Conversations from: February 2013

Want to take your smartphone for a swim?

When you use precious gadgets around water, it’s easy to get a bit nervy. One spill in the kitchen while you’re following a recipe app could mean a watery grave for your beloved smartphone. Soon this could all change. (more about waterproof gadgets...)

Time for hospital food to get better

Sustain’s Campaign for Better Hospital Food wants mandatory standards for patient meals in England. In this guest post, Alex Jackson from Sustain explains why voluntary measures are not working. (more about hospital food standards...)

Complain for change: celebrating good service

I like a good moan as much as the next person, but one of my favourite things about Which? Conversation is that it gives us the chance to show examples of companies who get things right. (more about celebrating good service...)

Do you know what your energy bills pay for?

I’m sure you’ll have heard about the latest announcement from British Gas today. The company posted an 11% rise in profits on its residential supply business. But I’m not here to bash British Gas for making money... (more on energy bill costs...)

Will superstition stop you buying a new car this year?

We’re just a few weeks away from the introduction of the new registration plate, but there’s been mutterings of consumers side-stepping new car showrooms in the next six months to avoid the number 13. (more about number plate superstition...)

Buy Fairtrade? You’d be bananas not to

It’s Fairtrade Fortnight, but with the cost of food increasing and budgets reaching breaking point, can you afford to put ethical food at the top of your shopping list? (more about buying ethical food...)

Is your travel insurance policy packing a few surprises?

Many travel insurance claims are rejected, or pay out less than you may have expected. Have you ever had difficulties claiming on your travel insurance if your holiday went wrong? (more about travel insurance claims...)

Water bills spill over into credit reports

Yorkshire Water has announced it’s started sharing its customers’ payment data with credit reference agency Experian. Could this spell good or bad news for your credit rating? (more about water bills and credit reports...)

The power of the celebrity chef

Loyd Grossman is the latest celebrity chef to do his bit for improving our food habits. Do you think that celebrities provide useful support for food initiatives and can help us make healthy choices? (more about celebrity chefs...)

Nest boxes – making a little birdhouse in your soul

The British Trust for Ornithology launched National Nest Box Week on Valentine’s Day to encourage people to put up boxes in their garden. Do you have nest boxes in your garden, and have they been successful? (more about nest boxes...)

Your view: shopping around for the best supermarket

This week, supermarkets have been a hot topic - from value for money, to food labelling, right down to the good old chocolate digestive. Here’s a hand-picked basket of your top comments. (more about supermarket value...)

Secret Shoppers – haggling for a better phone deal

The second episode of Channel 4’s Secret Shoppers showed us how to save money on fancy frocks and electrical goods. The show’s best tip, however, could save you a pretty packet on your mobile phone contract. (more about mobile phone deals...)

We’re calling for radical action for fairer energy tariffs

Our executive director, Richard Lloyd, says Ofgem’s proposals for simpler energy tariffs do not go far enough. The Prime Minister’s promise for fairer energy bills will fail without more radical action. (more about simpler energy tariffs...)

Which bank owns your bank – and why does it matter?

Who do you bank with? That question can be more complicated than it first seems. And ultimately, the answer could affect the security of your savings if your bank happens to go bust. (more about which banks own which...)

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