Are packaged accounts a stitch-up?

A wallet stitched closed

In theory, fee-charging current accounts should represent good value to some customers. But are they still good value if you’re not eligible to use some of the account’s benefits?


Card fraud: don’t make victims pay

A wallet covered in police tape

In the UK, card fraud costs its victims more than £340 million a year. The good news is that your card provider should refund you immediately if you get stung. However, our latest research shows this isn’t always the case.


Gift cards: the gift that can stop giving

Gift card in hands

Gift cards and vouchers are offered by all manner of retailers, providing an easy gift option for some. But as your consumer rights on gift cards are severely limited, should you consider other options instead?


What is it with hazard lights?

Car rear light

So, I always thought that motorists only resorted to hazard lights when they’d broken down. But it seems some drivers are using them as an excuse for illegal parking. Should parking wardens be dealing with this?


Whiplash after a crash? Don’t always take the cash!

Fifty pound notes on a fish hook

A car crash can be pretty traumatic. But what if it wasn’t your fault, and the other party’s insurer not only acknowledges this, but offers you a pay-out for any injuries you’ve suffered? It’s not always the good deal it seems…


Why is it so slow to send money overseas?

A world map made from coins

Recently, I sent some cash to a colleague in India as part of a Which? Money investigation. But what shocked me was the trouble he had getting hold of the ‘reddies’. So what is the best way to transfer money abroad?