Reduced-fat cheese – is it worth buying?

Cheese on a cheese board with a grater and napkin

It’s hard to keep track of the number one threat to our health – is it salt, is it sugar, is it saturated fat? Some manufacturers want us to feel less guilty about indulging in ‘naughty’ foods. What about reduced-fat cheese?


How hi-tech are your home appliances?


Is your washing machine a boring white box, or is it a smart, wi-fi connected model pre-loaded with apps to make cleaning your clothes as much fun as playing games on your smartphone?


Is life too short to empty the lint filter?

Tumble dryer lint

Modern appliances are designed to make our lives easier, but many come with little maintenance tasks we should carry out regularly to keep them running smoothly. Do they always make it on to your ‘to do’ list?


Are you loyal to your supermarket?

Snake with apple illustration

Many supermarkets engage in fierce battles to win customers over with the best deals. Are you loyal to your supermarket, or would you switch at the prospect of a truly tempting offer?


Can service stations be lovely again?

Motorway service station

I find myself making the oddest confessions here on Which? Convo. The news that JD Wetherspoon is planning to open a pub on the M40 inspired me to share something you may find shocking – I like service stations.