fix for less elsewhere? (more about Apple's rip-off repairs...)

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Ebooks – no contender for the paperback

by , Technology Editor Technology 11 July 2010
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Pile of books

The final chapter for the printed book is about to be written as ebooks do to books what the CD did to the LP. Only, someone forgot to tell the humble paperback. (more about ebooks versus paperbacks...)

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Is Apple guilty of iPhoney shortages?

by , Technology Editor Technology 8 July 2010
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Apple Store

iPhone fans are still queuing around Apple stores hoping that new stock will come their way. Shame Apple isn't doing more to meet demand, but then what would fuel the hype machine? (more about iPhone shortages...)

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Why is ripping music still illegal?

by , Technology Editor Technology 2 July 2010
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Headphones around CD collection

What's so wrong about putting music you've already paid for onto your iPod? It's a law that's totally out of touch and it's about time digital music fans weren't branded as criminals. (more about ripping your music...)

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