Conversations from: March 2012

Should Sunday trading laws be abolished altogether?

Last week the government announced its plan to relax Sunday trading laws during the Olympics, giving shops the option to open for longer and take advantage of a spending boost during the Games. (more about Sunday shopping...)

This week in comments – salt, suits and stamps

Who’s responsible for the amount of salt in our food? How much has the cost of a suit changed since the 1960s? How much would you pay for a stamp? Here’s our round-up of this week’s best comments. (this week in comments...)

This ‘petrol shortage’ is bringing out the worst in people

My taxi driver bumped my taxi fare up last night due to the ‘petrol shortage’. I was shocked by what seemed to be blatant profiteering. Are the petrol pumps really running dry where you live? (more about the petrol shortage...)

Is the iPad 4G really 4G? Maybe not in the UK

If the new iPad won’t support 4G LTE mobile networks in the UK when they launch, how can Apple call it the iPad with 4G? We decided to investigate and although it’s not as simple as it sounds, Apple could be in hot water. (more about the iPad 4G...)

Who’s responsible for tackling obesity?

I recently discussed the government’s plans to trim down obesity. Many felt that we should take more responsibility for what we eat. So, is the government, industry or the hungry public ultimately responsible? (more on tackling obesity...)

Norton One anti-virus software – is it worth £100?

How much would you pay for anti-virus security software? Nothing? Maybe £25 or so for an all-inclusive package with some impressive sounding protection features? How about £99.99? (more about Norton One...)

Are you married to your branded washing detergent?

Trust, faith and delivering on promises - relationships depend on these principles. But are you too devoted to your costly, branded laundry detergent, or do you fancy a bit of own-label washing powder? (more on branded washing powders...)

Is the ‘pasty tax’ taking the heat off meatier issues?

Pasty-gate – it’s a phrase that’s been in the mouths of the media ever since last week’s Budget 2012. So, as I ate my lunch yesterday (homemade sandwiches) I decided to find out what all the fuss was about. (more about pasty tax...)

Here we go again, T-Mobile hikes prices for existing customers

One of the UK’s major mobile operators has decided to hike its prices – even if you’re on a fixed contract. Sound like déjà vu? Orange did this last year, but now T-Mobile wants more pennies from your pocket. (more about T-Mobile's price rise...)

Sayonara stamp duty holiday – are you sad to see it go?

The holiday is over. First-time buyers are no longer exempt from stamp duty on properties valued between £125,000 and £250,000. Will the extra cost of stamp duty stop you from buying your first house? (more about stamp duty...)

Do you use the ‘dirty’ word complain?

You hear the stat 9,000 per day and what do you think? Number of children skipping school, number of people offered jobs or even the number of  Which? Convo comments. Sadly, the answer is bank complaints. (more about bank complaints...)

BMW’s total recall – over-reacting or playing it safe?

BMW is the latest big name car maker to announce a mass recall, as 1.3m 5 Series and 6 Series models are set to be recalled worldwide. Is BMW right to take action, despite there only being a few reported incidents? (more about BMW's recall...)

Ultra-fast broadband for big cities – what about the rest of us?

Now that the big headlines generated by last week’s Budget have died down, it’s time to take a closer look at some of the details. One titbit that interested me was the focus on broadband... (more about broadband and the Budget...)

60p first-class stamps!? Royal Mail can set its own prices

Royal Mail is now free to set its own first-class stamp prices. The regulator Ofcom says this action is needed to save Royal Mail’s universal service, but does this have your seal of approval? (more about Royal Mail...)

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