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Katie is part of the Which? Conversation team, promoting the latest campaigns and writing about the consumer issues that get on people's nerves. When she's not editing the latest conversation, she'll be making sure that Which? campaigns reach as many people as possible. With a background in tourism and online gaming, Katie uses her community management and content production skills to champion consumer issues.

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Don’t have a nice day! Your customer service gripes

by , Researcher Energy & Home 17 September 2014
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Irritating hold music. A queue that nearly stretches out the door. Rude staff. There are so many ways to get customer service wrong. Is anyone getting it right? What’s your biggest customer service frustration? (more about phone customer service...)

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Does your fridge freezer make your blood boil?

by , Researcher Energy & Home 8 June 2014
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Full fridge freezer

Do you get refrigeration rage? Or is your fridge freezer frustration-free? We’re assessing our ease-of-use testing to find out which refrigeration features are the most important for manufacturers to get right. (more on fridge freezers...)

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Reduced-fat cheese – is it worth buying?

by , Researcher Consumer Rights 20 April 2014
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Cheese on a cheese board with a grater and napkin

It’s hard to keep track of the number one threat to our health – is it salt, is it sugar, is it saturated fat? Some manufacturers want us to feel less guilty about indulging in 'naughty' foods. What about reduced-fat cheese? (more about reduced-fat cheese...)

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How hi-tech are your home appliances?

by , Researcher Energy & Home 22 February 2014
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Is your washing machine a boring white box, or is it a smart, wi-fi connected model pre-loaded with apps to make cleaning your clothes as much fun as playing games on your smartphone? (more about appliance features...)

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How do you sniff out a good laundry detergent?

by , Researcher Energy & Home 20 December 2013
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Woman smells clothes

Crystal rain, moonflower and ylang, ruby jasmine – not words that are normally associated with washing your clothes. Are you enticed by laundry detergents with fragrant-sounding names? (more about laundry detergent fragrances...)

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Is life too short to empty the lint filter?

by , Researcher Energy & Home 19 October 2013
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Tumble dryer lint

Modern appliances are designed to make our lives easier, but many come with little maintenance tasks we should carry out regularly to keep them running smoothly. Do they always make it on to your ‘to do’ list? (more about appliance maintenance...)

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Would you replace your radiators with underfloor heating?

by , Researcher Energy & Home 29 September 2013
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Underfloor heating

Autumn is upon us and it’s hard to avoid looking towards the colder months and thinking about staying warm. Is underfloor heating the key to a cosy winter? Is it worth the cost and upheaval? (more about underfloor heating...)

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Washing machines – does washing at 60 really banish bugs?

by , Researcher Energy & Home 22 August 2013
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Washing machine

More than a third of Which? members use the 60°C program on their washing machine regularly. But is 60 the magic number when it comes to keeping bacteria at bay? And do washing machines actually reach 60°C? (more about washing machines...)

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Are you loyal to your supermarket?

by , Researcher Energy & Home 8 August 2013
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Snake with apple illustration

Many supermarkets engage in fierce battles to win customers over with the best deals. Are you loyal to your supermarket, or would you switch at the prospect of a truly tempting offer? (more about supermarket loyalty)

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Your view: are parking charges killing our high streets?

by , Researcher Transport & Travel 29 June 2013
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Empty shop on high street

This week we invited Louise Ellman of the Transport Select Committee to start a discussion about parking charges in local town centres. So do they put you off shopping locally? (more of your views on parking charges...)

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The kitchen check: are you a sloppy Joe or hygiene machine?

by , Researcher Consumer Rights 12 June 2013
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A sink filled with dirty dishes

Food Safety Week is in full swing and the FSA wants us to think about our hygiene habits in the kitchen and the risks we take. Are you brave enough to take the Kitchen Check test? (more about food safety...)

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Why aren’t we all switched on to energy switching?

by , Researcher Energy & Home 7 June 2013
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A light switch on an orange wall

We've found that energy prices are the biggest worry for consumers. But if so many of us are worried about how much we’re paying for our gas and electricity, why aren't more of us switching suppliers? (more about energy switching...)

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Can service stations be lovely again?

by , Researcher Transport & Travel 4 June 2013
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Motorway service station

I find myself making the oddest confessions here on Which? Convo. The news that JD Wetherspoon is planning to open a pub on the M40 inspired me to share something you may find shocking – I like service stations. (more about service stations...)

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Mummy, please can we plant a cheese tree?

by , Researcher Consumer Rights 3 June 2013
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A pig with some pasta on a plate

New research suggests that some UK children aren’t sure where the food they eat actually comes from. When you were a child, did you think cheese came from a plant, or tomatoes grew underground? (more about food origins...)

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