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Jen works at Which? to support its campaign work through digital content and social media, while also helping as an editor and keen commenter on Which? Conversation. Having worked for a range of comparison sites, Jen is keen to bring her experience and passion to consumer campaigns in the energy and finance sectors. With a soft spot for tech and a personal desire to sort out the UK’s rail companies, you’ll find Jen writing across a range of topics to encourage consumers to help Which? make a difference.

Post by Jennifer Davis

What’s my phone warranty really worth?

by , Campaigns Team Technology 7 April 2014
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Cartoon of big phone and little man

Less than a year ago, I forked out for a brand new HTC One. Yet when I ran into a problem with it this weekend, T-Mobile told me it wasn't covered by my warranty. But should the repairs have been covered? (more about phone problems...)

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I’m dreaming of a tight Christmas

by , Campaigns Team Energy & Home 23 December 2013
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Christmas present in front of a Christmas tree

A few years ago, I started to dread the approach of Christmas. I'd never considered myself a Grinch, so I wondered - what was getting in the way of my festive cheer? (more about Christmas gifts...)

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Is there a light at the end of the tunnel for commuters?

by , Campaigns Team Transport & Travel 9 October 2013
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Light in train tunnel

Rail commuters will be breathing a sigh of relief today, as the government has introduced rules restricting rail companies from increasing regulated rail fares by more than 6.2% next year. (more on train fares...)

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Could love bring historic high streets back to life?

by , Campaigns Team Consumer Rights 8 July 2013
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A shop in Rochester - photo credit to dlanor smada on Flickr

It’s no secret that local high streets have been ailing over the years. But now the English Heritage thinks we could save our historic high streets by giving our buildings a little TLC. (more about historic high streets...)

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Debit cards take over online – but are you at risk?

by , Campaigns Team Consumer Rights 3 July 2013
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A credit card close up

Barely a week goes by where I don’t order something online using my debit card. But am I putting myself at risk by using my debit card instead of a credit card? (more about debit vs credit cards...)

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Think weddings are expensive? Try being a guest!

by , Campaigns Team Transport & Travel 1 June 2013
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Couple standing on tropical beach

In the space of a year, I’m due to attend four wedding ceremonies of various friends and family. Now, I love a wedding as much as the next person, but my wallet is starting to feel the strain… (find out more about the cost of attending weddings...)

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Your view: will we ever get rid of ‘Microsoft’ scam calls?

by , Campaigns Team Technology 24 May 2013
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Toy telephone

Once again, mention of the 'Microsoft' scam call got you all talking this week. From funny ways to waste the scammers’ time, to deciding who should deal with this problem, we round up your responses. (more about Microsoft scammers...)

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How I became a ‘mortgage squatter’

by , Campaigns Team Money 14 May 2013
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House split between a couple

Do you live with a partner who owns a property? Do you pay your partner rent? If so, you could be a ‘mortgage squatter’, with no automatic rights to the property if your relationship breaks down. (more about mortgage squatters...)

What's your opinion on this story?

Should young people lower their expectations?

by , Campaigns Team Money 9 May 2013
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Young person in debt

When you’re young it’s easy to assume that, eventually, you’ll get a job and earn good money. But new research has found that instead, high debt and reliance on parents is becoming the new ‘normal’. (more about young people in debt...)

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Boots bins ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ signs for toys in-store

by , Campaigns Team Consumer Rights 2 May 2013
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Picture of girl on phone and boy with toy plane

Following a surge of complaints on Facebook and Twitter, high-street pharmacy Boots has said it was wrong to separate its toys for ‘boys’ and ‘girls. Should other brands follow suit? (more about gender stereotyping...)

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Spotted excessive surcharges? Don’t let them get away with it

by , Campaigns Team Money 19 April 2013
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Blue credit card

A couple of weeks ago the government finally banned ‘rip off’ surcharges. We asked you to report any companies who weren’t sticking to the rules, and found that people are still being hit by unfair card charges. (more about excessive surcharges...)

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OFT to investigate ‘free’ kids games with pricey add-ons

by , Campaigns Team Technology 12 April 2013
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Child using smartphone

Free apps are all the rage for tablet and smartphone users. But we’ve all heard the stories of unfortunate parents stuck with enormous bills after their children have downloaded expensive paid-for content. (more about the OFT's investigation...)

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Out with the old and in with the neologisms

by , Campaigns Team Technology 3 April 2013
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Blackboard with LOL written on it

We live in a fast-paced world where it has become necessary to invent new words on a regular basis. But at what point in a word’s life-span do you think it earns a place in the Oxford English dictionary? (more about neologisms...)

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Your view: do LED light bulbs interfere with radios?

by , Campaigns Team Energy & Home 29 March 2013
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Multi-coloured leds

When we looked into the unusual issue of LED light bulbs interfering with DAB radios, we found that the stories were true. So we asked you to share your experiences so we could see how many of you were affected. (more about your LED bulb comments...)

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