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Harry is a Senior Researcher in the Which? Money team, specialising in investments. Prior to joining Which? he spent six years working in financial services.

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You need a thick skin to be an investor

by , Senior Money Researcher Money 22 September 2014
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While bartering for a cut-price telly or a holiday at a budget price can leave you satisfied for months or years after your negotiation, bargain hunting for shares is fraught with danger for investors. (more about investments...)

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Will new Isa rules tempt you to try stocks and shares?

by , Senior Money Researcher Money 22 April 2014
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The individual savings account (Isa) is a rare success story in a much-maligned financial services industry. And the new Isa, with increased flexibility, could bring another wave of stock-market investors… (more about investing in Isas...)

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Financial advisers have nothing to fear from fee transparency

by , Senior Money Researcher Money 9 September 2013
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Independent financial advisers offer a valuable service – they should have the confidence to be open about how much they charge. They’re no longer able to accept payment by commission, so why be shy about it? (more about financial advice...)

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Tickets for the 2014 World Cup – good value for money?

by , Senior Money Researcher Money 23 July 2013
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Tickets for the biggest games at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil will cost hundreds of pounds. Should the tickets be cheaper, or is this simply the price we should pay to watch top-class sport? (more about World Cup ticket prices...)

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Throw loyalty out the window

by , Senior Money Researcher Money 1 July 2013
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So… I have a confession to make. I’ve used the same bank since I opened my first account when I was nine – for no better reason than because my parents’ had an account with it at the time. (more about switching...)

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Football ticket prices are in a league of their own

by , Senior Money Researcher Money 8 May 2013
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New research into the cost of leisure activities has revealed that the cost of Premier League tickets has risen 198% over the last 10 years. Is top-class football getting beyond the means of traditional fans? (more on football ticket inflation...)

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State pension shake-up: the not-so-golden years?

by , Senior Money Researcher Money 14 January 2013
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Today, the government announced the state pension will be simplified, with retirees from 2017 receiving a flat rate of up to £144 in today’s money. Do you think these proposals could affect your retirement plans? (more on state pension plans...)

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