Car makers need to park their wild ideas

Geneva Hamann Range Rover

I’ve been to enough motor shows to know that they’re more about glitz and glamour than the business of actually launching cars, but come on – this year’s Geneva Motor Show feels like a cartoon fantasy land.


16-year-olds can now legally drive small cars

Aixam GTO

It’s the law – 16-year-olds can now legally drive small cars on UK roads. Or at least they’re allowed to drive ‘light quadricycles’, such as the pictured Aixam GTO. Are you happy to see them taking to the road?


Would you put the brakes on more road tolls?

Toll road

How would you feel about more road tolls to raise cash for the UK’s ailing road network? One idea is a ‘two-tier’ system for Vehicle Excise Duty making drivers pay more on motorways and trunk roads.