Conversations from: May 2012

Olympic stadium food prices – steep or sensible?

This week LOCOG released Olympic stadium food and drink prices – bottled beers cost £4.20 and curries are £8.50. I’m refereeing a debate between Nikki Whiteman and Patrick Steen – how much is too much? (more about Olympic food prices...)

An airbag for pedestrians could be costly for motorists

Car innovations, such as the pedestrian airbag on Volvo’s V40 hatchback, are great news for road safety. But the bad news for motorists is that such complex new safety systems could make cars more costly to own. (more about car safety innovations...)

Techiquette – my manifesto for tech etiquette

So, I consider myself an avid tech user. It's hard not to be in this day and age. However, it seems some are intent on destroying my enthusiasm by recklessly using their gadgets to annoy others in public. (more about tech etiquette...)

Are you ‘letting’ agents take more than your deposit?

As rents rise and wages are squeezed, headlines abound over how the UK’s tenants are struggling. This is only half the story. Tenants may also be faced with other costs at the beginning, during and end of a tenancy. (more about letting agents...)

Butter sandwiches? Peperami? We peek into school lunchboxes

I went to my five year old nephew’s school a couple of weeks back to look at the packed lunches and to judge the best six out of around 40. I found some great healthy lunches, but others that left a lot to be desired… (more on school packed lunches...)

Stop sending me ‘Sorry, you were out’ cards!

Knowing that a little brown Amazon box is waiting for you when you get home is one of modern-day life’s little pleasures. But what about when you expectantly open the door only to find a little red card of disappointment? (more about non-deliveries...)

Will veal catch on with British meat-eaters?

Veal – it’s a controversial meat, marred by animal welfare issues. But if it was sourced ethically from British suppliers and sold in supermarkets, would you put it on your menu? That’s what Jimmy Doherty wants. (more about British rose veal...)

Is Eurozone chaos putting you off holidays in Greece?

It's teetering on the edge of a default and potentially leaving the Eurozone. But will you spend any summer nights in Greece this year if it means you’ll get a cheaper holiday deal there? (more about holidaying in Greece...)

Could solar panels put your mortgage at risk?

Solar panels are often subject to heated debate, with many arguing over whether they're value for money. And to add fuel to the fire, our research has found that solar panels can create issues for mortgage lenders too. (more about solar panels and mortgages...)

Open wide please – the results of dentistry’s check-up are in

The ‘dentist’. Just that word can send you into meltdown – whether it’s fear of the pain or the cost of the treatment. Yet we also know that some of you love your dentist, and are very happy with the treatment you get. (more about dentists...)

All customers are created equal… or are they?

Imagine you’re at the supermarket and queuing behind you is rock-legend Bono. I'm not sure why a multi-millionaire would be queuing at the supermarket - but how would you feel if staff treated him better than you? (more about special treatment...)

Barnardo’s: We must confront debt to combat child poverty

Neera Sharma of children’s charity Barnardo’s argues that progress on tackling child poverty will be impossible unless the debt carried by poor families is addressed, and rent-to-own lenders should share the blame. (more about rent-to-own debt...)

What’s on your old hard drive? ‘Delete’ does not mean destroy

Have you ever sold an old computer? Given it to charity? Or sent it to the scrapheap? If so, you could be among thousands of Brits who may have unwittingly put their personal data at risk in the process. (more about data recovery...)

Are you an adrenaline junkie or sun worshipper?

As the results of our latest holiday companies survey reveal that three of the top five companies are activity specialists, it’s left me questioning what I really want from a holiday. (more on the adventure holidays...)

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