Conversations from: January 2012

Is this the new great train robbery?

The way the rail compensation system works is in my view designed to short-change travellers. Unfair refund policies are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to getting compensation from train companies. (more about train ticket compensation...)

Will Facebook’s Timeline reveal too much of your past?

Facebook’s new Timeline, a reverse-chronological profile of your whole history on the social network, will soon roll-out to all users. And most aren’t happy about the presumed privacy implications. (more about Facebook Timeline...)

Should exam halls ditch pen and paper for laptops or tablets?

Apparently, some of today’s students are complaining that they’re so unused to writing by hand that they can’t keep it up for a three hour exam. So, are laptop- or tablet-friendly exam halls the answer? (more about forgetting how to write...)

Do you care where your wood comes from?

It’s easy to feel outraged at the suggestion that B&Q and Wickes are selling wood ‘felled illegally from the Borneo rainforest’ - but how much responsibility should we take for checking where our wood comes from? (more about responsibly sourced wood...)

The truth about uni applications – students still want places

UCAS has announced today that total applications for full-time undergraduate university places for UK students has dropped by 8.7%. But is this decline in applications really as extreme as it first seems? (more about UCAS university applications...)

Why I’m ditching cashback sites like Quidco

Missing cashback, poor customer service and an impenetrable ‘contact us’ system mean I’m ditching Quidco. Are you with me - or do you find cashback sites too tempting? (more about problems with Quidco...)

Microsoft Points – don’t get rid of this virtual currency

Along with rumours about the next Xbox’s capabilities, another emerged about the way we buy content on the Xbox 360 and other Microsoft devices. It could soon scrap its virtual currency system; Microsoft Points. (more about Microsoft Points...)

Seen a misleading financial advert? Tell us about it…

The financial sector continues to get complaints about misleading ads. Unfortunately, financial companies are rarely named and shamed for this, so we're asking for your examples so we can investigate further. (more about misleading financial ads...)

Poll results: your biggest driving pet hate is tailgating

Tailgating appears to be the biggest cause of road rage among drivers on Which? Conversation. It came out on top in our poll of drivers’ biggest pet hates, but what else winds you up? (more about bad driver habits...)

Do you really need Apple’s extended warranty?

An Italian watchdog has fined Apple €900,000 (£754,930) for allegedly pushing customers into buying its AppleCare technical support service. Have you ever bought an Apple warranty and found it to be unnecessary? (more about AppleCare complications...)

This week in comments – headphones, festivals and recycling

It’s that time of the week again when we feature the best comments you’ve made. Debates include the dangers of wearing headphones on the high street and whether microchip wristbands are the future of festivals. (this week in comments...)

Ultrabooks – I’ll have a skinny laptop please

If you haven’t heard of ‘ultrabooks’ yet, you won’t be able to avoid them for much longer. The word wasn’t far from the lips of most tech journalists at CES this year. But are ultrabooks more than just clever marketing? (more about ultrabooks...)

Don’t leave your kitchen gadgets to gather dust

Kitchen gadgets like slow cookers and coffee machines make popular Christmas gifts - did you find any of these under the tree? Have you used them yet, or are they already gathering dust? (more about kitchen gadgets...)

It’s crunch time for unfair gym contracts

Are gym contracts stacked against you if you want to cancel? The OFT is threatening to crack down on gyms after complaints that contracts unfairly lock customers in. (more about unfair gym contracts...)

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