Conversations from: August 2012

I saved £50 per month on food shopping – but is it enough?

Are you finding it harder to eat healthily with a limited budget? You’re not alone. Many people are worried about the cost of nutritious meals - is this something consumers in the future will find more difficult?' (more on future food costs...)

Your comments this week – tickets, tenants & techie toddlers

Do you book flights for value or convenience? Is your toddler better with an iPhone than you are? And would you like to see the speed limit raised? We’ve been talking about these issues and more this week. (your comments this week...)

Expensive specialist school uniforms? No thanks!

The stress and expense of buying school uniforms is the bane of many parents’ lives. So should schools be allowed to make it even harder by dictating where parents should shop? (more about school uniforms...)

Which? Gardening turns 30, what would you like us to trial?

We're celebrating Which? Gardening's 30th birthday by looking through the archives. We've trialled everything from organic pest controls to petunias, from roses to rotavators. And we want your ideas for more trials! (happy birthday Which? Gardening...)

Would you share your car with a complete stranger?

With rail and fuel costs soaring, we need to get smarter when choosing how we travel. Plenty of us make car journeys with empty seats and we could easily share the cost with people wanting to go the same way… (more about car sharing schemes...)

It’s back! Samsung revives the Start button in Windows 8

Microsoft has dumped the Start button from its upcoming Windows 8 operating system. We’ve previously asked whether you'll miss it – Samsung’s answer to that is ‘yes’ as the company is bringing it back. (more about Windows 8 Start menu...)

Complain for change: do bigger brands treat customers better?

I have three golden rules I try to stick to when I go shopping: shop locally, buy British and reward good service. Yet strangely, I’ve found that bigger brands are being better at customer service than the smaller ones. (complain for change...)

Would you buy ‘wonky’ supermarket fruit ‘n’ veg?

Four big UK supermarkets have pledged to relax rules on misshapen fruit and vegetables, after demands from farmers suffering from bad weather. Should supermarkets stick to stocking ‘wonky’ fruit 'n' veg? (more about wonky veg...)

Scotland slams the door on ‘rip-off’ letting agent fees

The Scottish government has ruled that letting agents and landlords shouldn’t charge upfront fees to tenants outside of their deposit. With rents rising and evidence of high fees, should the rest of the UK follow? (more about letting agents fees...)

Share your tales of bothersome boiler repairs

A rise in the number of boiler-related emails in my inbox tells me it’s that time of year when people decide whether their boiler will survive another winter. But when your boiler breaks do you get a good repair service? (more about boiler faults...)

Do you need more digital services while you’re on holiday?

Thomson and Butlins are both embracing the digital age with new initiatives to make guests' lives easier. But can too many electronic temptations distract you from fully enjoying the destination experience? (more on iAdvisors...)

The food system is broken, will you help to fix it?

As part of our debate around the future of food, we’ve invited Duncan Williamson, senior food policy officer at the WWF UK, to talk about what he thinks we should do to ensure a sustainable future. (more on sustainable diets...)

Samsung vs Apple – the battle of the Titans

A US jury has found Samsung guilty of infringing multiple patents belonging to Apple and has been fined $1bn. But this is only the beginning of a long, tortuous story that could have a very messy ending. (more about Samsung vs. Apple...)

Most people admit to breaking speed limits…

According to car insurer Admiral's survey, almost four in five motorists admit to driving over the speed limit. And thirty-somethings, who really should know better, are the worst offenders. (more about speed limits...)

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