Conversations from: November 2012

Has the shirt had its day?

You might be surprised to hear that Which? used to test shirts. They were so essential that we planned user tests of ‘drip-dry shirts’ for our very first magazine. Does a crisp white shirt still have its place in the office? (more about shirts...)

Got a wind farm nearby? Could you save on your energy bills?

Would you back local wind farms if they gave you discount on your energy bills? Good Energy’s founder Juliet Davenport explains why the company is trying to ensure that local customers share in their success. (more about wind farm discounts...)

Your comments this week: bills, bills, bills… and mice!

This week you've been debating energy bills and fixed mobile phone contracts. You've chosen between real and fake Christmas trees and pondered how to remove mice. (your comments this week...)

Do the products you buy damage the environment?

How much do you know about how the things you buy are made? In this guest post, Friends of the Earth’s Andy Atkins explains why smartphone manufacturers need to start making their products better. (more about making it better...)

Cheese fan? Monitor your salt intake Caerphilly…

Research into salt levels in cheese has revealed that one portion can contain as much salt as a bag of crisps. Did you realise that cheese was such a salty treat? Traffic light labels could help. (more about salt in cheese...)

How will we pay for the Energy Bill? With our energy bills!

Excuse me while I have a Dr Evil from Austin Powers moment, but - 'one hundred and ten b-i-l-l-i-o-n pounds'. That's what the government thinks we need to update our ageing energy system and keep the lights on. (more about the Energy Bill...)

What should you ask your future landlord?

If you’re among the rapidly rising number of tenants in the UK, you’ll probably have your own list of essential questions to ask your next landlord. So, what do you ask before signing on the dotted line? (more about landlord questions...)

Do you keep cash in your couch cushions?

Across the UK, we’ve got around £320m in loose change just hanging round the house. But how much money do we have stored up in loyalty schemes, foreign currency, gift vouchers, rail vouchers... the list goes on! (more about spending loose change...)

Orange adds £41m to our bills – but what does that look like?

Happy Orange Wednesday! Or not so happy if you’re actually an Orange customer. One year ago today Orange announced a price rise on fixed mobile contracts, but how much did this add to its customers' bills? (more about Orange's price rise...)

To fake tree, or not to fake tree, that is the Christmas question

According to a recent Which? survey, two thirds of us now have an artificial Christmas tree, and only around a fifth of us have a real one. Are real trees on the way out or are they vital to your festive cheer? (more about artificial Christmas trees...)

Buying insurance: why it no longer pays to be a woman

You may have heard that an EU ruling means insurers will no longer be able to use a person's gender as a rating factor to set the price you pay for your insurance. This move has been controversial – but is it fair? (more about gender discrimination...)

You buy it, we still own it – the battle for digital ownership

If you own something, should it be yours to sell? The website Redigi thinks so, even when you’re talking about digital music files. It’s getting sued to pieces in US courts for hosting second-hand MP3 files on its site. (more about digital ownership...)

Is your appliance lying to you?

Time remaining displays on washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers can help you plan your day around your chores. But what if the predicted time differs from the actual length of the cycle? (more about appliance timers...)

There’s a mouse in my kitchen! What would you do?

With the recent drop in temperatures, I've been warming up my house for the ensuing winter months. But it seems I've inadvertently created a nice cosy space for some uninvited guests... (more about removing mice...)

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