Conversations from: October 2012

Are your holidays inspired by the big screen?

This weekend I went to the cinema to see Skyfall, James Bond’s 23rd movie. It’s a classic Bond film with plenty of high-speed chases, a menacing villain, a heap of cool gadgets – and stunning destinations... (more about film holiday destinations...)

Controlling light bulbs with your phone – genius or gimmick?

Remember clap on, clap off lights? Well, Philips has just upped the ante. On Monday it launched the Hue; a lighting system that you can control via your smartphone. Will it brighten up your day? (more about Philips' Hue lighting...)

Get the best from tech sales – share your savvy secrets

Do you always buy your technology at full price? Or do you bide your time, do your research and put your haggling hat on? There are many things you can do to get a healthy discount on your tech… (more about tech deals...)

Low on cash – what could you live without?

According to the latest Which? Quarterly Consumer Report, 6.6 million homes cut spending on essentials over the last three months. Are you one of them and where have you been trimming your budgets? (more about cutting back...)

Are you motivated by diet and exercise apps?

You can download all sorts of health apps these days, from those that help you exercise to others that monitor your diet. We’re currently testing some of the most popular ones – have you given any a go? (more about health apps...)

Would you split up with your bank over ethics?

Switching your bank account to a more ethical provider may seem appealing, but will the service be as consistent as your current provider? Are you tempted to move to a more ethical bank? (more about ethical banking...)

Has your local council turned the lights out?

So did you remember to turn your clocks back last weekend? The autumnal change will mean we’re feeling the dark even earlier, but could plans by your local council mean our lamp-lit streets are short-lived? (more on street lighting...)

‘£80 for two tickets to see Skyfall?’ Vue cannot be serious

I was keen to see the new James Bond film, Skyfall, on its opening weekend. But when I went to book tickets with Vue cinema, I had an experience that left me shaken and stirred. (more about Vue website glitch...)

Sorry, you were out and here’s the bill

Sorry can be the hardest word – and it’s a damn sight harder when there’s a bill attached. I'm a bit peeved by a delivery company that only delivers while I'm at work, meaning I have to pay for to get it delivered when I'm in. (more about couriers...)

Crease-free style – are irons required or redundant?

How much would you be prepared to pay for crease-free clothes and quick, easy ironing? £50? That's around the right amount to get a great iron, but are any of us ironing that much any more? (more about ironing...)

Do you celebrate Halloween or Bonfire Night?

I don't want to sound like a wicked old witch, but I do let out a small sigh of cynicism when Halloween rolls around. So as Halloween celebrations catch on in the UK, will you be joining in the fiendish festivities? (more about Halloween and Bonfire Night...)

Traffic light food labels – giving you the choice

In this guest post public health minister Anna Soubry explains why the government has agreed to front-of-pack traffic light labelling for food to enable us to make informed choices about what we eat. (more traffic light food labelling...)

Your comments this week – noisy kettles and frozen Kindles

We've had stories of frozen Kindles (with mixed experiences of Amazon's customer service) and noisy kettles (keeping people up at night) this week. Not forgetting pricey Rolling Stones tickets and EE's 4G packages. (your comments this week...)

Tales of dangerous foods pets shouldn’t eat

Did you know that a box of chocolates could lead to a hefty vet bill – or worse? There are even stories of dogs nibbling on Christmas cake and becoming poorly. So what foods shouldn't dogs and other pets eat? (more about foods dogs shouldn't eat...)

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