We want healthy multibuys not just multi-pies


It’s been reported that the government wants supermarkets and food makers to put more effort into promoting healthier products. Wouldn’t it be nice if multibuy promotions weren’t just for pizzas, pies and pop?


Why bother buying bottled water?

Rows of bottled water

I have a confession: I like bottled water. I’m partial to a bottle of the fizzy stuff, but I’m also keen on a chilled bottle of still. But am I the only one who still occasionally buys my water in a bottle?


Should all GPs offer extended opening hours?

An ill girl on the phone

If like me and Dolly, you work nine to five to make a livin’, how easy is it for you to get an appointment with your GP out of work hours? And I don’t mean emergency appointments, but routine visits like medication reviews.


Should prescriptions be free?

Money next to drugs

When I recently wrote about re-issued prescription drugs, I was surprised to hear that many of my friends and family thought they should be free. But what about your original prescription – should it be free too?