Conversations from: January 2013

A shameless plug for your two-pin plug comments

Two-pin plugs. Who would have thought such a topic would inspire so many comments. It seems being sent an electrical item without a UK plug turns most people off. Let’s have a look at some of your comments. (more about two-pin plugs...)

Better savings rates without the risk – a rival to the banks?

Investing money with peer-to-peer lending sites has always had risk attached. Although rates of return can tower above traditional savings accounts and Isas, your money hasn't been protected - until now. (more about peer-to-peer lending sites...)

Complain for change: use chargeback, get your money back?

Last year, I bought tickets for a boat trip to the Olympic Park. But before the trip happened, the company went into administration. I tried to use ‘chargeback’ to get a refund, but what does it actually mean? (more about the chargeback scheme...)

Do the OFT’s petrol price findings spark your ignition?

So the Office of Fair Trading thinks that the market for petrol and diesel in the UK is ‘working well’. Do the OFT’s findings mirror your experience of filling up your car? (more about petrol prices at the pump...)

Have you been given the credit rating runaround?

If you’re still in the market for a New Year’s resolution, you could do worse than joining the minority of people who check their credit file every six months. Yet, tracking down your £2 credit report is often too difficult. (more about credit reports...)

Do you want more choice in public services?

From hospitals to schools and social care, an independent review by David Boyle concludes we want more choices in public services. David Boyle explains why the UK should move towards a broader kind of choice. (more about choice in public services...)

Food labels – do we need calories and kilojoules?

Most of us know how to work with calories. I know I can consume around 2,000 kcal a day as a woman, and that men are recommended 2,500 on average. So will a law to add kilojoules to packaging confuse shoppers? (more about calories and kilojoules...)

Are you reaping the rewards of your credit card?

Credit cards offered by retailers are more popular than ever - but who benefits most from the loyalty scheme incentives attached to them? Is it you, or is it the retailer who’s reeling in the customers? (more about credit card rewards...)

Asda shoppers still stuck with double-charging problem

Since June 2011, Asda has been in trouble for accidentally charging its online customers twice for their shopping. The issue continues to rumble on, although Asda says the end is in sight. Have you been caught out? (more about Asda's double-charging problem...)

Do car showrooms have a future?

The high street is depleting. The demise of Jessops, Blockbuster and HMV has been a focal point of news this month, but how will car showrooms cope with changing consumer buying demands and requirements? (more about car showrooms...)

The Green Deal launches – are you tempted?

You could call it the second coming. After the original launch-that-never-was in October 2012, the government’s energy efficiency scheme - the Green Deal - launches officially tomorrow. (more on the official Green Deal launch...)

If the TV schedule dies, will you miss it?

Netflix will soon release its brand new TV series House of Cards. And it won't just be released online only, it will also be released in one go. It's the beginning of a brave new world for TV - will you miss the old one? (more about TV schedule...)

Britain’s biggest broadband and phone complaints

Broken broadband router? Internet unexpectedly cut off? Out-of-the-blue price increase? Poor customer service that doesn’t actually fix your problem? If any of these sound familiar, you’re not alone. (more about broadband and phone problems...)

Your view: are you happy with your energy supplier?

This week, we’re discussing whether or not you’re happy with your energy supplier. We’ve had the results of our annual satisfaction survey, but did the results surprise you? And who will get our Comment of the Week? (more about energy providers...)

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