Conversations from: September 2012

Are ‘new’ plant varieties really what we want?

New plant varieties are created and sold every year, whether they're roses or petunias. Yet, are these new varieties really what us gardeners want and need, or are they just another way to make money? (more about new plant varieties...)

Memory foam saved my sleep

Considering the amount of time we spend in bed, it's so important to find the most comfortable mattress you can. Personally, I'd always been wary of memory foam mattresses, until the day that I actually tried one... (more on memory foam mattresses...)

Your comments this week – ice creams, burgers and TVs

Would you be sad to see the back of the ice cream van? Did LG’s response to a telly dilemma show a company tuned in to its customers? This, and much more, in your comments of the week. (your comments this week...)

Another price increase on Vodafone’s ‘fixed’ contracts

Well what do you know – Vodafone is putting its prices up again for existing pay-monthly contract customers. It was almost a year ago since it last put prices up. This is turning into a recurring nightmare. (more on Vodafone's price rises...)

Apple’s Maps apology – an incredible admission of failure

Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, has publicly apologised for the state of its widely ridiculed new Maps app. It's an incredible, and near-unprecedented, admission of failure. Well I didn't see this coming! (more about Apple’s apology...)

More exploding washing machines?

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the kitchen, it seems that some washing machine doors may be falling out or exploding, leaving kitchens covered in shards of glass. Has this happened to you? (more about washing machines...)

Would you like a [loan] with that [transaction]?

Picture this. You walk into a fast food restaurant, ask for a tasty burger to sate your appetite, and the assistant asks you if you want fries with that? Upselling like this is pretty harmless, until it's done badly by your bank. (more on banks upselling...)

Complain for change: the pot of PPI money is running out

Over the years millions of people have claimed back mis-sold PPI. Our new research suggests the money banks have allocated for compensation is set to run out. We need banks to confirm more's on the way. (complain for change...)

Cookie cutter cars – are brands losing their identity?

It’s a time of austerity and we’re all affected, carmakers included. Maybe it’s no surprise there’s been an increase in cross-brand collaborations, with many cars launching that are almost identical under the skin. (more about shared-platform cars...)

Is equity release worth the gamble?

More grandparents are using equity release to help their family. Yet, is it really that sensible to release money from your home when it can be such an important safety net? (more about equity release...)

Happy ‘Go Home on Time’ Day!

How many times have you worked through your lunch break, or been sat at your desk long after hours for no extra pay? Well - today you have an excuse not to, as national 'Go Home On Time Day' is launched. (more about going home on time...)

Ice cream vans driven away due to lack of lolly

The poor old ice cream van is dying out. Its catchy jingles and flake-topped Mr Whippies are apparently melting into mere memories. At least that’s what the latest figures suggest. (more about ice cream vans...)

Pat McFadden MP: How does your bank treat you?

In this guest post for Which? Conversation, Pat McFadden MP explains how the government has tasked the Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards to investigate the state of British banking... (more about Banking Commission...)

Test tube to plate – let’s start the lab-grown burger debate

In mid-November the world’s first lab-grown burger is due to be eaten at a press conference. Dr Neil Stephens, a sociologist at Cardiff University, weighs in on the debate of ‘in vitro’ meat. (more about in vitro meat...)

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