Conversations from: July 2012

How will the Olympics affect your energy use?

We’ve all heard stories about peaks in electricity demand during soap opera ad breaks, when everyone pops out to put the kettle on. But how much can demand vary? I spoke to the National Grid to find out. (more about electricity demand...)

Are you pro at turning the useless into the useful?

As someone who likes to build and tweak things, I love the idea of altering household objects to give them a new lease of life. Do you tweak things or have little cheats in the home to save the pennies and the pounds? (more on DIY diamonds...)

Men: know your shopping limits

Are you a man? Are you rubbish at food shopping? A supermarket in New York has decided that you are, so it's put all the ‘man items’ in one aisle. Excuse me while I step out of my pigeonhole and on to my soapbox… (more on the 'man aisle'...)

Who’s to blame for empty seats at the Games?

As the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games has released 3,000 tickets originally reserved for officials who failed to show up, who is really to blame for the rows of empty seats? (more about empty seats at the Games...)

To freeze or not to freeze? Your freezer myths busted

Ever wondered what you can and can’t freeze? When we opened up the debate on Which? Conversation, you had tons of suggestions - so we investigated some common freezing myths to separate fact from fiction. (more about freezer myths...)

Take the slow coach to Paris? Not at these prices!

Last week saw the launch of iDBUS, a new coach service from London to Paris. But with a journey time of nine hours, and prices starting at £90 return, why would you ever use this service? (more about coach trips...)

Whiplash after a crash? Don’t always take the cash!

A car crash can be pretty traumatic. But what if it wasn’t your fault, and the other party’s insurer not only acknowledges this, but offers you a pay-out for any injuries you’ve suffered? It's not always the good deal it seems... (more about whiplash claims...)

Which would you cut back on – food or the net?

It’s unsurprising that many of us are feeling the pinch and looking to save money wherever we can. So, what’s the first thing to go? It looks like it won’t be your broadband connection, TV subscription or mobile… (more about the new essentials...)

Your comments this week – cars, cooking and chuggers

This week you've been talking about financial education, 'car image', charity muggers, and whether or not you could live without your microwave. Here are some of our favourite comments this week. (your comments this week...)

On your marks… get set… Golympics!

Although some events have already begun, tonight’s opening ceremony marks the true start of the Olympics. So will you be embracing the Games, or hiding behind the sofa? I asked staff at Which? HQ… (more on the opening ceremony...)

Should small print be in plain English?

Ever been caught out by small print? It’s not rare, as our Fixed Means Fixed campaign proves. New proposals suggest you should be allowed to challenge unfair terms if they’re not transparent and prominent. (more about small print...)

How can we bring consumer law into the digital age?

In this guest post for Which? Conversation, consumer affairs minister Norman Lamb explains why we need to bring consumer law into the 21st century, particularly when it comes to digital technology. (more about digital rights...)

Nationwide’s double-debit glitch adds to list of banking blunders

Here we go again… Nationwide is the latest financial brand to trip up after it revealed today that a number of its current account customers have been debited twice for some transactions. (more about Nationwide glitches...)

Should all GPs offer extended opening hours?

If like me and Dolly, you work nine to five to make a livin’, how easy is it for you to get an appointment with your GP out of work hours? And I don’t mean emergency appointments, but routine visits like medication reviews. (more about extended hours...)

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