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Ben Stevens joined Which? in January 2007. He worked until March 2012 in the technology research team, producing videos, writing news and first looks and recording the weekly Which? Tech podcast. Ben is now the deputy editor of special projects at Which? but maintains a keen interest in technology.

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Microsoft Surface tablets: thanks for the memory?

by , Technology Researcher Technology 6 November 2012
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The Microsoft Surface tablet

If you buy a 32GB tablet, you’d probably expect to have around 32GB to fill with files. I certainly would. That’s why I was surprised to see Microsoft’s 32GB Surface tablet only has 16GB of free space to use out of the box. (more about the Microsoft Surface tablet...)

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Could you turn your back on technology?

by , Technology Researcher Technology 26 May 2012
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Stephen Fry holding an iPad

In next week's Which? Tech podcast, Stephen Fry will be chatting to us about the gadgets he regularly uses. But, as I look at my own growing list of time-saving devices, I wonder; are there any adverse side effects? (more about addictive tech...)

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CES 2012 – we want more future-proof products, please

by , Technology Researcher Technology 7 January 2012
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Smart TV

The Consumer Electronics Show, where tech giants flex their muscles with their latest innovations, is hosted each January in Las Vegas. Traditionally hardware has been on show, but I think services will soon take over. (more about CES...)

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We’ve tested camera-bundled software, so is it any good?

by , Technology Researcher Technology 28 December 2011
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Camera plugged into laptop

Is the photo-editing software that comes bundled with cameras worth the polycarbonate it’s written on? My initial hunch was that it does nothing more than clog up your PC, but what have our tests concluded? (more about camera-bundled software...)

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Ditch the surprise, tell them what you want for Christmas

by , Technology Researcher Technology 8 December 2011
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Sad Christmas woman

I've been researching Christmas spending habits and I’ve noticed a discrepancy between what we want and what we get. ‘Bah humbug!’ I hear you cry, but shouldn’t we be more open about the gifts we’d like? (more about pre-Christmas chats...)

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Vox pops: Is eBay’s shop the future of the high street?

by , Technology Researcher Consumer Rights 1 December 2011
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eBay Shop

This morning, online retailer eBay opened the doors to its first high street shop. It will remain open for just five days and, unlike conventional shops, there’s no till and you won’t leave with the goods you’ve bought. (more about eBay's shop...)

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Have you read any good films recently?

by , Technology Researcher Technology 30 November 2011
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Bored viewers in cinema

Many good books have been made into bad films, and some have even been made into good films. Yet, it seems like this repackaging of content is happening more than ever, and I’m starting to feel quite short-changed. (more about film remakes...)

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Is technology making it too easy to spend money?

by , Technology Researcher Technology 27 November 2011
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Woman with calculator and lots of shopping bags

Modern technology continues to make shopping more convenient, with easy-to-use apps and devices that make cards redundant. So should we stop and ask whether money is becoming too easy to spend? (more about the future of spending...)

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The life-saving gadgets at your finger tips

by , Technology Researcher Technology 10 November 2011
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Robot holding up heart

Many like to complain about the seemingly unstoppable onslaught of gadgets and technological advances, but I'm going to stand up for the consumer tech we use every day and its potential to save lives. (more about life-saving gadgets...)

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What happens to our digital lives after death?

by , Technology Researcher Technology 25 October 2011
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Digital funeral

Our online identities grow every day, but when we leave this life, what happens to the online ghost we leave behind? Should we leave a digital legacy to our loved ones, and if so, is it worth paying for this privilege? (more about data and death...)

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Canon, and you, need to snap up compact system cameras

by , Technology Researcher Technology 20 October 2011
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Nikon V1

With the arrival of the Nikon 1 cameras, which go on sale today, Canon now stands alone as the only mainstream digital SLR manufacturer not to announce a compact system camera. But how long can Canon hold off? (more about compact system cameras...)

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Software supplied with cameras is nothing more than bloatware

by , Technology Researcher Technology 23 September 2011
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Lots of software discs

When you buy a new camera do you instantly install all the software that comes with it? Many people do, but is this software always best, or should we be looking into other options before diligently hitting 'download'? (more about pointless camera software...)

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QR codes – fleeting fad or future must-have?

by , Technology Researcher Technology 16 September 2011
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QR code cartoon in museum

QR codes are popping up everywhere - toothpaste tubes, food packaging and even coins. The growing popularity of smartphones suggests that these codes have a bright future, but are they really that useful? (more about QR codes...)

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Microsoft shows off Windows 8. Stop the presses

by , Technology Researcher Technology 15 September 2011
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Lots of hands clapping

Microsoft has unveiled its latest operating system at a recent conference in California. I have to admit it: Windows 8 looks pretty slick. So slick, in fact, that I think Apple should be quaking in its boots. (more about the argument for Windows 8...)

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