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2013: A year of change for Which? and its campaigns

At the end of the year we like to take stock of where we’ve got to and set even more ambitious targets for the year ahead. So please join me as I celebrate some of the changes you helped us make happen this year. (more about campaign wins...)

Raising a glass to the New Year – how will you celebrate?

With the price of a pub pint creeping up, are you choosing to stay in this New Year’s Eve or has the choice been made for you? I used to enjoy going out to celebrate the New Year but now love a good night staying in. (more about New Year celebrations...)

Are you tightening your belt post-Christmas?

Our research has found that millions of people relied on credit to pay for Christmas this year. And sadly many people are concerned their budgets will be squeezed even tighter next year. Are you one of them? (more about Christmas debt...)

Your rights don’t reduce when prices do

The wrapping paper is barely off before the sales have started. But if you’re looking for a bargain, don’t lose sight of your rights – they are no different whether you buy in a sale or not. (more about sale shopping...)

Soon, calling public services won’t cost the earth

In another win for our Costly Calls campaign, the Cabinet Office has released new guidance for the use of high rate phone numbers by government departments and public services. We're on a roll... (more about costly calls...)

Windscreen wipers wiped out by McLaren

The windscreen wiper is dead. Or, at least, on the way out if you've read the latest news. Is there anything else you think car manufacturers should ditch as well? (more about windscreen wipers...)

Flatscreen TVs can’t beat CRT TV sound – but do you care?

Did you sit down to watch the Queen's Christmas Broadcast yesterday? Did it sound a bit tinnier than 10 years ago? That's probably not her fault, but the flatscreen TV you've got... (more on TV sound...)

Christmas just isn’t Christmas without a bit of Christmas pud

Merry Christmas everyone! You’ve opened the presents, tucked into the turkey and you’re now getting ready for dessert. But when it comes to the festive puddings, do you embrace or ditch the traditions? (more about Christmas puds...)

Are you accidentally stocking up on salt this Christmas?

In this guest post we invite Consensus Action on Salt and Health to share their tips on managing your salt intake this Christmas. Their research exposes just how much salt may be hidden in all the trimmings of the day. (more about salt in Christmas foods...)

I’m dreaming of a tight Christmas

A few years ago, I started to dread the approach of Christmas. I'd never considered myself a Grinch, so I wondered - what was getting in the way of my festive cheer? (more about Christmas gifts...)

Do you tip the postie at Christmas?

Christmas is known as the season of goodwill, but does this generosity spread to tradespeople, like the postie or the paperboy? A survey has indicated that more than half of us will forego the traditional tip. (more about tipping tradespeople...)

Tips to get your Christmas cooking off to a cracking start

Christmas Day is supposed to be fun and full of laughs. But when you have an overwhelming selection of food to cook, all at different times, it can turn into a headache. But the right gadgets can be a great help… (more about food tips...)

How do you sniff out a good laundry detergent?

Crystal rain, moonflower and ylang, ruby jasmine – not words that are normally associated with washing your clothes. Are you enticed by laundry detergents with fragrant-sounding names? (more about laundry detergent fragrances...)

What’s your most costly car repair bill?

There’s never a good time for something to go wrong with your car, but expensive repair bills somehow crop up at times when you want them least. What’s your biggest ever repair bill? (more about car repair bills...)

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