Conversations from: April 2012

Will you abandon Royal Mail now that stamps cost 60p?

It will now cost you 60p to send a first-class letter with Royal Mail’s stamp price rise coming into force today. The service will deliver your letter to any part of the UK for 60p – good value or an end to your posting days? (more about stamp prices...)

Driving in the future – what does your fantasy car look like?

I recently read about Citroën's competition to ‘design’ a special edition car, with the winning design going into production later this year. It got us talking about our 'fantasy' car features... (more on your fantasy car...)

Farewell Ceefax – will you miss it?

300. 302. 316. 101. 400. 220. These are numbers I'll remember long after I've forgotten my old PIN or mobile numbers. Ceefax, the BBC's text information service on analogue TV, is in its final days. (more about Ceefax...)

Trust me, I’m a fund manager

Who do you admire and trust the most – your doctor, your child’s teacher, the lady that always brings your post? Would you put a fund manager on the same pedestal? (more about fund management...)

Would you eat mechanically separated meat?

If you eat burgers, meatballs, sausages or chicken nuggets then it’s likely that you already have. There are strict rules on mechanically separated meat, and they’re about to get even tougher. (more about mechanically separated meat...)

It’s 2012 – why are tech advertisers excluding women?

Are technology companies missing a trick by not making enough effort to advertise to their female customers? Recent research suggests women have the biggest input when buying a new telly. (more about women and tech...)

This week in comments – freezing, fuel and files

How much do you use your freezer and what for? Are car hire firms taking the mick with their fuel charges? And would you trust Google’s cloud with your personal files? Here are the best comments of the week. (this week in comments...)

Receipt sir? Yes, send it to my email please

Every year, British retailers give us 11.2bn paper receipts, at a cost of £32m. These apparently weigh over 7.5m kilograms – around the same as 1,380 male elephants. Is it time to switch to digital receipts? (more about paper receipts...)

Recession, what recession?

The UK’s economy has slipped into a ‘double-dip’ recession, the first for 37 years. But does this mean anything to you and me, and will it affect your spending and saving habits? (more about the double-dip recession...)

Greenest government ever? Depends how much it costs us

The Prime Minister once promised ‘the greenest government ever’. Today he warned the move to green energy must be financially sustainable. We’re worried not enough's being done to help consumers. (more on the greenest government...)

Don’t fall into any of these saving traps

It isn’t easy getting the most out of your savings, with restrictions and penalties waiting to trip you at every turn. And as we fall into a double-dip recession, it’s even more important to avoid these saving traps. (more about saving traps...)

Would you trust Google’s cloud with your personal files?

Using cloud storage to backup and remotely access your files is starting to take off. But as Google releases its own cloud, Google Drive, are there any privacy or security risks with storing our files in the cloud? (more about Google Drive T&Cs...)

Should supermarkets keep treats away from tills?

How often are you tempted to pop a sugary treat in your basket while you queue to pay for shopping? Supermarkets have been criticised for pushing unhealthy snacks at the tills - but can we really blame them? (more about supermarket sweets...)

Why we challenged Stanley Gibbons’ stamp investment advert

Are you interested in investing in stamps? Would an offer of ‘guaranteed’ 100% protection of your investment convince you to part with the cash? We were fearful it would so issued a complaint to the ASA. (more about our Stanley Gibbons complaint...)

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