Conversations from: February 2012

Will price hikes make church weddings and funerals elitist?

The Church of England has decided to increase the cost of funeral and wedding services by a massive 50% and 40% respectively. But will this just price out the poorest and make church services elitist? (more about increase in church services...)

Time to get together and start group buying?

One way to unlock better value is to buy together, as many consumers are now realising. Ed Mayo, Secretary General of Co-operatives UK, looks at the best co-operative buying schemes and how can we encourage more. (more about co-operative buying...)

Is brown really the next big car colour?

When it comes to selecting car colour, brown is firmly at the bottom of my check list. But it appears manufacturers are pushing cocoa-coloured cars as the next fashion trend to take over from white. Are you sold? (more about brown cars...)

Structural surveys – what exactly am I paying for?

A structural survey is the most comprehensive survey you can get when buying a home. But is it thorough enough? Mine cost £700 but still left my most important questions unanswered. (more on structural surveys...)

4G or not 4G? Not if the transmitters tamper with TV signals

You’ve bought the set-top box, maybe had a new aerial installed, upgraded to an HD TV and retuned it for digital switchover. Surely you’re now all set for the digital age and there'll be no more viewing disruption? (more on 4G TV interference...)

Ink quest – the search for the cheapest printer ink

We’ve price-checked popular ink retailers and found that some charge twice as much as others for the same cartridge, but can you better our cheapest finds? (more about the cheapest printer ink...)

Is your pet paying the price of insurers’ exit?

Last year Lloyds and Halifax unexpectedly pulled out of the pet insurance market, leaving some pet owners who had bought ‘Lifetime’ cover policies without any chance of decent cover for vital vet bills. (more about pet insurance...)

Investment charges – heads they win, tails they win

Two new campaigns to bring greater transparency to the murky world of investment fund fees have recently kicked off, but charges should be levied in a way that’s fairer for investors. (more about fairer investment charges...)

Are Korean cars finally desirable?

It's no secret that Korean cars from Hyundai and Kia have come on in leaps and bounds. But, not only are they now among the best value cars on the market, they're also pretty dashing. Is it enough to catch your eye? (more about the new Korean cars...)

Throw charity credit cards a lifeline

Two banks have announced plans to scrap their charity credit cards. They may not perform brilliantly for charities but it's a real shame that the opportunity to improve their potential has been lost. (more about charity credit cards...)

Asda phasing out multibuys – should other shops follow?

Asda announced this week that it’s cutting down on bulk-buy offers such as ‘three for the price of two’ and ‘buy one, get one half price’. Would you like to see other supermarkets do the same? (more about Asda phasing out multibuys...)

This week in comments – Pingit, toast and downloads

Should we have the right to bequeath downloads? Is there a toaster that can make the perfect slice? Would you like to ping money through your smartphone? You’ve been ranting about these topics and more. (this week in comments...)

Buying appliances: would you pay more now if you save later?

How much do you consider the long-term running costs of appliances? It doesn't always pay to go for the cheapest – buy a model that costs less to run and it could work out cheaper in the long run. (more about cost of running appliances...)

Holy drip! It’s a drought – how will you save water?

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has announced an official state of drought for much of the southern and eastern parts of England. Will you take up the challenge to save water? (more about saving water...)

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