Would a :-) or :-( convince you to save energy?

Smiley face on box

Even when the weather’s hotting up, you can’t keep energy costs out of the news. The latest development is a study of 540 homes which found a smiley face can help people save energy. Confused? Let me fill you in.


Where the streets have slow broadband

UK flag on keyboard

Do you live in Wheatley Road in Essex, or Erw Fawr in Wales? If you do, the results of a Uswitch survey suggest that you’re getting some of the slowest broadband download speeds in the country.


Does an energy supplier owe you money?

Pound coins on energy prices

The Big Six have been asked by Ofgem to return millions to former customers after it was found they were holding £400m in credit from closed accounts. Are you owed money by your previous energy supplier?