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Jonathan is a Digital Producer at Which? and focuses on the Home & Garden and Energy online content. Before Which? Jonathan worked on the editorial side of several online BBC projects, including the launch of iPlayer, Growing Knowledge and comedy. His background is as a journalist and he has an interest in writing, technology and cooking.

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QWERT-Y is it so hard to get a phone with a keyboard?

by , Digital Producer Technology 7 October 2013
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Phone keyboard

I'm an anomaly. That's my opinion after trying to buy an Android phone with a solid keyboard. Going by the dearth of suitable phones, my desire to have a key to press when I type is anachronistic. But am I really alone? (more about phone keyboards...)

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Do you make do and mend?

by , Digital Producer Energy & Home 10 August 2013
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Men knitting

Environment minister Lord de Mauley says we send too much to landfill and should make do and recycle more. What would get you to make do, mend and sell on eBay? (more about make do and mend...)

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Episode 2013: the imperial system strikes back

by , Digital Producer Consumer Rights 13 January 2013
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Small boy with a measuring tape and pencil

The imperial measurement system is not just still alive – it may be staging a comeback, according to reports. Should school children be taught to use both imperial and metric measurements? (more about imperial vs metric...)

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Has the shirt had its day?

by , Digital Producer Consumer Rights 30 November 2012
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Men's shirts - Which? magazine 1974

You might be surprised to hear that Which? used to test shirts. They were so essential that we planned user tests of ‘drip-dry shirts’ for our very first magazine. Does a crisp white shirt still have its place in the office? (more about shirts...)

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Sorry, you were out and here’s the bill

by , Digital Producer Consumer Rights 29 October 2012
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Padlock with mail written on it

Sorry can be the hardest word – and it’s a damn sight harder when there’s a bill attached. I'm a bit peeved by a delivery company that only delivers while I'm at work, meaning I have to pay for to get it delivered when I'm in. (more about couriers...)

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Product placement in Bond films – the beer who loved me

by , Digital Producer Technology 6 October 2012
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Beer in James Bond bullet hole

Bond is back. For the 50 years that the spy’s been on screen he’s never been alone - Bond girls, henchmen, bad guys… and sponsors. Does product placement in films wind you up? (more about product placement...)

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Are you pro at turning the useless into the useful?

by , Digital Producer Energy & Home 31 July 2012
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Selection of tools on wooden backdrop

As someone who likes to build and tweak things, I love the idea of altering household objects to give them a new lease of life. Do you tweak things or have little cheats in the home to save the pennies and the pounds? (more on DIY diamonds...)

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Is now the time to ditch imperial and go fully metric?

by , Digital Producer Consumer Rights 22 July 2012
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In a jubilee year it seems almost treasonous to suggest it, but a pro-metric site has calculated that a ‘metric majority’ has been attained. So, with most Brits brought up metric, is now the time to ditch miles and pounds? (more on metric and imperial...)

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The rise of home baking – what’s in your oven?

by , Digital Producer Energy & Home 28 June 2012
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Cupcakes on a tablecloth

We’re spending more time and money on good food. But it’s not necessarily restaurants dishing it out as research shows the home cooking industry is booming. Are you cooking to save money or for fun? (more about the rise in baking...)

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How many train guards does it take to make a commuter laugh?

by , Digital Producer Transport & Travel 23 May 2012
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Man speaking into microphone

Train operator Chiltern Railways is hiring two comedy experts to teach its staff how to be comedians. And I can honestly say without laughing that I think it’s a good idea to bring a lighter tone to our commutes. (more about train chatter...)

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What’s the point of loyalty cards?

by , Digital Producer Money 16 April 2012
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Boots advantage card

Loyalty cards are in the news again, this time over Boots announcing an 'improvement' to its over-60s reward scheme. Although Boots increased the amount of points given, it ended the scheme’s 10% discount. (more about loyalty cards...)

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Hosepipe bans – are you sceptical or will you do your bit?

by , Digital Producer Energy & Home 2 April 2012
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Hosepipe knot

Hosepipe bans are on the way for much of the country this week, but will this really affect your day to day water usage? And what does it mean for the UK in the long term? (more about the hosepipe ban...)

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Cost of a suit – what’s changed since the Mad Men era?

by , Digital Producer Money 25 March 2012
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Men's suits from Which? magazine

The new series of Mad Men is returning to our screens, along with its image of a universally well-dressed, well-suited, workplace. But a good suit needed deep pockets back in the 1960s... (more about the cost of a suit...)

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