Conversations from: December 2012

Which? Convo in 2012 – what was your favourite debate?

What a year for Which? Conversation – we published 960 posts, you made more than 30,000 comments and cast 70,000 poll votes. From mobile phone price rises to nutritional therapists, it was a chatty 2012. (the best debates of 2012...)

Let the holiday hard-sell commence!

Once the Christmas spending splurge is over, the last thing I want to do is to buy another big ticket item like a holiday. But travel companies want us to start buying holidays as soon as Santa’s finished his rounds. (more about New Year holiday offers...)

A secret envelope with £10 inside – that’ll be a #GiveMonday

Has a random stranger ever shared an act of kindness with you? How about slipping you a £10 note just to make sure your Monday's a little less blue. That's what happened to me with my 'Give Mondays' experience... (more about Give Monday...)

Christmas on credit – blown out finances or under control?

That’s Christmas done and dusted for another year. Well, until the credit card bill lands on the doormat (or inbox). Our new research found half the nation paid for Christmas on credit. (more about the cost of Christmas...)

What’s your big tech prediction for 2013?

We've had the smartphone boom, and the tablet armada is busy conquering all corners, but where’s the next big tech explosion going to come from? And who will set it in motion? (more about next thing in tech...)

Your comments this week – gifts, pies & naff TV

Christmas is a time of giving, and you've been very generous with your comments about all things festive this week. Enjoy our selection of your best comments while we get stuck into writing our thank you cards. (your comments this week...)

Your smartphone can help keep fuel costs down

Like many people, the festive season involves once-yearly trips around the country to visit relatives.  I'm always on the look out for ways to cut my motoring costs, so I've given fuel apps a quick test drive... (more about smartphone fuel apps...)

Post-Christmas clear out – recycle, re-gift and reuse

We spend many months preparing for Christmas, but what do we do with all the packaging when the big day has been and gone? I’m lucky with my local recycling facilities, but what do you do with your festive fodder? (more about recycling at Christmas...)

Classic movies – better on Blu-ray disc?

The Blu-ray format's only been with us for six years, but it's already facing stiff competition from on-demand services. But if you want to revisit the growing number of beautifully-restored classics, it’s impossible to beat. (more about best Blu-ray classics...)

The way you get financial advice is changing

The way we go about getting financial advice is changing to make sure consumers get a fair deal. Linda Woodall, head of investments at the Financial Services Authority, explains what this will mean for you. (more about changes to financial advice...)

Gift cards: the gift that can stop giving

Gift cards and vouchers are offered by all manner of retailers, providing an easy gift option for some. But as your consumer rights on gift cards are severely limited, should you consider other options instead? (more about issues with gift cards...)

What are your family’s Christmas traditions?

If there’s anything I’m fiercely protective of, it’s my family’s Christmas traditions. And when I started asking around the office, I found I wasn’t the only one who clings on to tradition throughout the holidays. (more about Christmas family traditions...)

How old is too old for Christmas pressies?

There’s nothing like buying Christmas presents to cause family fallouts. My latest is about the age you stop giving gifts to the youngens. Do you stop at 18-years-old? Or do you just keep on giving indefinitely? (more about Christmas gifts...)

Don’t dice with danger – Christmas dinner safety tips

Anyone cooking Christmas dinner will know the importance of timing, measuring and - the best bit - tasting. But are you a savvy chef when it comes to storing leftover sprouts and reheating the turkey? (more about Christmas food safety...)

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