Conversations from: June 2012

It could be cheaper if you cruise between travel agents

Our latest research on cruise holiday prices suggests that it’s worth shopping around between travel agents to save money. But how can prices between agents be so different? (more about travel agents...)

This week in comments – Macs, salt and spam

Did you think Apple's Macs were 'immune' to viruses? Are restaurants adding too much salt to our food? And why shouldn’t complaints be treated as spam? You’ve been debating these issues and more this week. (this week in comments...)

Get the Green Deal right before offering cashback

Would a cashback offer of £150 encourage you to take out a £10,000 'loan'? That’s what the government is speculated to offer homeowners so that they take up its Green Deal for energy efficient home improvements. (more about Green Deal cashback...)

Why you shouldn’t rush to buy branded tech accessories

The price difference between branded tech accessories and third-party options can be dramatic. But does the extra cost bring any performance benefits, or do we assume branded products will be safer? (more about buying branded...)

The rise of home baking – what’s in your oven?

We’re spending more time and money on good food. But it’s not necessarily restaurants dishing it out as research shows the home cooking industry is booming. Are you cooking to save money or for fun? (more about the rise in baking...)

A Wimbledon coffee maker? Serve me a double espresso

This year we’re all being told to shout about everything British, from the Jubilee to the Olympics. And Wimbledon's no exception. But are some companies using it as another excuse to flog us stuff we don’t need? (more about Wimbledon memorabilia...)

Found a ‘limited time only’ offer? What’s the hurry!

Travel ads online and in newspapers bombard us with promises of big savings if we act fast. But does it really pay to buy in a hurry? We investigated whether acting fast always guarantees the best deal. (more about time sensitive offers...)

Accused of piracy? Pay £20 and you can appeal

A new system will see warning letters sent out to customers whose internet connections are being used to illegally share music and films. It's good in principle, but should we have to pay to appeal? (more about file sharing appeals ...)

Ready-salted restaurant meals – a pinch too far?

Good news – we’re eating the least amount of salt of any developed country. Bad news – we’re still eating far too much of it. And it’s no surprise after my experience on a nice meal out last weekend… (more on salt in restaurants...)

Fuel duty price hike postponed, but for how long?

It has been widely reported that the government is ‘scrapping’ the planned 3p per litre increase in fuel duty, due to be introduced in August. But it might not be the u-turn it’s purported to be. (more about fuel duty...)

Apple admits it – Macs aren’t immune to viruses

Apple has removed a statement from its website which had implied that its Mac operating system was immune to viruses. If you own a Mac, did you think it couldn’t catch viruses? (more about Mac viruses...)

Google TV set-top box arrives – is £200 too much?

Google TV is making its way to Britain's goggle boxes with a Sony set-top box - but would you shell out £200 to search the internet on your big screen? (more about Google TV...)

A little tipple abroad could trip up your travel insurance

A new piece of research has found that travel insurance companies are turning down more and more claims for accidents that happen after you’ve been drinking or taking any kind of drugs. (more about travel insurance and drinking...)

Is the view from The O2 the best in London?

You can now walk over the roof of The O2 arena, one of London’s most iconic landmarks, and view the city in a whole new way. But does it offer the best view in London? (more about The O2...)

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