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James Daley is now the Managing Director of Fairer Finance. James Daley was the Money Editor at Which? until July 2013. As well as editing the monthly Which? Money magazine, James oversaw all personal finance content across the website and within the flagship Which? magazine. James joined Which? in May 2009, after five years at The Independent, where he was the Personal Finance Editor. He has over 10 years experience as a financial journalist, and has won more than a dozen awards for his work. When he's not writing about finance, he can usually be found cycling around the streets of London.

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Will Lloyds take the chance to build a better bank?

by , Money Editor Money 31 May 2013
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A build your own bank kit

While the collapse of the Co-op’s bid to buy hundreds of Lloyds bank branches is a setback for the banking landscape, I think there’s still a great opportunity for a better bank to emerge. (more about building better banks...)

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Annuities – why don’t we shop around?

by , Money Editor Money 27 March 2013
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Pound sign on egg

A new industry code to help you shop around for the best annuity is a positive move, but I think more radical action must be taken. What would it take for you to pick the best annuity when you cash in your pension? (more about annuities...)

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How financial companies use rules to squeeze customers

by , Money Editor Money 19 February 2013
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A rule book with a gavel hammer on top

Changes in regulations shouldn’t be an incentive for financial services companies to extract extra profits from customers. And yet, we continue to see it happening – so how do they get away with it? (more about bending the rules...)

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How BA ignored my baby on board

by , Money Editor Transport & Travel 7 February 2013
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A baby in a toy plane

With airfares always on the up, it was an enormous relief to know that my 10 month old daughter would fly for free when we took her to the States this Christmas. But sadly, that was where the good news ended... (more about plane seats for babies...)

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Have you been given the credit rating runaround?

by , Money Editor Money 30 January 2013
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Credit report on typewriter

If you’re still in the market for a New Year’s resolution, you could do worse than joining the minority of people who check their credit file every six months. Yet, tracking down your £2 credit report is often too difficult. (more about credit reports...)

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How much could it cost to say R.I.P to RPI?

by , Money Editor Money 4 December 2012
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Gravestone with RIP engraved on the front

The Office for National Statistics could be the new wicked witch of personal finance if its proposed changes to the way inflation is measured go through. Would a change in RPI affect your finances? (more about changes to RPI...)

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Were you born to have a big pension pot?

by , Money Editor Money 5 November 2012
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Baby wearing crown

People buying an income for retirement today may be 30% worse off than those who retired five years ago. So, is the size of your pension pot too reliant on your birth date or can you beat the odds? (more about pension pots...)

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Why I think M&S’s bank account is a let down

by , Money Editor Money 5 September 2012
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M&S sign

Despite high hopes for Marks & Spencer’s entry to the banking arena, I can’t help but feel that the terms of its current account are seriously underwhelming. Are you tempted by the extras offered by M&S's account? (more about M&S bank accounts...)

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Let’s shatter the myth of ‘free’ banking

by , Money Editor Money 21 August 2012
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Pound coins falling over

Some of the banks have suggested that the way to avoid future banking scandals is to let them charge for current accounts. It’s time to shatter the myth of ‘free’ banking. (more about 'free' banking...)

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Investment charges – heads they win, tails they win

by , Money Editor Money 27 February 2012
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Flipping a coin

Two new campaigns to bring greater transparency to the murky world of investment fund fees have recently kicked off, but charges should be levied in a way that’s fairer for investors. (more about fairer investment charges...)

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Is a black box the solution to rising car insurance?

by , Money Editor Transport & Travel 20 December 2011
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Car x-ray

Ever-increasing car insurance premiums are making a dent in drivers’ wallets. So can a black box installed in our cars, that reports our driving style to insurers, help lower the cost of driving? (more about telematics...)

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Energy companies – stop being so pernickety about our bills

by , Money Editor Energy & Home 6 September 2011
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Magnifying glass

When energy prices are being hiked all over the place is it really fair to penalise customers further for insignificant issues like the name that appears on your bill? In my mind, these are just dirty pricing tactics… (more about energy companies...)

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Online banking – do we want safety over convenience?

by , Money Editor Money 16 August 2011
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Secure reader for online banking

Are you willing to swap a bit of speed and convenience when banking online if it means the process is safer? There's always some trade-off, but some banks are dealing with the problem better than others… (more about online banking safety...)

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Don’t water down the Financial Ombudsman Service

by , Money Editor Money 11 July 2011
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Typing a letter

As financial trade bodies ask the government to water down the Financial Ombudsman Service, I think its creation has been one of the great successes of financial regulation over the past decade. (more about financial complaints...)

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