Do you make do and mend?

Men knitting

Environment minister Lord de Mauley says we send too much to landfill and should make do and recycle more. What would get you to make do, mend and sell on eBay?


Has the shirt had its day?

Men's shirts - Which? magazine 1974

You might be surprised to hear that Which? used to test shirts. They were so essential that we planned user tests of ‘drip-dry shirts’ for our very first magazine. Does a crisp white shirt still have its place in the office?


Sorry, you were out and here’s the bill

Padlock with mail written on it

Sorry can be the hardest word – and it’s a damn sight harder when there’s a bill attached. I’m a bit peeved by a delivery company that only delivers while I’m at work, meaning I have to pay for to get it delivered when I’m in.


What’s the point of loyalty cards?

Boots advantage card

Loyalty cards are in the news again, this time over Boots announcing an ‘improvement’ to its over-60s reward scheme. Although Boots increased the amount of points given, it ended the scheme’s 10% discount.