Conversations from: May 2013

Will Lloyds take the chance to build a better bank?

While the collapse of the Co-op’s bid to buy hundreds of Lloyds bank branches is a setback for the banking landscape, I think there’s still a great opportunity for a better bank to emerge. (more about building better banks...)

Your view: do pharmacists and homeopathy mix?

Our snapshot investigation into pharmacies revealed that 13 out of 20 failed to explain that there’s no clinical evidence that homeopathy works. It proved to be a popular starting point for discussion… (more about pharmacists and homeopathy...)

Am I stranded without a landline?

Mobile phones have become so prevalent that many people have hung up their landlines for good. But are there still situations when a landline number comes in handy? (more about landline numbers...)

Is a library without books still a library?

As ebooks rise in popularity, what becomes of the humble library? One option is to embrace the new technology and go digital. Would you use a bookless library to find your next ebook? (more about bookless libraries...)

Can Tesco’s Clubcard nudge you into healthier choices?

Bad food habits can be hard to break, especially without a tasty incentive. Would special Clubcard vouchers for fruit and veg help you to cut down on the unhealthy treats in your trolley? (more about healthy nudging...)

Only a third of new cars come with a spare wheel

I’ve learnt that the demise of the spare wheel concerns you just as much as it concerns me. And our latest investigation has found even fewer spare wheels are being made available as standard on new cars. (more about full-size spare wheels...)

Bank treating you badly? FOS to the rescue!

New figures show the UK’s banks and insurers are still failing to deal adequately with customer complaints. So it's good to know we’ve all got the Financial Service Ombudsman on our side. (more about complaints to the financial ombudsman...)

Won’t play my old games? I won’t buy Xbox One

With the recent launch of the Xbox One, gamers (including me) are crying foul of Microsoft’s alienation of Xbox 360 owners by excluding backwards compatibility. But is playing older games really that important? (more about backwards compatibility...)

Making money talk – we need more talking ATMs

The ability to access your cash whenever you want is something most of us take for granted. But what if you couldn’t see the ATMs on-screen instructions? The RNIB is here to talk talking cash machines. (more about talking cash machines

OFT deadline – have payday lenders cleaned up their act?

In March the Office of Fair Trading announced that the 50 biggest payday lenders had 12 weeks to change their business practices. Today marks the 12-week deadline – have payday lenders improved? (more about the OFT's deadline...)

Haggling for a new car – terrifying or terrific?

Buying a brand new car is exciting, but haggling for a better deal is not everyone’s idea of fun. Do you enjoy the thrill of haggling in the showroom, or would you rather pay the asking price and avoid the stress? (more about haggling for a new car...)

Are you turned on by feature-heavy appliances?

Would you pay more for a kettle that boils to 80 and 90 degrees as well as 100 degrees? Appliances with lots of fancy features are making their way into our homes, but do we really need all the bells and whistles? (more about feature-heavy appliances...)

Windows 8 laptops – do you use touch much?

I’ll happily prod my phone's screen to use the web and email, but when it comes to a touchscreen laptop, my fingers stay firmly on the keyboard. Do you use touch much beyond tablets and phones? (more about using touchscreens on laptops...)

What would it take to make you switch current accounts?

It’s an often quoted fact that you’re more likely to get divorced than switch your current account. But is the new seven working-day switching service going to change people’s minds? (more about seven day switching...)

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